As we learn to have dominion over our brains, we learn to have dominion over our lives. By bringing organization to the brain, the brain becomes far more able to do our bidding.

Ultimately, our truest wish is to enable our natural state of connection with Source. As we do so, the world opens up in a most unimaginable way.

In partnership with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential in our contribution, i.e., we become a powerful coherent critical mass for good in the world. (Click the above image to learn more)

A Quick Explanation of CORE Resonance

This is a short video overview of CORE Resonance Training™ as a component of CORE Resonance Colonies™. CORE Resonance uses proprietary neurofeedback to allow the brain to clean itself up through the hardware/ software exercises — and uses no programming whatsoever. As the brain does the exercises, the hardware/ software, similar to a technology mirror, allows the brain to “see itself” through the exercises. Because the brain can now see itself, it becomes able to organize itself like never before. In so doing, our brains on massive overload, quiet down and our connection to the Cosmos naturally opens up.

As overload diminishes, resistance, rigidity, and reaction naturally fade and allowing and nonresistance becomes far more available in our lives. Nonresistance is the mechanism by which we become able to mesh/ partner with the bigger possibilities in life.  In other words, resistance brings us more of the same while nonresistance continues to deliver something new.

As this process unfolds, Innate Guidance naturally becomes available which naturally delivers us to Order. Partnered with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place. And unintentionally, we help those who cannot yet help themselves.

• When we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles.
• When we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.
• When we plug into Guidance, there are no mud puddles.

For additional information, please to go 1st Colony (video record of the first six months)

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