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Using MMS/CDS is your responsibility and yours alone.
You are responsible for your choice.. I simply publish my experiences.

I most recently used MMS in December of 2019 as below though I think I did an additional series of dosages of MMS that are not documented. The oldest is first and the most recent is down the page. If you came directly to this page, the “parent page” is Longevity, High Hopes and Immortality (Some day). You can find the excerpted remarks from this article at the bottom of this page

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Jim Humble (discoverer of MMS)  Genesis Church (source of information)

MMS Journal February 2017
After all, this was only an experiment

I had been reading about MMS for quite a while before finally giving it a go.. I didn’t have a health crisis beyond the traditional stuff everybody has including a bit of aging finally at the age of 65. I tried a single drop on a Thursday and did another that same day.. Hmmm.. not so bad. Friday I did a drop two hours in a row.

That next Monday I began to use one drop about six hours in a row—without missing an hour.* Initially, my head was a bit abuzz as I could feel the MMS in my system, and it seemed to reduce my thinking and capacity at my desk by about 10 percent—nothing I couldn’t work through. I continued by adding an hour earlier to my schedule and an hour later to my schedule until I was doing one drop 8 hours consecutively. I did not do week-ends and I was still cocktailing and not watching what I ate.. After all, this was only an experiment. But I went for about four weeks.

I noticed something quite significant beside my eyes clearing up and the shadows in my face clearing up.. I had a very distinct sense of well-being and according to my “new” girlfriend, my whole countenance lightened up!  She could see it. And I was astounded by what I experienced because it seems MMS truly is a “sacrament.” By reducing the pathogen load on the body (I assume), as the body calms down, a sense of well-being, integration and peace becomes available. I felt more integrated in my body. I felt more whole! An interesting feeling!

I offer consulting and coaching around personal sovereignty, i.e. I teach empowerment at a fundamental level and I use coaching and neurofeedback to rapidly advance individuals who wish to advance personally for personal performance and/ or spiritually for that ultimate sense of personal power and connection. I am a long time meditator, I’ve written several books, I do a lot of research. And I am impressed.

My work says that humans are all on vast overload attempting to process the world with our lowly brains that are not anywhere near as fancy as we think they are.. And, as we can reduce the load on the brain/ nervous system (toxins, low grade diseases, etc.) the more the brain frees up. As the brain frees up, the less we are reactive, less resistant and more open to flow (which is actually how the world works :). I feel like I experienced this with my 30-day MMS experience!

I am getting ready to start another month and bump to two drops.. maybe take a month off and then continue with three drops and more.. Maybe it is better to not stop.. Still learning.

I am looking for faster methods of advancing consciousness and I believe MMS is very effective at reducing the pathogen load on the brain and system such that “we” get a break and begin to relax a bit.. As we move out of resistance and reaction, the world opens up to us. And then it gets better than that!

I think it is fair to call MMS a Sacrament
PS The Genesis Church and Jim Humble call it a Sacrament and I think they are on to something.
Please read April 2018


Jim Hamilton
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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
–J.Hamilton                                nosce te ipsum
tat sannidhau vairatyagah

About J.Hamilton

* I set an alarm on my computer/phone for every hour I wish to take MMS and how many days I wish to do concurrently. I then set a snooze alarm for 5min. Every hour the alarm goes off, whether I am on the phone or whatever, I make my mix and about 30 seconds later I add my 6 oz of water. The snooze alarm reminds me if I forget to mix or forget to drink the mix. I will admit I drink more water this way as well.

The MMS was originally a gift from a friend in Maui. The MMS was several years old at the time and the activator was Citric Acid. In April 2018, I bought new set of bottles from the church here. (After clicking the Genesis Church Providers Button, I choose the first provider out of Bradenton Florida (#1 Genesis2Church Provider). They now use a different activator and I feel the experience was milder.. but of course, I had already done it once. I intend to do this on 6 month intervals, or more often as I continue to experience what this is all about..

While you should thoroughly study the Genesis Church website, if you want to begin now, begin here (book recommendation) and here with the protocol videos.

