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I moved from my high-rise and was unable to use my rebounder for a number of months.  At the same time, I was quite sedentary because of my writing lifestyle and actually had to have a brick patio installed so that I could get back to using my rebounder on a regular basis. And, at about the time of my move, I discovered the PACE Program of High Intensity and Short Duration Exercise.  The Pace Program has changed my life and my sense of my physical body strength and tone, but more importantly, my long range outlook on my health and long life.

Interestingly, at about the time I felt driven to start to take care of my body, a program becomes available that makes perfect sense to me.  Up until now, the many and various forms of traditional and popular exercise have held little interest.  Intuitively, I knew they were not the answer.  Besides, I already have very low heart rate from 37 years of meditation and a bit of yoga, but there comes a time when true maintenance becomes something to consider.  Handily, I am paying attention. 

(9:46am: As I edit this page in preparation for posting, it is 9:46am.  Very soon my cell phone alarm will go off and I will put my day on hold and go out and exercise.  Though it clearly is an interruption to my writing and flow, so would be a heart attack and the required recovery time or the many other possibilities that bring immeasurable disruption if I don't take care of myself.  Best to put in the 20 minutes, enjoy the endorphin rush, take a shower and get back to my desk.  I am certain you can adapt you day to give you the same benefit. 
9:52am: time to get ready..)

I set my cell phone calendar alarm to go off at 9:50am giving me 10 minutes to wrap up whatever I am doing, get outside, get my rebounder set up, grab my weights and get started.  Presently, I incorporate 25-minutes of low impact, high intensity and short duration exercise in the direct sun and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

The most important aspect of exercise is to build the heart and lungs, i.e., the core of your body with the musculature following a close second. While most components of your body are essential, addressing these key areas will give you the foundation for a long and healthy life.  Further, the rebuilding and maintenance of your heart and lungs dramatically addresses many prevalent causes of disease.  It turns out addressing the problem far before it becomes the problem is the best solution.

I hang my rebounder on an exterior backyard wall of my house very close to where I actually use it.  Hanging it under the roof extension keeps it out of the sun, out of the rain and readily available for use. Hanging it also frees up my patio space for other uses.  I simply purchased two 1.5" PVC threaded end caps and screwed them to the wall with several screw nails.  I then used Gorilla Glue to glue the rebounder's rubber feet to the legs so they wouldn't slip out while hanging.  In my particular case, I upgraded to better rubber feet I got from Home Depot.

I set my cell phone calendar alarm to 9:50am.  If I do not turn it off, it beeps again at 9:55.  By the next beep, it is 10:00am and I am on my rebounder finding my rhythm and relaxing into my exercise.  Possibly I turned on some music before I began, I also put a patio chair right next to my rebounder and placed two 15lb dumbbells well within  reach. 

As the cell phone beeps again (10:05), I pick up the weights and begin to "run in place."  It it actually much more like kicking up one knee and the opposite arm and then the other and building a rhythm and a balance.  In the beginning I would count a total of 60 arm movements (right, left, right, left), put the weights down and continue bouncing and recovering my breath.  On the next 5-minute beep, I would repeat the 60 count (thirty reps of each pair of right left movements) and get more winded at each 5-minute segment.  Presently, I do a total of 25 minutes with four sets of 75 count gyrations.  I am looking to raise my heart rate and oxygen consumption for one minute out of each 5 minute cycle. - and it does this very well.

Note:  It is recommended that you begin with the rebounder and the sun to start.  For many, it will take a while to build up to 20 minutes.  Do not use weights until you can comfortably manage 20 minutes uninterrupted.  In fact, I would suggest that you be able to do 20 minutes eyes closed and then begin with weights.  The idea is to build your body not hurt your body. 

Because I only discovered the PACE program recently, I used the rebounder with muscle tensing exercises for most of a year.  When I recently began to ride a bike (up big hills and about to drop), I was not sore at all.  Do not discount bouncing and tensing muscles.  bouncing also makes the tissues that hold your organs in place stronger and firmer.

As I type the original draft, my cell phone just beeped giving me 10 minutes to get ready for my daily low impact, high intensity, short duration exercise.  The goal is to maximize the heart beat and oxygen consumption and train the body to recover - which it will readily adapt to.  You will find your strength dramatically enhanced, discover muscle tone you may nave never seen and add a sense of strength at your core that will have you standing up straighter with a sense of purpose and Health and Long Life as your goal.  Time for me to go out and do my exercise.  I will pick this up a bit later.

Afterward: While I might have felt a bit lazy and in the flow of my writing when the alarm went off, it sure feels good now.. enlivened actually.  And it seems to be addictive - and easy.  I remember the first time I gave my lungs a real work out, I flashed back to the time when I was about 7-years old and could run like the wind.  A very exhilarating feeling.

More to come (detailed instructions for setting up and using the rebounder for those interested.)
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