Choose Once Again

excerpted from:
Chapter 11, Momentum
Visionaries Thrive In All Times by J.Hamilton
© J.Hamilton 2005-2014
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“In the past we believed we were the recipients of the bounty of God or the love of God, for which we had little or nothing to say, though some seemed to get more than others.  We are discovering the subtle nature of reality creation, which says that we are each the recipients of our own creativity, our own prayer, our own output and our own good.

Ultimately, we are recipients of our own love, our own gratitude, our own courage and the quality of intent that underlies our outpourings.  The Universe has and will reflect perfectly back to us. It is just a matter of learning how to “choose once again” and begin to create with a more useful momentum in our lives.”   

—  Visionaries Thrive In All Times,

     Chapter 11 Momentum, pg 210