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Electrical Lemonade Recipe

Trace Minerals Salts Brine

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Electrical Lemonade Recipe


In order to facilitate proper electrical conductivity in the body it is important that you also be well hydrated. So it is important that you drink plenty of clean water everyday to keep the electrical cycle going. Here are some basic guidelines for making sure you are taking care of your “electrical circuitry.”


1.) Drink plenty of fluids. The current health guidelines suggest an average of 2 liters a day. This can come from water, juices, and fluids in the foods we eat. For the purest water, make sure it has been processed through a reverse osmosis system, which will remove impurities down to a molecular level of 150 to 250 Daltons. 

2.) Consume 5 grams of potassium from a good food source.

3.) Consume about 1.5 grams of sodium a day. This equates to about 3.5 grams of salt which is about a teaspoon and a half.


For all you Martha Stewart types out there, here is a recipe for a delicious and quick “Electric Lemonade” drink which addresses the above..

• Add three tablespoons of organic lemon juice to 8 ounces of water.

• Add in a couple of pinches of Redmond RealSalt.

• Add Sucanat cane sugar to taste.

• Mix thoroughly and chill.

Drink this as your electric fuel. Consumption varies with exposure to heat and exercise. Average is 64 oz. per day.



To make a half gallon of Electric Lemonade, use

·        12 oz. of organic lemon juice plus

·        1/4 teaspoon of RealSalt and

·        Sucanat to taste.

(1 US fluid ounce = 2 US tablespoons)


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Trace Minerals Salts Brine

A nice glass container that you may wish to keep on your kitchen countertop

(I use a nice narrow bottle with a long neck and cork that fancy vinegar may have come in or seems like I found a nice bottle at Ross/TJ Max packaging several vanilla beans.)


Himalayan Salt, or Celtic Salt or Redmond Real Salt or another natural Salt...  a quarter of a pound should last you forever for the purpose of making brine.


Simply place an amount of Salt into the bottle and fill with good water.  Let it sit overnight and the water will dissolve as much salt as it can.  As long as there is undissolved salt in the bottom of the container, you can be assured that the brine is at its maximum absorption level.  Water will absorb to about 26 percent solution and maintain that salinity as long as there is salt visible in the container.


The term salt is derived from the term "salts."  Salts is defined as the white residue left after evaporation.  Salts are many inorganic trace compounds necessary to the body.  Probably a good idea never to use regular table salt.  Redmond's Real Salt is a great alternative.



Morning drink

I start my morning at my computer.  It is almost the first thing I do.  Because I write, I take advantage of the quiet time - long before I start my day..

The next thing I do is fire up the tea kettle and make hot water

I prepare a large coffee style cup and squeeze a large lemon wedge into the cup and add a teaspoon of brine.  Sometimes I add Sucanat..

Usually, it cools too much before I finish it so I add more hot water to my early morning brew and have usually started my morning out with 25 or 30 oz of hot water in the morning. 

I noticed that I sometimes had a headache during the first two weeks of using a teaspoon of brine.  That has completely gone away and when I over pour the brine, which I sometimes do, it is not a problem at all.

I then sit with my cup directly in front of my keyboard for which my arms are on either side of the cup as I type..  Works great!




I write until my cell phone alarm goes off at 7:55am.  I set my daily calendar for 8am with a 5 minute alarm and set it for "daily" i.e., 7 days a week.  I also set my daily calendar for 8:25am with a 5 minute alarm.  When my cell phone calendar alarm goes off, I have 5 minutes to get to my rebounder and exercise for 20 minutes, or until the cell phone calendar alarm goes off again.  I then do some cool down exercises.


Rebounding is a vast world of exercise.  In fact, I have been trying to learn how to most effectively use a rebounder.  I am the type of personality that tends to overdue things..  When I settle into a regime with a rebounder, soon I am rebounding with hand weights and eventually overdoing it until I hurt myself.  (I have been dealing with a problem back from an ancient whiplash accident and seem to reinjure myself regularly.)


