CORE Resonance Fundamentals

founded in the concepts of Visionaries Thrive In All Times

The human nervous system is a sophisticated living antenna system
and the means by which humans receive insight and guidance from the Cosmos.

VISIONARIES THRIVEFrontCoverRecognizing that we are little more than:

  • the end result of our blood line lineage
  • the product of learned beliefs and values, and
  • the product of (reacting to) our environment

reestablishing our partnership with Innate intelligence allows us to go far beyond what we came in with.

  • Loving (allowing) what we once resisted is the beginning of the solution
  • The formula can be defined as: Law of Attraction and Nonresistance!
  • though achieving this is beyond the capacity of the mind alone.

nervous-systemEvery living and inanimate thing, (plant, animal and mineral) share a connection with the Cosmos, something I call Innate Intelligence*. And while nervous systems may look entirely different between different species (or undetectable to human reasoning), the nervous system carries the messaging and insights from our larger connection with the Whole.

In fact, any living or inanimate thing, through its nervous system, is actually the means by which Innate Intelligence expresses itself into this dimension!

Re-enabling our connection with Source is:

  • paramount to our success, individually and collectively
  • foundational to our survival as a species
  • and the means by which we go forward.

*Some might use the term God, Source, Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, etc.

rosesA rose has a nervous system. Through its nervous system it communicates with Innate Intelligence and gains and maintains its “instruction set.” Lynne McTaggart, Rupert Sheldrake and others refer to this as accessing “the field.”

And while a rose has a simple nervous system, it offers no resistance and is thus a perfect means by which Innate Intelligence expresses itself. This is exhibited by:

  • an exquisite fragrance, subtle texture, vibrant color, extraordinary beauty and the “not to be missed” pattern of thorns on the stem, and are only a tiny glimpse of the many intricacies of the rose.

A rose serves no purpose other than beauty and an upliftment of its surroundings! It is a perfect example of Innate Intelligence expressing itself for no other reason than:

  • Expressing simply for the purpose of expressing!
  • (Ahhh.. we just discovered the definition of life)
  • As we get our act together, we become able to contribute at a far more sophisticated level of “simply expressing.”

CORE Resonance Systems is a technology designed to release limiting beliefs and values that block our ability to allow Innate Intelligence to express through us. In fact, “resistance,” i.e., fear of the Unknown is the source of our problems.

  • The brain, the largest single component of the human nervous system, was not designed to process information. (The brain doesn’t even multi-task effectively.) Instead, the brain/nervous system is actually a living antenna system, i.e., receiver.
    • Because we have lost our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence, we are in a state of separation.
    • In a state of separation, we attempt to process life on our own, i.e., the brain attempts to become a processor.

gaiaOn our own, we create dysfunctional realities.

And we are very rapidly destroying the intricate web of life on this planet. Without our intact connection, i.e., without “from whence we came,” we are quite dysfunctional and in our dysfunction, we are destroying our only home.

whatTheBleepWhat the Bleep, a very popular documentary film produced in 2004, interviewed numerous quantum physicists, scientists, researchers, doctors, theologians, psychologists, etc., and states:

  • the brain consciously processes approximately 2,000 bits of information per second,
  • though about about 400 billion bits of information are available
  • all of it ever-shifting, ever-changing as potential!

To make proper decisions, humans need to be able to process vast amounts of information though the brain has nowhere near the capacity to do this. Thus, we generate decisions based on:

  • incomplete information,
  • fear-based perspectives,
  • resistance to what we don’t know,
  • reaction to circumstances, and we
  • and we settle into automated, limited and habitual patterns of thinking and choice.

Resistance, reaction, fear and doubt, and defensive posturing and “bad idea” survival methodologies just about sums up the collective (and individual) human experience.

lady-hooked-up_editedCORE Resonance re-enables our connection with Innate Intelligence by giving the brain exercises that allow it to “see itself” through technology and thus begin to reorganize itself.

As it reorganizes itself, it quiets down and allows the subtle presence of Innate Intelligence to again become available. As Innate Intelligence becomes available, it becomes the carrier for Innate Guidance which is the means by which the vast amount of information required to make quality choices is processed.

As we allow Innate Guidance to process the world in our behalf, we move away from resistance, reaction and the mind-driven survival scenarios. As we become able to “allow,” nonresistance (non-reactionary posturing) becomes available and Innate Guidance becomes even more accessible. We begin to relax and access the order that every other form of life on this planet shares.

