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Welcome to the Summer Newsletter

by J.Hamilton and CORE Resonance. This issue includes:

•  States of Being As Feeling (latest article)

•  The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine!  (introduction)

•  ♥♥ The New 508 Communities ♥♥ (private membership organizations) ♥♥

•  Livestream Podcast Intro (Resonance Matters)

•  Coaching, Consulting & Resets by J.Hamilton

•  The Dalai Lama’s Morning Prayer (from 700AD)

•  CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance (free download)

States of Being as Feeling!

–© 2022 J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com  By J.Hamilton   

Our internal states might be considered our internal compass or internal scoring mechanism for our perceptions and comforts with the outside world. Our states are a product of how we feel internally as well as our sense of satisfaction with the outside world. Further, our states are initially a product of our belief systems which are a product of the mind and what we know to be so, accurate or not.

As we attain higher states of consciousness, i.e., higher states of awareness and capacities to perceive, we find our states leaves the domain of the mind and become a reflection of the quality of our connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, our Maker, God, etc. It is in our connection with God that, for example, our truest states of happiness, flow and harmony become evident in our lives.

States of joy, elation and even gratitude as feeling become an important cog in our understandings of the mysteries of consciousness and our connection with Source.

Accordingly, our truest states are a product of the quality of our connection with Source. These states are also indicative of our personal power and capacity for personal performance. As we enable this connection; as we become blended with this Connection, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world, and the world, a much better place.

These higher states are a product of refining our inner nature (i) by learning how to let go and let God, if you will. These states are a product of nonresistance and allowing, and always sans the mind—which of course is what CORE Resonance is all about!

According to CORE Resonance, mind, time and resistance are synonymous (ii), and as we move out of resistance/ move away from the limits of the mind, consciousness simply rises. Moving beyond the mind is how octaves of refined consciousness become available for our benefit and the benefit of others. Our body, the center of which is our nervous system always sensing out and receiving back (not so different from a living antenna system), becomes resonant with our inner states (iii) as we continue to refine, let go and move up the consciousness ladder.

It is in these refined states of consciousness that life truly become magnificent, rich beyond measure, and truly worth living. We become exponentially contributive as we set our sights to higher qualities of outcome by letting go and blending more and more with Source.

Our states as feeling tells us how we are doing!


Introducing The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™
..and Connection to the Divine!

Actually I am re-introducing The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine! Originally it was developed at about the time I finished my first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times. It’s what drove all of what became visionariesLab, CORE Resonance, the three physicists I’ve worked with, five books and 180 articles about consciousness, and so many other opportunities and adventures beyond my high school education. Plugging into the Cosmos pays the biggest dividends!

The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine! is all about working with the mind and a new type of affirmation called Soaring Affirmations™ designed to repopulate the subconscious mind with a new quality of thoughts and beliefs about the world around us and our connection to it. Learning how to use the mind to best advantage can bring startling results!

This course is equally for those strapped for cash as for someone with two Mercedes Benz in the garage! True prosperity is about the quality of our connection with Source for which our world unfolds in the most marvelous manner—regardless of one’s wallet! In fact, there are many things a wallet simply cannot do..

Can you imagine studying a course of material that delivers statements found within the core of your being that sound like:

Insight: I am beginning to feel the wealth of these words. I know that my supply does not come from outside of me. Clearly it comes from within me; it comes from my intact connection with Innate Intelligence, expressed within these pages as God. I am an expression of God and only God.

For me to attempt to take what I want in deference to my true supply makes no sense. I recognize that I am an expression of the Innate, and being so, I am an extension of that which is true, good and full of life, wisdom and abundance. All of my needs are met because there can be no other way..

I look forward to the full expression of the power and glory of what is true expressing through me.. My every need is fully satisfied with abundance and surplus. My life overflows with happiness, gratitude and life affirming incoming flow and wealth. I love my life and my life loves me. ​​​​​​​



Insight:  I feel the flow beginning to lift my life to new heights of expression for which abundance is an outlet of my possibilities. My God is inside of me expressing as me for which, in my alignment with what is true, I find my comfort and ease and my life’s purpose.  

My comfort comes from doing a good job for which the Universe bends and delivers everything I need to continue to be a vessel of Innate Intelligence expressing itself through me.  

My life is one of matching the expressing of the Universe in all of its radiant outpouring of love, acceptance and wholeness.  As I express in wholeness, wholeness expresses in me.  

I am Wholeness.  

Note: The above Insights are not lessons, but the results of lessons found deep within our being. Soaring Affirmations™ are a way to let go in an ever-expanding, ever upward-spiraling outlook as a product of learning the lesson. After a period of time, the lessons and Soaring Affirmations™ become engrained into our lives and show up in our outer circumstances as magical happenstance, Synchronicity, Harmony & Order along with unbridled prosperity and abundance!

Even more interesting, The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ includes a 100-percent money back guarantee! If you do the lessons and you do not see $597 worth of results, your money will be cheerfully refunded! And, of course, we offer a weekly Zoom call for support and guidance!

Notice: You have to actually do the lessons to take advantage of the 100-percent money back guarantee! 🙂

I originally developed and first did The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ in 2004-2005 in 103 days. Somehow, I picked it up again in 2008, I did it again in 2011 and again in 2016 in an inadvertent “synchronistic flow!” Now I am dusting The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ off again, doing it myself (today I am on Lesson 018) and revising it upward yet again to share with you.

Note: I am still speculating how much The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ can deliver—possibly the equivalent of a first year of CORE Resonance Training™?

Contact me if you have questions or wish to learn more

The New 508 Communities

There is a new type of community naturally beginning to form. The community is formed by you and me and others who want to step into their power around certain commonalities. Humans are gathering to better take care of themselves, their families, their children’s children and their friends and neighbors—and what surrounds us including our local governments, and particularly our environment.

We are beginning to gather based on what makes sense for us from a spiritual, moral, ethical and accountability sense-of-purpose. We also have a strong sense of the importance of peace “from sea to shining sea.”

In a manner of speaking, we are becoming our brother’s keeper and doing so from the commonality of our grounded spiritual nature expressing in an exponential manner.

Humans have always gathered, whether for protection from saber tooth tigers and the cold, or creating economic agreements around mechanisms of exchange, to protecting ourselves from marauders who say what is yours should be theirs. America has always been a leader of what’s next but it seems humans in general, and certainly some of us first, are starting to think more about self-sufficiency and choosing friends and neighbors who think/ feel similarly to strengthen, foster and support our beliefs and vision about what’s important to each of us(1).

Whether we understand it or not, we are drawn to seek coherent relationships, coherent neighbors and a lifestyle of peaceful loving expression that delivers coherent outcomes.

After all, as times get more perilous, the contrast gets stronger and our choices get clearer.

Communities as a private membership is a bigger possibility than most might think. After all, we are all members of something even if it is just our alma mater or the PTA. We are members of families, churches, unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, Social Security and Medicare, credit reporting agencies(!), frequent flyer programs and all sorts of other organizations generally via “an account number” that ends up exuding some sort of control or authority over us. After all, we are residents of the State and United States citizens even if we assume we understand what these memberships mean and how they influence our lives.

All of these memberships are inadvertent communities.

Membership has its privileges but membership has its downside.
Usually, we become members of organizations for which we then become regulated as a whole. Have you ever seen “Policy Updates” that regularly come to your email at it relates to PayPal, Google, Facebook, YouTube, online banking, or other organizations? The rules of our group memberships are constantly being updated and we don’t think anything about it! After all, who reads the fine print though most organizations we belong to have fine print.

Sometimes the “fine print” is brazen and abusedly right under our noses—though we seem to ignore the reality of it and continue on, grumbling along the way.

Truly we have been assembled, halved and quartered, not so different from cattle with a tag in our ear(2) and generally treated all the same rather than based on our individual strengths and truest nature. Some organizations including corporations, sports or the military allow individuals to excel but they are still in a membership organization (with varying levels of perks) and all membership organizations, especially those of corporations or government loom large over us. It is as if we have been assembled and our characteristics and strengths and weaknesses, not to mention our wallets, are categorized and prodded and pushed and pulled, but usually we are not leaders. We are led..

Private Membership Organizations
When we create private membership organizations, suddenly things change. Generally, PMOs are groups who choose to gather together for a commonality, support and a common vision. Generally, a PMO has a board of governors or a membership board that is chosen from the group as its government. And generally, the board is elected by the group members. The short coming of a PMO is that while they are technically protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, their protections are somewhat vague.

Because we now understand we are members of organizations/ jurisdictions, most of which are not designed in our favor, it behooves us to look at private church membership organizations (CMOs). Why? The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution is as precise as American law can be. The 1st Amendment is very specific about how the gov, one of the largest fomenters of, dare I say, forced membership and coerced community and authoritarian jurisdictions, must remain hands off as it pertains to the formation and use of private church membership organizations established by human beings. 


Livestream Broadcasting is coming Soon!

Resonance Matters™ has been running privately for years and it is time to “come on out” and livestream what’s happening! I will be covering relatively simple concepts as well are more complex thoughts and modalities. There is so much new and interesting on the cusp of consciousness to discuss and I welcome you to the mix.

Not quite sure of the format other than I expect to have a “shorter series” and longer formats.. I expect to have guests and I expect to field questions. Consciousness is a’comin’ and its time we put it on the front burner! I look forward to announcing my schedule and hearing from you!

 Coaching, Consulting & Resets by J.Hamilton

    • