Writing is a solitary endeavor..
(trapping the Cosmos on paper takes an all in-compassing dedication)
Marketing is an entirely different endeavor..

Anyone wishing to support my work may do so in any number of manners

  1. one is financial
  2. another is an introductions to publishers
  3. and another is to share my material with like-minded individuals and institutions. There is a need for a solution for the seeming (very) low learning curve of mankind. We inadvertently take our hints for leadership from corporations and gov, who were each originally created to perform limited functions. Instead, they have come to see human beings as a food, energy source and mechanism of survival. “Corporations live on the backs of humans.”

Humans beginning to understand their nature, are beginning to reach back through the Cosmos to again partner with what is True. As we step into our truest power, we accept our rightful place as partners and caretakers of the planet. For after all, when light and consciousness is streaming from our eyes and our focus and intention, we have found ourselves. And the world becomes a better place

Let it be so