Good luck!


MMS Journal April 2018
Second Experience with MMS

I began on Monday April 16, 2018 trying a single drop of the new set of bottles and formula. I may have done it two times to start. Noticed the slightest fog in my brain after first dose but nothing else. The second day, I started taking one drop doses but did so inconsistently as a settled into a pattern.

I began in earnest on Wed and did approximately 8 doses (8am to 4pm) and felt fine. Maybe I noticed a sense of the MMS in my system but basically very smooth experience with no difficulty (at all). I considered moving to two drops per dose but decided to move up slowly.  Note: I am fasting but don’t indentify when I started fasting

Note: I have the new MMS with hydrochloric acid activator (instead of citric acid activator) and feel the product is not as intense or not as heavy duty as the earlier dosages. They say the citrus activator was not the best and now they use 4 percent hydrochloric acid as the activator. I am having a milder taste experience.

Thursday I did probably 9 doses of one drop. Nothing particular to report other than starting to feel more clear and more solid in my body

Friday morning prior to my first dose at 8am:

I feel particularly clear (especially after last night’s bolognaise, salad, wine and weed). My mind seems very clear and my sight as well. Also, I have no pain in my body; I think my thumbs (arthritis type pain) may be less. I am rebounding now (as much as twice a day for at least ten min) and moved a bunch of heavy boxes (engineered wood flooring) and have no after effects from the lifting – at all.

I have been treating a wart with apple cider vinegar and reduced it to minimal.. but it is still there. It seems to be diminishing on two full days of MMS

My leg (pretty serious edema) is starting to get better and while we are doing quite a few things, I think the MMS is the overriding factor for improvement.

I will continue on one drop for today and see how it goes. Very pleased about getting started. Alexis is taking a drink from my half-glass dosage every hour but has done only several.. but getting started.

Saturday April 21, 2018

I am feeling better and more clear. I am feeling happy inside. Alexis is moving from “I can’t” to “I can” in part thanks to Dr Rev Dave. I am feeling more love and appreciation.. Feeling happy! This morning when I peed, no sense of prostate limitations. Sometimes when I pee in the morning, I sense not all is coming out but I do not have a classic issue of not emptying my bladder; just sometimes a sense of slight restriction.

Saturday at 8am I began two drops. Alexis is taking a drink of my dose each day, not every hour but moving toward being consistent. She will continue as I bump to two drops an hour. I am working toward 3 drops per hour but no hurry to get to 3 drops

Thursday April 26, 2018

Still having problems with my leg but feel it is getting better. I am fasting and decided to bump to three drops (today). I am concerned about the fast and not being strong enough (for both) with the upped dose to 3 drops.. Three drops is fine and generally feels good.  Big erection this morning.. Haven’t seen one in the morning in a while.. Very impressed with Bishop Mark at Genesis explaining it takes about a week for MMS to work its way to the problem.. Cleans as it goes and takes a bit of time to address what you wish to work on because it cleans what it finds as it works to the destination..

I stopped taking notes because I forgot about them 🙂

June 11, 2018.. just to update the above. I stopped using MMS on May 17, 2018, the same day we drove to Scottsdale to see Dr. Bartels. Dr. Bartels is a top-notch hormone replacement doctor in Scottsdale. Part of our meeting was to ascertain the latest on my testosterone replacement therapy for which we decided to discontinue because my numbers weren’t going up—at all. This began in Jan of 2017 with initial blood tests and a baseline, and then starting testosterone replacement therapy in April or so.

But what was so interesting about the May 17th meeting was that my erections which had been falling off for about the last two years were almost entirely intact, i.e., even though the hormone replacement therapy was showing nothing. I believe my erections are a tentative measure of my overall vitality which I believe to be very high. I told him that I was at about 90 percent of normal and that I absolutely attributed it to MMS. Reproductive health is a hugh measure of overall health according to a friend and New Zealand organic dairy farmer from years ago 🙂

My most recent blood test for the May 17th Dr. meeting showed very good prostate health which I assumed to be part of the MMS use though there was no serious issues ever indicated. I am requesting a copy of all of my blood tests to see what the prostate numbers have been since Jan 2017. I definitely think my prostate is better.

