What Is A Colony™?

CORE Resonance Colonies™. 

Each Colony is composed of six individuals who live in the same neighborhood area. They share the study and use of CORE Resonance Training™ with the intention of helping and supporting each other to achieve a readily-discernible internal coherence and alignment with Source. As they become increasingly clear about their motives and intentions and merge together as a coherent group, they become enabled of a powerful, exponential and natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence.

Discernible results become readily available in this new found partnership.

Amplified and magnified sans resistance, CORE Resonance Colonies™ become nodal points on the planet for grounding the energies of Order, Acceptance, Allowing, Presence, Resonance and Guidance, all the while hosting the unfoldment of Innate Intelligence into this dimension like never before. Because Innate Intelligence is solutions-oriented, each Colony™ becomes a recipient of components and focal points for the grounding of the New Earth.

Each Colony™ though autonomous, includes a generally common intention and theme similar to what is found at the core of Dee Hock’s open-ended, chaordic business structure (Premise VI). Physical and digital networks are established between Colonies™ for the purpose of sharing, exploration, magnification and the encouragement of what works. All the while, each Colony™ is independent and able to follow its own intuitive and instilled Guidance and report back its discoveries.

Extensive support is included.

Once Innate Guidance begins to make itself physically known (physically overriding certain aspects of individual and group choice founded in Presence) participants of the Colonies™ realize they are in for a very heartfelt experience of service, contribution, upliftment and unfoldment — far exceeding anything the mind is capable of. Part of the function of CORE Resonance Colonies™ is to leave the mind/ego at the door, trade it for Presence and Guidance, and experience the latent potential inherent in each of us.

I have had multiple experiences of Innate Guidance physically overriding me. It is subtle but quite apparent.

Where there is no mind, there is no resistance. Where there is no resistance, there is no time. In timelessness, you are in the hands of Innate Intelligence.
J.Hamilton, excerpt from CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance 

Quieting the brain and nervous system through CORE Resonance Training™; re-enabling our natural state of connection through a very subtle connection that takes a quieted mind to discern, and discovering that “going home” is readily available and our natural state, is the experience of a lifetime. It is what we were born to do/be/have/become and found at the core of our personal evolution. As we step into our power in partnership with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential evolutionary leaders.

We form a gateway and portal for our species’ evolution.

Within this new found authority and partnership, we do what we are best able to do:

Ground like we have never been able to ground,

Explore like we have never been able to explore, and

Express like we have never been able to express.

Hosting Innate Intelligence into this dimension is “the ride of our lives.” We discover a platform for the exploration of life like we somehow always knew was available and we leave things far better than we found them.


TapRoot™  by CORE Resonance

TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance, similar to CORE Resonance Colonies™, is offered for intentional communities, intentional corporations, intentional school systems and the many kinds of intentional organizations, teams, etc. When beginning or updating an organization, partnering with Innate Intelligence at the very core of your organizational foundation becomes the wave of the future and assures the most dynamic footprint for a successful venture, as well as the most effective means of contributing to making the world a better place.

Partnering with what is true becomes our wisest investment. Same price, same principles, and results beyond your wildest imaginings.

Consulting and Implementation
for the above – $10,900

Note: A Colony is six members.
$10,900 divided by six members equals just over $1,800 ea.
About the cost of 15 sessions and the rest are free for life!
(In the early days of this, we all had 60 sessions before very long!) 

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