  • This is the true source of Prosperity and Abundance on this planet!

amenti-tabletsNonresistance, the precursor to Unconditional Love, has been taught since the beginning of time. And while it is unobtainable by the mind, it is essential to our success, both individually and collectively. To merge with a system that knows no bounds is our only solution as a species. Some call this the 5th dimension, or in the language of Spiral Dynamics, “turquoise,” but the mechanics of our survival is nonresistance and Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is a means that allows us to mesh with a system of success that is eminently more successful than what we can accomplish on our own.

  • Beyond resistance lies a world of order that every living and inanimate thing shares And, we cannot get there on our own because the mind is insufficient for the task. We must relax and merge with something larger than ourselves.
  • This is the purpose of CORE Resonance Training for which we recognize the formula: Law of Attraction and Nonresistance.

It is only in allowing Innate Intelligence to process our surroundings on our behalf that we begin to relax, allow the order that exists to carry us along and “accept” our possibilities.

pathwayReorganizing and quieting the human brain and nervous system allows one to “see” in an all-new manner. This is similar to someone who is blind beginning to see. As they become able to see, they begin to reorganize and contribute to their environment in a far more efficient manner. What they once could not see becomes “seen.”

Once quite reliant on our limited faculties, we now have access to far more information. With Innate Guidance processing information on our behalf, there is no shortage; there is no need for survival tricks, manipulation, hoarding or greed. We begin to become one with a whole new sense of order.

rainbow2CORE Resonance offers the CRT Protocols (12 Protocols in a number of formats) which are exercises done with computer, hardware and software to reorganize and quiet the brain and nervous system. This might be perceived as releasing one’s past—including what we brought in with our DNA, bloodline lineage, as well as accumulated trauma and confusing memories brought about by a lifetime of experiences.

  • Trauma is simply information the brain is unable to process at the time for whatever reason. This unprocessed information is stored intra-cellularly and in the neural pathways of the nervous system and brain until such time it can be processed.

ballerinaIt is important to understand that CORE Resonance does not dictate results nor program or imprint the brain with frequencies or information. Instead, it uses technology to allow the brain to see itself and thus revise itself. Allowing the brain to have a direct experience with itself is, for the most part, a new experience because, usually the mind is in the middle of things. As the brain becomes able to see itself through the CORE Resonance Training experience, it naturally and rapidly revises itself upwardly.

As the brain recovers its function as a receiver, we relax, move to nonresistance, mesh with a “larger whole” and become far better able to contribute to making the world a better place.

*Normally the brain interfaces with the world through the mind and its distorted beliefs and values and thus the brain receives a great deal of distorted information.

prefrontal lobesCORE Resonance’s most recent research indicates the importance of enhancing the capacity of the prefrontal lobes of the human brain. The prefrontal lobes are the source of cognitive function (learning), conscious experience, awareness, judgment, focus and follow through, as well as the ability to filter information—to name a just a few of the functions associated with the prefrontal lobes.

The LongView™ Protocol is designed to permanently increase blood flow to this ever important part of the brain. By increasing bloodflow, we can enhance nutrient, oxygen and glucose delivery and better remove metabolic wastes, etc. Increased blood flow also provides better cooling to this region of the brain.

big-brain-coverThe human’s prefrontal lobes, 40% larger than any other animal, are what set the human beings apart from any other animal on the planet. According to Gary Lynch and Richard Granger, authors of Big Brain:

“the prefrontal cortex is at the heart of our most
flexible and forward-looking thoughts.”

Advanced prefrontal lobes allow us:

“…to better see consequences of a
choice or decision before enacting it.”

According to Lynch and Granger, a number of hominid skulls were discovered in Africa in the early 1900’s. These skulls are about 10,000 years old though they have a cranium capacity about 25% larger than present day man!

More interesting and more to the point, is the speculation of what Boskop was capable of with their dramatically larger prefrontal lobes (estimated at 50% larger than present day humans!). Clearly a vastly more intellectual and forward thinking hominid, they were possessed of greater wisdom, and in the reams of decision making:

  • “they would have seen farther than we can: understood their potential outcomes with better estimates of downstream costs and benefits.”



Fortifying the prefrontals (angio-genesis) combined with specialized nutrients is very interesting.

Adding a proprietary supplementation program allows a significant increase the function of the prefrontal lobes.. The prefrontals is where awareness arises.



  • The CRT Protocols (12 Protocols) are designed to clean up your past, i.e., stored trauma, unconsciously held memories, family lineage issues, etc.
  • The LongView™ Protocol is designed to refine one’s capacity for focus, perception and forward thinking, similar to installing new high beam headlights for life’s journey forward.

longview2Clients can:

  • Teach what they most need to learn,
  • Provide services to others,
  • share with family members, etc.
  • Exponentially contribute to making the world a better place