I stopped on May 17th because I was feeling like I had taken enough MMS. It felt like the taste in the water was starting to be a match for how much I had in my system. I felt like I was saturated for the time being.

I intend to begin again in the very near future.. And, I have a target to eradicate Epstein-Barr virus and anything like that. Please reference Medical Medium, Anthony William, etc.

MMS Journal December 18, 2019
Third Experience with MMS

I have been feeling in overload for awhile. I have circles under my eyes and I am tired 🙂 Came back from Mexico with tourista but actually picked it up in the airport on our way out of the country. I believe it was a food handling issue rather than typical tourista. I have also been dealing with a lot of emotional stress that’s hit me really hard.

First thing I need to do this time around is ascertain the right dosage. I went to this video and while Mark talks around the subject, clearly it is one drop of MMS and one drop of Activator.. I will start with one drop and maybe for the first day, do it three or four times.. But I am familiar with it, etc.. Reference Genesis Church videos

I will let you know as I discover “what’s what” this time around. PS I have had great experiences with MMS. It is too bad there is so much bad press/hysteria from the press… but seems that’s what they do.. cater to emotion and sensationalism.. By the way, while I have been a fan of Google, I’ve found that Google suppresses any mention of MMS. Really disappointing. You have to go to an alternative search engine to learn about MMS. Try or for better information..

Useful Note: Squeeze the bottle (upright) to push some air out of the bottle before you squeeze the drop into the glass. You don’t want to squeeze more than one drop of either the MMS or Activator, so if you squeeze the bottle first, deliver your drop and when you release your “squeeze” the vacuum in the bottle sucks in the likelihood of an extra drop accidently getting into the glass.. Hope that makes sense 🙂

December 19, 2019

In review of yesterday, I believe I had a massive shift in clarity and sense of self in one day! I did not start slowly but instead did probably seven sessions of one drop each! Several times I felt a tiny bit weezy but it was gone in ten minutes and didn’t interfere with my thought processes. I started at 9:30, next was at 11am to move to top of the hour, I then did noon and missed 1pm but did 2pm – 5pm. By that evening, I was feeling clear, my eyes felt clear and I felt I had a load off! I woke up in the middle of the night and felt “clear.” Needless to say, this is an excellent start to what I believe will be a re-enactment of past experiences except I am moving much faster. It is 9am and I have done MMS twice. I do feel it in my brain just a bit but feel clear. Be forewarned.. do not start as I have done. Start much slower unless you know what you are doing. PS Inflammation had really flared up in the last number of months. I am a bit early to suggest there has been a reduction but I think this is the case even at this early juncture. It feels like I have more processing power. Also, my eyesight is far more clear!

Useful Note: I added alarms to my Android phone that go off each hour with a one minute snooze. I set my alarms for each hour beginning at 8am through 6pm seven days a week though I might nor might not do seven days in a row. I also added another alarm at 8:02, 9:02, etc.. to make sure I started and finish making my mix. Sometimes, I start the mix and forget to finish it. It is very easy to make the drops and sitting at my desk, forget to add the water or forget to drink the MMS water.. So make sure you snooze your alarms until you finish your drops. I use the same glass and drink about 12 oz of water each time :).

