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By J.Hamilton

VIDEO  Another way to say this is “all life seeks expression.” Another way is: all life has something to say, something to convey, something to share and something to give. At the same time, all life attempts to become more, to express itself; to express its inner drive and divine nature. And in becoming more, life must seek its Maker to continue its expression. As with most of life, this partnership is assumed and, as with most of life, this goes without a hitch.

As humans, when we take the time to look and listen, life expressing itself is the richest of experiences to behold.

To burn a fire requires an ever replenishing amount of fuel, i.e., the fire needs more of what the fire is made up of to continue to be a fire. For a plant to continue its expansion, it needs the elemental make up of the plant in century plantthe ground to continue to come into existence. Where does the plant get the cellular structure to continue to “grow” and  get larger? How does the plant get physically larger? How does the plant continue to “grow” new leaves. Where does that growth come from?

What governs all of this?

We have an intrinsic partnership with God. We are dependent on our Maker for the most fundamental of activities. The century plant, otherwise known as the agave of the southwest, will suddenly grow a central stalk [link] and seemingly grow so fast that it can almost be seen (6-8″ a day).

What is going on? The plant has no brain, no central nervous system (as we are accustomed to seeing) but seemingly an instruction set that allows a very rapid assimilation of the elements in the ground and a stalk of vast proportions suddenly assembles itself (over several weeks) and grows sky high. How does the incredible growth take place?

Why does this incredible growth take place?

perfectly formed cubes of pyriteIn the case of the mineral kingdom and pyrite for an example, why does pyrite form into a perfect cube? Over and over again, the mineral pyrite forms perfect cubes. What in the world (or out of this world) governs such growth? Similar to the agave, it amalgamates materials from its surroundings and creates a unique structure unique to itself. Except, is it unique to itself(?), or is it an expression of God expressing? What possesses the agave to grow a 15, 25 or 40 foot stalk?

What possesses minerals in the ground to “grow” these fantastical shapes?

Clearly, the plant is alive and expressing as its most earnest self and so does the pyrite mineral. By way of another example, when quartz crystal shears off in the ground, it “repairs itself” and grows new crystal points over time. Note to the curious: The angle of quartz crystal and the sides of the Great Pyramid are the same 52 degree angle. Additional link.

We are quite accustomed to this phenomenon of life begetting life, even harnessing it for our sustenance (edibles from apple orchards, fields of vegetables, lettuces, the many kinds of meat from animals, fish from the sea, honey from bees and on and on).

But what is so alive around us that “feeds us” in so many manners that we take for granted?

Another way to look at this is we take from the bounty of the earth and “feed” ourselves and continue our growth. How does a baby become an adult? What is behind our growth as a zygote that ends up an adult man or woman and eventually goes back to dust? What orchestrates this growth that is seen at every octave of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms? What is all of this about that we so take for granted, and instead steal from each other, manipulate each other, work in defense industries…

and otherwise hold racial, nationalistic and religious hatreds toward each other?

When I write, I have favorite parts of my articles. In The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies: for an enlightened world, I’ve “trapped” an idea on paper in the synopsis of The Twelve Premises that I particularly like. It is, in part, the basis for this article and says that all life seeks God, and as we come closer to the truth, messengers or envoys become available. .

And, while it comes in many formats, one of the scenarios of our ancient lore is known as the Holy Spirit. There are many, many others.

In other words, in our spiritual growth, as we zero in on what is true, we begin to get bigger hints and even support in this unique endeavor of seeking out our Maker in a conscious, intentional and sentient manner.

You might say, as we become more alive to the universe, the universe becomes more alive to us!

After all, when you think of it, after you acquire your three-car garage full of toys, you’ve acquired your stocks and bonds and substantial asset portfolio, and traveled until you’ve seen it all, you’re still left “a bit empty.” You wonder what might be missing.

And, while some don’t feel this at all…

Others are naturally wired for the adventure of working our way back to our Maker as a primary though subtle motivation. For some it comes as a time-drawn conclusion that maybe there is a great deal more to life than the man-made version of things. And even others simply eschew the trappings of man-made (mind-made) wealth for a truer wealth: plugging back into the realm of our Maker for which the most fantastical of things become common place.

Similar to the unexplained harnessing of the elements in the ground to grow a century plant stalk or the perfectly formed cubes of pyrite, some of us naturally voyage toward our Maker for which hints and insights and evidence of our journey delights us like no earthy treasure.

To quote from the synopsis of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™:

It is expected there are many life forms sensing the allure of this fundamental frequency of Order, and in so doing meet with many instances of insight (as synchronicity and resonance) that light each their way. Becoming coherent in our sensing apparatus (nervous system and brain/processing) enhances the subtle insights that become increasingly apparent to us.

As we rise up in our frequency, we are met with “messengers,” i.e., Innate Guidance delivering solutions to what we once attempted to do on our own. As Presence and Guidance become tangible, Innate Guidance begins to physically interact and even over ride our decision-making process.

You then know you are on your way.

Trial and error is an interesting mechanism for growth, and while it is not very efficient, it is primal. As we become clearer, as we assimilate evidence that we are awash in a larger scale of Order; an immutable scale of Order that has no bounds, do we learn how to become efficient in our endeavors to work our way back to the only Truth there is.

Inescapably, there is only one Truth, there is only one Order and there is only one solution. It fuels the stars, it displays itself in ever increasing complexities of patterns (and habits) and as a species, unless we burn ourselves out beforehand, destined to reach back to what we come from…

we complete a circuit and become more.

It is our heritage and innately built into our DNA to expand. But what drives it? Some say, it is just life. Others say, what is behind life? And even others, myself included, suggest it is…

simply the most efficient way to move forward.


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PPS In the above excerpt, because it is out of context to the overall article that it came from, “It is expected there are many life forms” is meant to suggest that on a galactic scale, there are many life forms performing the same function, i.e., finding their way Home. Of course, it is expected that the universe we inhabit, is only a small part of a much larger overall whole.. But I suspect all life is seeking its foundation and finding that most delicate efficiency for existence and expression.

How do you apply the above to your daily life and enhance your business prospects and relationships?

  • What does “ultimate personal performance” look like?
  • How do we become more efficient and make decisions that serve us again and again?
  • And why might insight to this process of connection be valuable?
  • How might the above be applied to a “team” moving forward?

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