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facebookProfilePhoto_203H_BannerCORE Resonance has designed a 6-month course offering a mechanical/spiritual understanding of the human condition and solution. This mechanical understanding includes the fact that humans, as the most sophisticated life form on the planet, are out of phase with their natural state of connection with the Cosmos, and accordingly, quite dysfunctional.

Consciously partnering with Innate Intelligence is our only solution as a species and our next iteration as a conscious life form. “As we become coherent within, we become resonant without.” In resonance, we gratefully accept access to guidance and the governance that every other form of life on this planet shares.. And when we begin to understand the mineral kingdom as a form of life, do we get our first glimpse.

PSAC is a rotational program. This means you can enter at any point and exit at any point. 90 minute calls are held every two weeks and can be attended live or by reviewing the recording. Generally, each class will offer an audio and video version. Additionally, each participant is entitled to 45 minutes private time with the instructor for personal quesions, personal insights, etc. The cost is $297 mo

Several fundamental concepts round out the foundation of PSAC

1) Humans are, first and foremost, sophisticated throughput mechanisms for Innate Intelligence to express through us into this dimension. The rest of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are the same. Everything is a subset of God (Innate Intelligence, Source, etc.) and everything is first and foremost a means by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself. Humans are no exception.

2) Because of the sophistication of our nervous system (the amperage we are capable of hosting) for which resistance is our biggest detractor, we become capable of consciousness and awareness. As we become more conscious, we become less resistant. As we become less resistant, we consciously allow more Innate Intelligence to flow through us.This allows us to become increasing conscious and increasingly aware, and as a by-product, we deliver solutions into this dimension.

3) Our first fully conscious function is to reach back to the source of our connection and compete this circuit.  This produces a fully realized human being, properly partnered with Innate Intelligence, for which whole new horizons and dimensions become available to explore and contribute to. God-Man realized ignites new experiences as God expressing [excerpt from VTAT]. All the while, our reality creating improves and becomes more subtle.

4) According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, as we become more conscious, we become more contributive. For example, one person at 700 counter-balances the negativity of 70 million people under 200.  (One person at 600 counterbalances 10 million, etc.) This is how we change the world. Not one person at a time, but exponentially by rapidly advancing individual consciousness which rapidly advances collective consciousness. Far better than the linear “51 percent of the vote!”

5) CORE Resonance is capable of advancing individuals as much as 200 points which is an astronomical number compared to Hawkins’ statement that the average person advances 2 points in a life time. We have to learn how to partner with Innate Intelligence. It is our only way up and out as a species 🙂 [Reference article: Tadpoles to Frogs]

The thirteen weeks (every other week for 26 weeks) covers the fundamental premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™ including:

Premise I
It’s Possible

Premise II
Quotation by Margaret Mead

Premise III
When in the Course of Human Events
Premise IV
Exit Strategy

Premise V
The Maharishi Effect™

Premise VI
The Work of Dee Hock

Premise VII
Matt Kahn

Premise VIII
Wealth Profiling

Premise IX
The Map of Consciousness

Premise X
CORE Resonance Training™

Premise XI
Writings of J.Hamilton

Premise XII
Innate Intelligence

A synopsis of the Twelve Premises can be viewed here

The foundation of this educational experience begins...

CORE Resonance begins by quieting the brain through CORE Resonance Training™, a proprietary neurofeedback training program that uses neurofeedback exercises, introspection and a certain type of affirmations. Note: I use neurofeedback differently than most practitioners. Instead of diagnosing the brain with a brain map, etc., and rebuilding frequencies in the brain based on the latest thought, I allow the brain to heal itself.

This might be somewhat equated to defragging a brain but there is no programming, no infusing patterns into the brain and no outside intervention. We put the brain in front of a computer, put the mind aside and let the brain have its own feedback and experience. Thus the brain learns, becomes inwardly coordinated and quiet, and becomes coherent!