December 20, 2019

I feel like I am sleeping better. But most importantly, I feel clear or clearer. I am coming off carrying a huge unexpected load and I have overloaded my system every way possible. I feel like my eyesight is clear and my mind is clear.. My eyes are still tired but I think I am coming back. I do have a bit of a buzz in my brain after a dose but I am on my third day and hitting it hard.. i.e., one drop an hour.. Yesterday, I did possibly 9 drops. I did not miss a dose. I have had very good experiences with this in the past and expect to go for 30 days..  We will see 🙂

December 21, 2019

I am sleeping better (going back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night) and notice almost no inflammation pain in the middle of the night. I ate a big dinner last night at a fancy Italian restaurant. Dinner included pasta, beer and ice cream. I realized afterward I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing with my MMS protocols.. While I feel completely fine, I wonder if I started a bit strong with seven drops the first day and 9 the 2nd day.. On the 20th I missed several sessions and stopped early because of appointments and an early dinner reservation. I think I will do a few less hourly sessions and more importantly, drink more water throughout the day. I assume a flushing action is quite important and while I am drinking 10-12oz each hour, I wonder if I might drink more water.. Anthony William says to start off morning with lots of water to flush organs, etc.. So, I will back off just a bit.. After all, I am going for 30 day cleanse.. I have had no negative backlash from what I have done but want to make sure I am drinking plenty of water and flushing my system properly. Maybe I am, and maybe I am not. 🙂 I will also add rebounding to the mix.

December 27, 2o19

I’ve taken a few days off/reduced my usage during Christmas as I give my body a bit of a break. I started off pretty heavy (one drop 8hrs a day for a while) and I am working my way back to a steady single drop dosage.. I do feel more clear and though I cannot find a better word than booger, my nose is clear of morning dried mucus which is big for me. I used to have to get up in the middle of the night to blow my nose, partly because the furnace runs (very dry air) but also to help me sleep better with my mouth closed.. I now wake up with a clear sinus.. I find that very interesting. My memory/ recall seems better but I tend to associate that with CORE Resonance of which I am doing quite a bit.. I am going to start back up after hitting it hard to knock down a first line of pathogens and let that flush and maybe on Monday move to two drops.. I will also research making sure two drops is a good idea.. Review here or here or here or here

I also have a type of skin cancer on my collar bone (quarter size) that has been biopsied.. It has to be removed and we started out with a prescription drug but I don’t like it so I stopped after a few days. I think it is overloaded my liver, etc.. The other option is to cut it out/ scrape it off and I have an appt on Jan 13.. I noticed this evening though, that about half of it has faded out! For me, I think hitting it hard with drops and then backing off and then hitting it harder as the body flushes the last bout of MMS might have merit. I will be watching my skin at my collar bone. Thanks for reading.. and I hope to be of help to those with interest. PS Search engine that helps find MMS info

January 07, 2020

Gee, it’s been a long time since I updated my MMS experience.. I have been chugging along on two drops an hour and don’t seem to have documented when I started back up unless I started 2 drops on Dec 30 per the above notes. I suspect I did start two drops then.. The holidays were a bit topsy-turvy with the regularity of drops but for example, yesterday I did two drops per hour until about 5pm or 6pm my last dose. Same for earlier days but as I got closer to the 1st of Jan I was probably a bit more off my target.

What I notice (and I am under a great deal of stress per relationship difficulties) is my sinuses are clear. I used to wake up or even have to blow my nose in the middle of the night because of “dried mucus” in my nose but that is almost completely non-existent. And, the furnace runs this time of year so the air is quite dry. As I inhale through my nose, my breathing passages are quite clear! Also, and what finally caused me to catch up on my notes, is the left side of my face has some “bumps” that are diminishing. Cosmetic little bumps are fading.. I noticed last time I did MMS the right side of my face seems to clear up and has always been a bit clearer than the left side. I am not talking about red spots or pimples but more like almost scar tissue or skin distortions just under the skin.. Maybe they are places where toxins attempt to leave the skin and get caught up and surrounded by some other skin layers.. They are not bad but not a clear complexion.. and they are fading.

I also noticed my poop has changed colors to a lighter brown. I am still eating BBQ a bit and high quality burgers a bit but I am also doing Anthony William’ celery juice in the morning.. Overall, I think my body is cleanings and while I might be drinking more water to flush, I am drinking about 12oz each time I do MMS. My partner thought I said my poop was yellow and that’s bad but it’s not yellow. It looks more like my body is cleansing and producing a better stool.

Overall, I feel great other than the amount of times I have to do the drops and the number of times I have to pee during the day!

