Vibratory Islands

excerpted from: Chapter 8, Allowing Visionaries Thrive In All Times
© J.Hamilton 2005-2014
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VISIONARIES THRIVEFrontCoverVisionaries understand the basic principles by which the Universe unfolds. Visionaries selectively include the order, success, strengths and beauty that make up the world around them and make it their own. This is how intentional creators enhance their realities – living within vibratory islands of alignment of their ongoing chosen focus. As we cast our view uphill toward solutions and refine our reliance on Innate Intelligence as we go, we dictate our focus and thus our output, and accordingly, our reality.

Visionaries live within vast order and choose goals aligned with what is true, what can always be relied upon, and a knowledge that all (others) are in their own state of aligning with Source at their own rate of comfort – or discomfort. All is in order, whether we can see it or not. As we find more order in outward appearance, which feeds and strengthens our inner belief system (and vice versa), we find that the Law of Attraction brings more refined order and more refined success to our lives. As we align with Innate Intelligence, one individual becomes more useful to the whole than one million who are not.2 It is fair to say that the visionary is doing a fine job of supporting those still making their way toward intentionality.

The visionary assumes no responsibility for individuals having difficulty or misfortune as their ally, other than from a sense of the highest order for that individual. As one focuses on the disability of another, one’s focus shifts to the problem, which does no more than support the perceived powerlessness of that individual. Visionaries know the wholeness and order that abounds within every individual, every circumstance and every opportunity. Visionaries anchor and bring order to the world.