21st Century Survival and Success

VisionLab-688w-jhThe world is changing and the need to understand our very nature has never been more pressing. Additionally, the need to contribute to the unfolding of the world has never been more obvious. Dominion over our affairs (DOMA) combined with a capacity for receptivity that knows no bounds guides us to our own personal unfoldings for which we become far more “influentially useful” in not only our lives but the whole. It is in our willingness to allow what is so real that it cannot be denied…

that we rapidly evolve to our true evolution and success. 

The mind is a repository of habitual patterns and our lives run on automatic. Very little changes over the period of our lifetime because we are a product of unconsciously inherited and learned habitual, reactionary patterns and beliefs. No matter that the foundation of our unconsciously held patterns and beliefs is resistance and fear and doubt, we run our lives on automatic.

Usually, breaks in habitual patterns (personal evolution) is preceded by variations of trauma (family upsets, divorce, major household moves, etc.) which forces us to reestablish patterns, though we often settle into similar levels of unconscious patterning all over again.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

It might be our beginning point to revamp habitual patterns such that our habitual patterns become more consciously “useful and self-serving,” with an ultimate aim of open-ended reality creating taking us where we wish to go in our lives–much of which is presently unknown at this point. I call this open-ended concept “Momentum” and discuss it thoroughly in Chapter 11 of Visionaries Thrive In All Times (VTAT).  [Excerpt]

Or, we might start by tweaking the nervous system and taking you toward nonresistance faster than you might imagine. Or we might start by learning how to summon Innate Intelligence into your reality creations for purposes of partnership for your outcomes.  Or, we might begin with all three, or…  It would become a partnership; a partnership initially between you and me, to develop your partnership between you and Innate Intelligence

for which I would take a lesser role as Innate Intelligence takes a greater role.

Shifting your habitual patterns is like putting on a new body.  It takes courage, though breaking out of old patterns is well worth the effort because the world becomes a far more interesting place.  We are capable of expressing so much more as we move beyond a linear, rote and habituated, semi-conscious, interpretation of our surroundings.

Life, Guidance and Coaching
Innate Intelligence is real.  It guides all of life—including the inanimate.  Everything that is living has a nervous system of sorts and every nervous system’s primarily function is as a nonlinear receiving mechanism (antenna) for its connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, or whatever you might wish to call something that everything shares.  According to the quality of our “connection,” we then express our lives.  Of course, the antenna system may point inward, but that’s incidental to our discussion.

Guidance from the Cosmos is something that everything shares.  Humans have inadvertently turned this system off and attempt to process “life” on their own for which they are in overload and thus resistance and reaction to life (and our possibilities) is inherent.

As we become more subtle in the living of our lives, we discover everything is right at our fingertips.  Frankly, it is all a matter of receptivity for which we simply need to re-enable our connection with Source. This is known as nonresistance and allowing, ultimately defined as the most ancient of technologies: Unconditional Love.  Dominion over our affairs (delving into the Unknown) in partnership with the Guidance of Innate Intelligence and unconditional Love is a huge and powerful discovery indeed.

icebergVisionary Coaching carries individuals through this journey of self-discovery to the ultimate goal of mastery of ourselves–and mastery of the receptivity of our natural state.  Defining (and creating) terms as we go, we achieve a delving within that allows us to align to our true teacher–Innate Intelligence, accessible to one and all.

Until we learn to use what is presently available to us, we are incapable of having more. As we are ineffective at life, we are less than whole, and as we are out of sync with our connection with Source, we are dysfunctional.

And, as we learn to connect to our true nature, our capacity for reality creation (which is only the tip of the iceberg) becomes vastly more available and we become, not only more useful to ourselves but to the whole of humanity. One becomes an exponentially far more powerful contributor to the human race as we refine our connection with Innate Intelligence!  As I am fond of saying, “it is a good use of our time.”

Visionary Coaching is about tuning into your life to discover its wholeness and capacity for contribution.  Visionary Coaching is about receptivity, flow, guidance, synchronicity, happenstance and a capacity to allow the best to unfold what is in front of you in each and every moment.  As it becomes easier to discern when we are out of sync, it becomes easier to get back into sync.  We realize that life is a matter of intention, conscious interpretation and “capacity for receptivity”

–and that we are capable of so very much more. 

When we discover the mind is nothing but a mechanism trying to run our life sans partnership with Innate Guidance, we discover the foundation of our problem.

Once we give up resistance and reaction and fear and doubt and the resultant dysfunction it engenders, we discover that we are in a great place; there is no one to save, no one or no thing is going to hell in a hand basket, and the world is unfolding just as it should.

All we need is a little perspective – and a renewal of an innate partnership. 

mystery17Visionary Coaching is about perspective and bringing the energetics of life into your life for which your realities rapidly upgrade to all new levels of being.
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VERY powerful. I’ve read TONS of material on success, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, new age, etc – yet you seem to have stumbled upon & effectively communicated key insights missing from them all.

there’s SO much out there on Law Of Attraction, yet it seems there’s something so much deeper & fundamental its teachers are missing, preventing people from powerfully implementing it. others teach the importance of getting into an alpha state, etc – though that still doesn’t change the programming, and very few are offering effective, applicable advice on how to powerfully reprogram. reading your stuff seems to negate so much of that, bringing light to the fact all of that is still in the domain of the mind, where we’re trying to figure things out and impose our wishes (coming from programming) on the universe, rather than really tuning in, getting into flow, reconnecting with that “Innate Intelligence”, and allowing divine order to unfold.

I’m not sure if its just that I haven’t been exposed to such perspectives in all my studies before, or that I wasn’t ready for such insight, whether you’ve put it into words shedding light on Truth from more angles, or just that nobody is really teaching this — I can’t exactly define it, though I sense a major paradigm shift taking place. It took me a few readings & going through all your material to grasp it – and I’m still probably nowhere near having it all sink in – though the insight this is opening up is profound…

In the light of what you’ve effectively managed to convey, so much of all the other “spiritual” & “success” guidance out there seems incomplete. I feel at a loss of words right now to describe, though I truly believe you’ve channeled/stumbled upon/discovered a key missing piece of the prosperity puzzle.

I feel you’re onto something very powerful here. I resonate very strongly with your work and the technology, very eager to get on it and experience.

Let me know your preferred method of communication and where you’d like to carry the conversation from here. I like writing, felt this was a good way to go through all your writing and note thoughts & feedback, though if you’d prefer to speak on Skype sometime soon, let me know what days/times would be best.

Be well, best wishes…

Rok Sivante