One more remark. I have considered substituting bleach for MMS drops just to see what the difference is. Clearly Chlorine Dioxide and bleach are far different.. And, it is not very appealing but I may try it some day.. It is disappointing for the press and public opinion to go on about MMS being bleach but that’s how the world works/ doesn’t work. Please reference from Jim Humble’s book:

Chlorine Dioxide is  NaClO2 (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 2 oxygen atoms).
Bleach is                     NaClO, (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 1 oxygen atom)
Detractors claim MMS (24 percent solution of Chlorine Dioxide in water) is the same as bleach.
Molecularly they are as different as night and day.

Thanks for your interest!

Excerpted from:
Longevity, High Hopes and Immortality (Some day)

MMS and Jim Humble
Another interesting insight revolves around another mechanism by which we can curtail disease and encourage healthy flora and fauna (healthy bugs) in our bodies is by a product called MMS. And while MMS has been pooh-poohed by the naysayers and the “establishment,” approximately 20 million people in third world countries will say differently. Developed by a retired NASA engineer mining gold in the bowels of South America, his entire crew came down with malaria with no access to outside help. With no other choice, they became guinea pigs and used water purification tablets they had access to and cured themselves!

Jim Humble then went on to research how they recovered from malaria, a disease caused by a mosquito bite that delivers high fever, chills, and flulike symptoms that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Jim Humble discovered the main ingredient in the water purification tablets they used is Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is made from normal table salt with oxygen atoms added to create NaClO2 (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 2 oxygen atoms). Detractors claim MMS (24 percent solution of Chlorine Dioxide in water) is the same as bleach NaClO, (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 1 oxygen atom) but molecularly they are as different as night and day.

To quote from Jim Humble’s latest book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (HRG)_edition-1_October-2016:

“..chlorine dioxide has been used extensively to purify water, to sanitize hospital floors, to disinfect slaughter houses, and to purify vegetables, along with hundreds of other uses. More than any other single mineral/chemical, chlorine dioxide through these and other means has improved the health and lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide and still no deaths or permanent injuries have been recorded caused by the use of chlorine dioxide in 100 years.  This also includes the many millions of people who have taken MMS orally for the purpose of health restoration.”

Jim Humble’s findings have not found ready acceptance by the medical establishment or the FDA to name a few. It seems that upsetting the apple cart is first ridiculed, then violently opposed, and finally accepted as being self-evident” (credit Arthur Schopenhauer). Jim Humble had to create a church environment to protect his work which actually is where his work should be cataloged anyway. After all, the concept of the church is to minister to the needs of human beings. Corporations/artificial entities do not seem to understand the importance of the needs of human beings, instead being literally motivated by profit.

What I have discovered after using MMS several times for one month each time is a distinct sense of well being and arising happiness. My girlfriend states that the aging around my face diminishes and that I look younger. I kept a journal of my experiences and would be happy to share them [link]. Otherwise, you can peruse and for additional information. I’ve ordered from this church twice in Bradenton, Florida with quick shipping, proper pricing, etc. I’ve recently discovered an excellent a one-hour documentary here or here. I particularly recommend Jim Humble’s latest book MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

It is my belief that MMS dramatically reduces the “pathogen load” on the body and similar to computer resources becoming available, our life force lifts up!

As we move farther into the 21st century, the differences between what we have been doing and what we should be doing becomes increasingly apparent. Clearly the food industry is producing more and more dead and junk foods; the pharmaceutical industry is beyond imaginable, and the toxins and poisons in our system are beyond measure because we don’t yet take them seriously. For some reason, humanity is not solving its problems as a species. Mostly, we are growing at an ever-increasing rate driven by corporate leadership which is driven by profits. We are destroying what little we have left from the inside out as well as the outside in.

As an aside, corporations have no nervous system and thus are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong in the first place!

Reference the entire article here

And, reference Empowered By Corona for which MMS/ Chlorine Dioxide plays a huge part. MMS/ Chlorine Dioxide absolutely kills corona virus.