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And, as it is with all of the misconceptions about food and fats and meat and sugar, and whether sunshine is good for us, and what kind of water to drink and the rising stress rates, is it no wonder humanity is unable to tackle the problems of the 21st century?  It is becoming increasingly obvious that before we can address the ills of society and the planet, we must first put our own house in order.

Interestingly, I wonder if we first take responsibility for our own lives, become strong and healthy, give up on listening to the latest food crazes and "modern" diets sweeping the nation, maybe we can find ourselves again and then look to see how we can contribute to making the world a better place.

Vegetarianism is is an art and a science and most are unable to get the require protein without meat in their diet.  And while many have had improvements in their lives by a strict diet of healthy fruits and vegetables, many are sub-clinically malnourished because of misunderstanding regarding good sound nutrition.   Because of the huge escalation of carbohydrates in our diets (replacements for meat, fats, etc.) diabetes and other forms of malnurishment are at all time highs.

It is the intent of COREresonance/Health to attempt to show you that going back to the way your grandparents ate - well, not quite that far - but close is teh best for you..  I was witness to the latest rage in the mid 1990's, "The Eat Right for your Blood Type" book recommending foods based on your blood type.  And many readers who were vegetarians found " in discovering they were "O" blood types (stylized as the meat-eaters) ventured back into meat and in so doing began to feel a hell of a lot better. 

So, while this website is about Ultimate Personal Performance, it includes giving  your body what it needs, the proper type of exercise, foods and nutrients that give it the raw components to continue torebuild its systems adn that stability that comes from a body that runs well.   t


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