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Health and Long Life

hmm..  I suspect this should interest us all.  There comes a point when taking our bodies for granted, when assuming that everything will take care of itself, and beginning to shore up what we have begins to take on increasing importance.





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Our health and well being is important to us - maybe even more important than we think.  And sometimes we don't get real serious about it until it begins to be the last minute.  Aging is serous stuff : )

After all, where are we going to live when we wear out our bodies? 

All of us have this same issues and so far, there have not been that many good answers.  But this is starting to change.  As we age, the importance of our health begins to take on more relevance and luckily there are solutions becoming available.  There have been fantastic advancements in the fields of health and well-being in the last five to ten years, but until we are able to assimilate this information, we lose.  And, in the overload of new information, if we do nothing, or we stick to what we have been doing, even if it does not withstand the test of time, i.e., 30+ years of review, we may be in for a shocker.

Assuming we have a proper understanding of the issues in present time, we would carve out a lean, strong healthy body designed to "go the distance."  We would understand fundamentals for the sources of energy for our body and the different types of energy storage, fat being one of them.  We would understand the importance of protein and its relationship to carbs and we would understand fundamentals of exercise and what muscles and organs to put our attention on for a long life earmarked by strength and flexibility!

The quest for health leads us to what to eat and how to eat it.  Not only is a proper mix of protein and "good" carbs essential to feeding the body – but also where our food supplies come from.  As we come to first understand what to feed our body, then we can learn how to discern the best sources for this supply. And, speaking of feeding the body, certain supplements, used properly, can have a huge effect as we come to understand the ravages of time on the human organism.

Attitude is another huge aspect to our health and thus long life.  How we digest our surroundings, how we process and allow or resist what is going on in our lives are huge determinants to the wear and tear on our systems and thus the quality of our time on planet earth.  It turns out that a great deal of our stress, all of our stress, is a product of our inability to interpret our circumstances, i.e., allowance vs resistance, not to be confused with denial.  A visionary perspective can take one a very long way in individual health, but we need to learn how to feed ourselves and maintain the health of our organs and systems so that we may be around for a while.

It has been my quest to find a system of health maintenance and building that is a match for a visionary perspective and I believe I have found it in the work of Dr. Al Sears.  His work on unraveling the shortcomings of traditional cardio, weight training and aerobic exercise after working with superb athletes and lay persons alike for over twenty years, simply makes sense.  Instead of building endurance which leans everything out, health becomes a product of designed increased intensity over short duration to give us  flexibility and reserve to weather the storms of life, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or the big one - time. 

We know the body renews all of the cells over a period of time, thus the human mechanism is ever self-replicating.  So, why do we loose our health, become sick and die?  It is a product of collective amnesia to the quality of our connection with Source.  It is my belief that as we become useful, we get to stay longer, but part of hosting Innate Intelligence, includes a strong body.  It is the wishes of VisionariesLab and COREresonance that you find what makes you tick and you learn to turn the hands back on time.  Be here for a while, do some good and have a lot of fun.  And be sure to adventure with your time on planet earth.  Not only make something of yourself, but leave a trail of leadership for those that follow.  Make life a good use of your time

Wishing you well.




Health and Long Life



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CoQ10 advancement

Vitamin B-12 spray

Genetic Anti-aging*

PACE exercise program*



I have been interested in advancements in health and longevity for as long as I can remember.  I have always been interested in taking care of myself, though I have not been the most efficient or effective at doing so.. 

Telomeres  Your biological block looks like the end of a shoelace.  I have been aware of telomeres for quite some time, though little has been known about them or how to repair them.  They are like little end-caps on the end of DNA strands (like the tips on shoelaces) and upon each division, they get a bit shorter.  This is aging.  Interestingly, the telomeres in some cancers do not degrade and are thus immortal.  Slowly more information is becoming available.  You can review the latest by clicking on the photo and then clicking on Telomerase Activation and you might as well sign up to be on their mailing list.  You may also slow down this telomere destruction by reducing your homocysteine levels - information of which may be found at end of the Activating Telomerase article..  Maybe advances in science and genetics will turn back your clock - just in time.  As you become a match for life, life becomes a match for you especially as we become solutions-oriented!

