“Write what you know; you will discover what you don’t know, and you will then be presented with what is next on this learning curve called life.”

The pleasure has been all mine.  I don’t know when I last accomplished something more satisfying and thought-provoking than writing this book.  Clearly I have discerned and clearly I have discovered more about myself than I might have ever imagined.  My path has become illuminated before me, and what is next in my life has become open-ended and crystal clear at the same time.  It is my hope that you, too, will discover an open-endedness and refined outpouring of your very nature that is this extravaganza called life.

Visionaries Thrive In All Times began as a journaling experience and catharsis and ended up as so much more.  Initially, I journaled for about two years immediately after my daily meditations, and eventually my journaling began to take on a life of its own – not only writings that would define what I knew to be true for myself and a newfound clarity about what was important to me, but a lucidity about what I wanted to know about and practice next.  Writing became a vehicle for self-discovery, a method of exploration and a method of “getting to and over the rainbow,” so to speak.  I brought myself to the edge of what I knew, and I was then presented with the unknown out of a format that was an outflowing of my truths thus far.  My new pathway and excitement was beckoning; I was ready to go forward, and the written word was my vehicle.

Supported by my daily momentum, I found a perspective from which to flow my outcomes with clarity and ease.  And, as I have discovered, my writing is a reflection of what is inside of me as I have been able to let it out, and a review of what I am made of, with an eye toward discovering my authenticity and grace.  In fact, my purpose has become to discover what is the truth of my nature and to let it out.  I have discovered my loftiest goal, and my loftiest goal is me – letting the inner me out.  My expansion, my self-discovery and the release of my inner nature is my purpose and my highest aspiration.  To find out what is inside of me and to let it out – to expand and become more – is my life’s work.

In the end, I discovered that writing and defining what I knew, and refining what I thought I knew, by attempts at descriptions and the assignment of words to ideas, brought me to the boundaries of the world I live in and prepared me for what was next.  From discovering and elucidating what I knew and standing on the precipice of that boundary/edge, I began to surmise what was obvious as my next bout of learning and discovery.  I began to glimpse my possibilities and considered the act of soaring sans training wheels.

Based on the richness and inherent stability I discovered about myself (and my connection with Source), I began to explore what my momentum told me I would find.  And, not so distant from my old boundaries, I find myself living an exploration of what I don’t yet know, sometimes tethered to familiarity and oftentimes soaring far above my old limitations and rule.  Clearly, I am exploring my life and its potential, having left my limitations far behind.  Life and synchronicity come faster and faster as I refine my alignment with the formula that allows me to become in step with the Universe’s expansion.  I embrace the richness of my partnership with Innate Intelligence, which I have come to know and trust.  I am an explorer of a new magnitude, and my sidekicks – trust, innate guidance, and Infinite Intelligence – are ever present.

As I allow the experience of trust and knowing, without a need for cataloging the new, I let go and soar.  Some might think my experience “ought” to be a heart-fueled experience and flight, and, to a very large degree it is.  But I find the intellect leads the way and clears the path (to the heart).  In fact, I am not so sure that what is perceived as the Heart and Innate Intelligence are so very different.

Trust and knowing find and refine the pathway that releases me from the daily grind, but in a manner that is thoroughly grounded and safe.  The mind and the intellect are, in fact, vast reservoirs (as tools) of receptivity, courage and choice, ultimately to be released to Universal Mind.  As I clarify my identity by traveling beyond my known boundaries, I discover that the Heart finds a home in the comforts of the momentum I have achieved intellectually, with a bit of insight from Spirit.  It is from this blending that I wish you the best and offer my bit of experience as a perspective and a perch for you who are contemplating the leap.

For it was written, by no lesser a fellow than myself, “Just add” and you will become more…


Sedona, Arizona