As we quiet the brain, 1) it puts out less reactionary and resistance oriented reality creating. This alone, lessens the tensions of life which otherwise beget more resistance. 2) quieting the brain allows extra processing power which begins the process of subtly processing what it once could not. Clients release old traumas as subtly as soap bubbles popping and, 3) as we begin to re-enable our connection with “Home,” we relax even more which equates to less resistance and less reaction to our surroundings.

4) The purpose of quieting the brain is to first detect and re-enable our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence. This is a very subtle connection and requires a quieted and refined brain, much more so than meditation can provide.  This is the beginning of the “Journey Home.” As this connection grows (I see it as a “corridor” over my right shoulder), we continue to become more allowing and resistance continues to play a smaller role in our lives, hence the formula: Law of Attraction and Non-resistance.

As we re-enable this natural state and build this connection “Home,” there comes a point that Innate Guidance begins to travel back down through this Corridor. As Innate Guidance becomes available, Presence becomes identifiable in our lives and in Presence we find Guidance. The goal is to have Innate Guidance take over the processing of the world on our behalf. When we have Innate Guidance processing the world, we have no need for resistance, no need to hold back, and we mesh with the Whole of Creation. This meshing with the whole of creations becomes the experience outwardly known as Unconditional Love.

At this point, we have achieved a conscious partnership with Innate Intelligence. In the furthering of this relationship, we become living and conscious hosts to Innate Intelligence expressing through us into this dimension with no distortion, and accordingly, we become the means by which solutions are delivered to this dimension. Sans resistance, we become quite interesting as a species.

I have had the experience of Innate Guidance overriding me numerous times over the years. Always very subtle but very distinct, it is often hard to write about because it is so subtle. As the subtleness grows, words start to get unsophisticated.

When we add the very subtle political twist that we need to begin to make changes and compete with the artificial entities, i.e., banks, corporations, gov, etc, CORE Resonance becomes the tool to go to..

 According to Einstein, it is going to take a different mind than created the problem to solve the problem, and this is what CORE Resonance is all about. CORE Resonance is at the very least a global product. I wish to operate globally and I need a proper foundation to expand from, to, and beyond.

This all began when I wrote Visionaries Thrive In All Times: blueprint for reality creation (2005) (VTAT) after journaling for two years. I wrote to the audience discovered by James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy success which identified spiritual commonalities and interests people shared all over the world. I realized how big the potential audience was and wrote to that audience.

By the way the title of Visionaries Thrive In All Times came from an expression that I heard at an Abraham seminar many years ago:

Observer’s thrive in Good times
And suffer in Bad
Visionaries Thrive in All Times

I believe there is a huge portion of the population, possibly 1/3 by some accounts, who are simply wired to want to contribute to make the world a better place. This is my audience. Between yoga, meditation, the many forms of self-improvement, athletic performance, etc., there is a huge audience that would recognize that merging  with the innate spiritual aspect of our lives is a crucial step in accessing true serenity, true security and true success.

I have been teaching sovereignty and personal empowerment since 1990 and have a solutions orientation that has no limits. My last newsletter identifies the source of the problem in an article titled Rights and Duties: the big surprise and solution, and instead of pushing against what we don’t want, I offer a solution so large that it dwarfs the problem — and the problem is not a small problem.


CORE Resonance is about re-enabling our natural state of connection with the Cosmos, re-enabling our rightful place as the predominant species on this planet. This is an achievable plan right under the nose of those who would keep things the way they are. And in implementing this solution,  we obliterate the problem. The planet and species hangs in the balance because, in a linear manner, we have gone beyond the point of no return.

I believe, without a doubt, that CORE Resonance is the ultimate solution for a species losing track of its existence. Re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source is our only solution.


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According to my experience and estimations, two years of CORE Resonance Training™ equals 30+ years of meditation experience and does a far better job of balancing the brain. A balanced and “defragged” brain engenders a coherent brain and a coherent brain engenders resonance with the Cosmos. Resonance with the Cosmos is our natural state and we become not only exponentially useful to ourselves and our planet, we also enjoy the ride of our lives. Ascension is, of course, a naturally occurring component.

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