Finally one day, I learned how to use a rebounder and a little added insight offers double duty.  I was told that we need sunlight to manufacture Vitamin D in the body.  And, 30 minutes with a 40 percent skin exposure is sufficient.  So.. if I rebound for 20 minutes with a minimum of clothes (swimming suit), I might be getting sufficient sun to produce sufficient vitamin D..


What I have learned about rebounding concerns the only use for resistance that I can find.  When I rebound, I tense my muscles which builds muscle tone very quickly.  If you are not familiar with rebounding, one of the huge values of rebounding is that you are twice your weight as you accelerate away from the mat and weightless at the top of the bounce.  What this means is your body begins to adjust to the additional weight.  This means that your organs become better fastened into place, this means that bone density increases, this means that your musculature grows to its new requirements.  Simply said, you become stronger.  And, of course, you are very effectively moving lymph!


I started by tensing my upper body.  This is relatively easy.  I grip my hands behind my back (or in front)  and tense my arms and chest and shoulders.  It is amazing how quickly I began to see muscle definition that I had never seen in my upper body.  I feel much stronger, more coordinated in my musculature (the structure of my muscles and how they interface with each other) and I feel more integrated in my body.  As I discovered what I was able to accomplish by bringing tension to my upper body, I began to bring tension to my stomach for which I was seeing the faint outline of what is know as 6-pack abs. 


When I began this process, I realized that I needed to bounce on my heels rather than my toes. I did not want to dissipate the shock of the bottom of the bounce, in fact I want to exaggerate it and thus I rebound on my heels and use my toes to keep my balance.  I also discovered rebounding near the edge of the rebounder so that it was easier for my heals to have better contact with the mat. 


As I became proficient at rebounding every morning, I would face the sun and kind of meditate.  As I got better and lost interest in the traffic and the other things I can see from my balcony 18 stories up, I began to close my eyes and rebound.  Sometimes the twenty minutes goes very quickly but it is always a workout.  Sweat and a bit of early sun and all is well. 


Just recently, I discovered, besides tensioning (and the more the better) my upper body, my stomach (did I forget to mention tensioning the gluteals [buttocks]) and stiff legged bouncing, somehow I discovered tensing my upper legs as a specific exercise.  But the part that I have left out is that as my muscle groups began to respond and acquire definition, over a period of time, I felt these muscle groups beginning to acclimate to the other muscle groups.  In other words, not only am I trimming my muscle groups, but they were becoming as one! 


As I developed a sense of form in the upper chest, every day, I could feel a little more solidification of this muscle group moving down my back.  It is as if in a movie or animation, someone is made out of stone or ice and with just the right pinprick, they brake into a million pieces.  Instead, as I exercise, these millions of pieces became integrated and aligned and whole muscle groups begin to talk to each other and become in alignment with each other.  And eventually these muscle groups talk to other muscle groups and suddenly you have a new body -  a coordinated and fit and and strong and trim body aligned to the belief that gravity is twice as strong as it really is and that standing against gravity (hmm another use of resistance..) makes us stronger.


When the cell phone calendar alarm goes off at 8:20, I have up to a five minute warm down..  Specifically, I flex my legs and make sure to move them and use all of my joints..  I then take a shower..



After I shower, I meditate.  I have the habit of meditating after showering because my hair is still wet, etc..  Meditation for me is about 30-35 minutes.  I meditate for twenty minutes, do some yoga stretching for about 5-10 minutes maintaining the meditative state and then back to meditating for another ten minutes or so.  Me and the cat.  My cat, Tarbaby, rarely misses a morning.  I have an excerpt about meditation at


Protein Shake

I then make up a protein shake with two scoops of protein powder and a scoop of  "greens" powder and maybe psyllium husks with water, drink it down and then I am back at my computer..  I am careful about food combining..  No sugar, no fruit, etc.. 


Somehow, after I started the brine, the rebounding took off..  I have been going for about 45 days on the rebounder and with the cell phone calendar alarm, I now simply move to the rebounder when the alarm goes off..  As an interesting aside, when I rebound with eyes closed, I slowly do circles to the right.  Wonder if that is the same way the sink empties, the toilet flushes, etc.., i.e., the Coriolis effect?  North America, South America and at the equator


Additional information about Brine..




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