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•  What would you say World Peace looks like?

•  Would you contribute to World Peace if you could effectively do so from your local community?

•  If you had access to tools that worked, would you be willing to contribute to exponential change?


Are you familiar with:

The Maharishi Effect where one percent of the local population’s meditators influence entire communities, or

The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins indicates that one person on the Map at 700 (admittedly a very high number) counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200, or

The statement from Abraham of Abraham-Hicks who states:

•  “One person connected to Source is more powerful than 1 million who are not.”

 As we become coherent individually, i.e., line up with the frequency of God; as we become coherent collectively, we become massively exponential. Partnered with Innate Intelligence, there are no limits to our accomplishments…

for which we get:

“the ride of our lives!” 🙂

World Peace looks like smiling faces, contentment, healthy relationships, prosperity, education, communication, equality, racial justice and sharing, and camaraderie between nations and tribes of people.

And as I like to say:

Blue Skies,
Clean Air,
Clean Water,
People talking to each other, and
Nations talking to each other.

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It is time for the emotionally intelligent among us to make conscious choices aligned with how the world truly works; to deliver exponential contribution to a planet in need of a few good ideas!

Heaven on earth is but a decision away.
It begins with you.
It begins with me.

Handily, we become exponential in our contribution as we partner with Innate Intelligence.

Partnering with Innate Intelligence is a very good use of our time!

Join us!


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