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There have been a great number of thoughts about proper exercise.  All of them have their advantages and a number of them have not only disadvantages, but sometimes significant disadvantages.  Exercise that includes a repeated pounding of the joints and bones of the skeletal system is hard on the body, especially if the muscle groups are restricted to a certain type of motion.  Jogging. for example, puts the body into very high stress loads at the joints and does little for long range training - unless one expects to emulate the gazelle or the workhorse. 

Some of the difficulties of high impact exercise can be negated  by a shoe designed to absorb part of the shock but many disadvantages remain.  Properly designed indoor courts with wooden floors with a bit of give, or grass fields can absorb some of the shock to allow the safe use of many forms of exercise/sports.  Swimming pools can be very beneficial, especially if inducing high intensity and short duration exercises.  But there is another media that offers many, many advantages.  Enter the rebounder. 

The lowly rebounder has been around for quite a while.  It is the product of the many benefits of trampolining  reduced to a much smaller surface area and convenient footprint.  Where normally you had to join the circus or allow your backyard to be overtaken by a gargantuan matt suspended by springs and gizmos, rebounding is capable of offering a low impact, high intensity, short duration workout (IIDE) in a very small space.  All that is left is to match the best exercise to the rebounder and you suddenly have the equivalent of a 21st century exercise technology for health and long life.

My personal background includes a serous whiplash accident when I was about 24-years old.  I lived with pain most of my adult life and initially found Vitamin C and lap swimming to be my first alternative to  Motrin, muscle relaxers and tubs of valium of many years ago.  Over the years, I have been intrigued with the simple footprint of the rebounder and attempted to learn how to use it, only to injure myself time and time again.  It wasn't the rebounder itself, but my seeming need to push myself until I finally exceeded my body's comfort.  But I never gave up on my belief that the rebounder is the ultimate work-out vehicle.

And while the rebounder is the ideal platform for low intensity, high impact, short duration exercise, it took me a while to figure out how to best use it.  Not too long ago, I was living in a high-rise building, writing 18-hour days and I had a great outside patio with great morning sun.  I owned a rebounder, had read about the importance of daily sun and decided I could combine bouncing with getting some early morning sun.

Morning Sun
Sunlight is crucial to health and it turns out the sun is one of the best means of reducing your risk for skin cancer and other maladies.  30-minutes of sun exposure to 60 percent of your body every day is sufficient to produce enough vitamin D for your daily needs.  By exercising in the sun, one can accomplish a number of goals at the same time.  (Carefully supplement with Cod Liver Oil in the winter.)

Initially, I would set my cell phone alarm for 7:55 as a reminder and slip into some short shorts with no shirt and get my rebounder set up and bounce for 20 minutes 7 days a week - rain or shine.  I found that I could do this year round, get a bit of a tan to offset my author pallor and build my strength.  At the time, I was unaware of High Intensity, Short Duration exercise, but I was accomplishing several of my goals, one of which to learn how to use a rebounder without hurting myself.

Movement is good
Gentle bouncing is all it takes - getting your heals several inches off the matt is all that is required.  Gentle bouncing activates one of the best well-known benefits of rebounding: moving your lymph which allows the cells to release their wastes and take in new nutrients, etc.  According to Wikipedia, you have far more lymph than blood and the lymph has no circulatory system other than movement.  Movement is thus a good idea; circulating your lymph is a good idea.  It will keep you alive and vital much longer.

Another of the benefits of rebounding is that at the bottom of the bounce, you weigh approximately twice your normal weight.  Thus bone density grows, muscle and ligament density grows and you simply become stronger because the weight load increase requires adaptation.  It has been reported that the astronauts used the rebounder to counteract the difficulties of space travel.

I found that tensing my muscles as I bounced gave me something to do while I exercised.  It gave me tone, awareness of my muscle groups and built strength.  Further, I started feeling what it felt like to be in my body.  I would bounce stiff-legged, find muscle groups to tense and build strength.  At some point I became able to close my eyes, maintain my balance, hold tension in my shoulders, arms, gluteals (butt) and upper legs, bounce on my heels and meditate. 

As I learned to bounce on my heels and hold tension in my body, I would simply steer with my toes.  While many are overly fearful of shock on their joints, the real truth is that the ligaments and muscles protect the joints.  Otherwise, on the balls of one's feet, or bouncing with knees bent only reduces the shock at the bottom of the bounce necessary to build strength.   

I want my body to adapt to the shock of my weight doubled at the bottom of my bounce.  I enjoy the subtle weightlessness at the top of the bounce, all the while my heels are not much more than several inches above the matt and my balance is steered by my toes.  My cell phone alarm would go off again at 8:20 and I would be done.  Often, I disappeared for the whole twenty minutes.  I did this for about a year with wonderful advantages and no disadvantages.

I have seen helper bars on rebounders.  They allow you to maintain balance as you acclimate to the balance required to use a rebounder efficiently.  From the first day you step on a rebounder, you gain benefit.  There is no hurry and it is all cumulative.  It is said that someone with severe health challenges, to simply sit on a rebounder while someone gently bounces is excellent rehabilitation.  The use of a balance bar would be the next step. 

Just be careful.  There is not need to overdo it.  Simply set your cell phone alarm to remind you to do it each day (including when to get off), get into the habit and build on each day  Be sure to take advantage of exercising in the sun and if you are in a high-rise, just don't exercise too close to the edge of your patio!  just kiddin'..

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