Thank youWe’re so glad you’ll be joining The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™! This program began in 2004 by J.Hamilton as a part of the unfolding of visionariesLab, the precursor to CORE Resonance. It is the most successful program by J.Hamilton to date. Many come back and do it again and again.

You will begin to receive emails momentarily with instructions introducing you to The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™. And while the program is self-explanatory, please take the time to review the instructions. And take your time. It will all make sense as you settle in. You will discover that the lesson process is quite sacred and capable of delivering you to something quite special.

It is important to do the lessons daily. Get out of bed and do your lesson first thing each day! Impress upon the mind that you intend to do this. We want to run the mind rather than the mind run us.

You will receive emails with instructions, and reminders will come every so often. The emails will have ideas to help you move forward.

I look forward to hearing of your journey.

Alignment before action is the new watchword. “stay tuned”

Namasté J.Hamilton Go to: The 100-Day Prosperity Plan.. and connection to the divine