This short draft video presentation should start itself. But for this demo, it does not. You have to click the arrow to start. This represents the idea of the third Graphic project and 4th Graphic project. 

Graphic Projects

The below 6 image snippets from the new documentary Thrive II are examples of the type of graphics I think I want for my home page. I would be open to opinions. The first two graphic projects would be similar.

Graphic Project 1  In the first graphic called personal, I want the image of six people in a circle holding hands on the grass (maybe a real grass image background) meditating. The background identifies world peace and social acceptance along with the idea of freedom and abundance. It would be designed to take the left hand space of one half of the width of a home page. Ideas for world peace, etc. are taken from the graphic image samples I have included. Note: we have to create our own images.

Graphic Project 2  The second is a Boardroom table with six individuals sitting around the table on the right side of the home page. The table is rectangular and angled toward the viewer. The end near the viewer might be empty inviting the viewer to join the table though that is not quite the intention. This would be called business, i.e., corporate, green companies, non profits, NGOs or institutions, etc.

Both views are inviting and represent solution-orientations and peace and happiness.

A third Graphic project would be different. It would be the width of the home page. It would be an arrow with the point to the right (no feathers). On the left end would be a face with an average or slightly concerned look. The far end of the arrow with the point would point to a happy face radiating peace, love and internal power.

The middle of the arrow would, instead of the shaft, contain five wide gears in a bit of a 3D format similar to the left but with much smaller central holes. The first would be labeled “You” in the sidewall. The second gear would be labeled “God” in the sidewall. The third gear would be labeled “You” in the sidewall. The fourth gear would be labeled “God” and the last gear would be labeled “You.” This might be stylized with two gears higher than the other three but all meshing together suggesting movement toward the end of the arrow. One gear would mesh with the next, etc. The words would be in different parts of the sidewalls suggesting the gears are in motion.

Graphic Project 4 I am thinking about the arrow graphic being drawn with animation software that looks lik a hand doing the sketching but this is separate. I think I can do this myself (I own software) unless you are particularly adept and can deliver this component very inexpensively.

Graphic 5. For a later date. “Superpowers” as a text image in a format similar to the personal and business graphics.


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