Accel  I have always heard about  the enzyme supplement CoQ10 but not used it for a number of reasons, one of which is the relative cost to effectiveness.  Now, a much less expensive (and far more powerful) version has become available from Japanese researchers that stays in your system far longer.  CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body and essential for the production of ATP which is a primary source of "instant" energy for the body particularly in the heart and brain.  It also facilitates enzyme activity and destroys free radicals.  Further, it is essential to the immune system.  CoQ10 is one of the most significant supplements you can add to your ability to retard aging.  To read more about this new type of CoQ10, please click on the photo and scroll down the left hand column to the Primal Force Supplements link. 

PACE Exercise Program  PACE® stands for: Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion.  This is a program based on what is called "Interval Training" which is short periods of exertion followed by short periods of rest.  This is exercise designed to push your system for short periods of time with an eye on how fast you recover.  Instead of endurance PACE recommends and builds foundational strength and the capacity to recover.  Heart attacks are beyond the heart's ability to recover from certain stresses, men and women alike.  Smart exercise, builds durability and flexibility, just in time for the 21st century.  15 min a day is sufficient.  Lung capacity is the leu indicator of how long you will live!  Results include:

  • Rebuild Your Lungs – Even if you're an ex-smoker!

  • Reverse Heart Disease – And Prevents Heart Attacks

  • Adds Years – Even Decades – of Healthy Living to Your Life

  • Pumps Up Your Immune System – Making You Virtually Disease Proof

  • Builds Pounds of New Muscle – Without Lifting Weights! 

PACE DVD  Purchase the PACE DVD separately or buy it with the book as a combo here and save.  I very much recommend the DVD to go with the book.  The book is astounding in its ability to help us revaluate exercise and health.  Pace bring exercise to a whole new level of understanding.  And it does it so very well.  But the next level of interpretation is found on the DVD.  It takes the concepts of PACE and puts it in the hands of the camera.  Suddenly, everything leaps out at you and you are off and running with as little as 15 minutes a day.  I could not recommend this program more highly.  Who every would have imagined the importance of the lungs in developing longevity, but powerful breathing is essential to getting oxygen into your system.  Surprisingly, jogging does not do this.  PACE pushes the body system in short bursts producing greatly expanded reserve capacities and a much more robust heart and lung system.  Very highly recommended.  An excerpt from PACE: Rediscover Your Native Fitness.  Click on the photo for more information.

He has added a DVD to the PACE PRogram



CoQ10 advancement

Vitamin B-12 spray

Genetic Anti-aging*

P.A.C.E. exercise program*


CoQ10 Advancement

this may be the most critical CoQ10 discovery since Karl Folkers first identified the nature’s most powerful antioxidant back in 1958.

Several months ago I had a private meeting with Dr. Tatsumasa Mae, the best-known and most highly regarded CoQ10 researcher in the world. He was visiting from Japan. He met me in my Florida office to talk about his latest breakthrough:

World Renowned Inventor Dr. Mae from Japan and Dr. Sears.

Dr. Mae has discovered and perfected a new form of CoQ10 that is an incredible 8 times more powerful than conventional CoQ10!

Being 8 times more powerful means you get 8 times more in your blood but the whole story is even more remarkable. This new type of CoQ10 will give you the opportunity to make gains on a scale that defies comparison. 

Conventional CoQ10 works wonders but the problem I’ve had is keeping my patients’ blood levels high enough. They often require high doses, and that sometimes means taking 4 to 6 capsules a day of at least 200 mg. That’s troublesome and expensive…

But this new form, which I call Accel, lets me give a single 50 mg capsule to those same patients who were taking 6 to 8 capsules and still not getting good blood levels. That’s great but it’s just the beginning… The fact that Accel stays in the blood stream so much longer means its affect is much more powerful in other ways –like its energy enhancement for cellular metabolism, for instance.

It’s very impressive. Accel is probably the most powerful heart and brain nutrient I have ever encountered. You get all the benefits you’ve been getting with the regular CoQ10 but much bigger and much better!

And that’s only the beginning. A few years down the road, we may find that Accel makes Alzheimer’s and other chronic nervous system conditions a thing of the past!

I am confident of this: Accel will change the face of anti-aging medicine forever. Some of the laboratory videos Dr. Mae showed me and my staff were absolutely amazing!

One video of their research showed 3 groups of mice and how they aged. One group was given Accel. The second took conventional CoQ10. The third group was given no CoQ10 at all.

The mice were all the same age and allowed to age normally. After several months the mice taking no CoQ10 died of natural causes. They showed typical signs of aging and suffered heart and brain damage – typical of oxidative stress.

The second group, taking conventional CoQ10, was still alive but showed signs of aging. They lasted longer but when they died they had similar conditions to the first group.

The third group, which took Accel, was not just still alive; they looked like strong, young mice. They were running around in their cages with all the vigor of mice half their age!

And in spite of being old, they showed no signs of aging!

We were all amazed. Eva, my services director, has a family member with congestive heart failure. After seeing the video, she claimed the first 2 bottles of Accel for her family.

I sent bottles of Accel to my family too. And that’s why I’m writing you today…

I don’t want you to be without this important information. In the next few pages I will explain exactly how Accel works and why it is so much better than conventional CoQ10. I will also tell you how you can use it to treat yourself and your family.

The high concentration is the key to Accel’s amazing potential. Let me explain…

Unless You Take Action, CoQ10 Starts to Disappear…

You’ll find CoQ10 in high concentrations in your heart, brain and all your major organs. As you know, it helps to generate much needed energy. But levels start dropping at the age of 20 and are lowest in stroke and heart attack victims.

This graph tells the whole story:

By the time you’re 80, most of your CoQ10 has disappeared. And that’s bad news…

In addition to supplying energy, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. The “slow burn” we use for fuel damages tissues like fire burns everything it contacts. The action of CoQ10’s antioxidant power puts out this fire and protects your organs and tissues from damage.

Aside from giving your heart and brain the extra fuel it needs to keep working, it preserves them and keeps them in working order for much longer.

Think of a sandwich.  If you leave it lying on your kitchen counter, the bread gets stale and the meat starts to rot. But put it in a zip-loc bag and throw it in the fridge and it stays fresh for weeks. This is a simple example of the type of anti-aging power that CoQ10 gives you.

The new form of CoQ10 in Accel makes these protective benefits even greater and more reliable. And it makes the cost of getting a therapeutic dose much lower.

New research is opening up a new world of CoQ10 benefits. These include:

  • Blood Sugar: An Australian study found that patients with type II diabetes who took CoQ10 showed improved blood sugar control.1
  • Vision and Eye Health: A recent clinical trial showed adults with early macular degeneration who supplemented with a combination of CoQ10, acetyl-L-carnitine, and omega-3 fatty acids for one year improved their visual function.2
  • Allergies: Researchers in Texas found low CoQ10 levels in people suffering from rhinitis and other allergies; they believe that further studies will show that CoQ10 can manage a wide array of allergy syndromes.3
  • Gum Health: CoQ10 improves the gum health of people suffering from periodontal disease, and speeds tissue healing following periodontal surgery.4
  • Migraines: 32 patients with migraines were treated with CoQ10 daily. More than 60 percent of the patients experienced a 50 percent or greater reduction in the number of days they suffered headaches. After three months, the frequency of their migraines fell by an average of 55 percent.5

Accel Slows Your Aging Clock by up to 51%

Back to that study I talked about earlier. Over a 15 month period it demonstrated the amazing power of this new form of CoQ10. At 12 months of age, the point that equals late middle age for humans, the mice taking the new form were aging 22% slower than mice taking conventional CoQ10 and 51% slower than those taking none at all.

If you are taking CoQ10, this is great news. If you are not taking it, this is amazing news!

Those mice taking Accel looked responsive and energetic. They had no physical deformities, no lesions and showed no signs of aging. They had a bright, glossy coat – typical of youth. They were running around like children. Imagine Accel having that affect on you!

We immediately sold out when we told our readers about this new development a few weeks back. Now, we've received more of this new formula and able to offer it to you.

Here’s the best part…Eva, my customer service director has created a special volume discount when you buy Accel. That way, you just can’t lose…

To get your volume package offer, click below...

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.

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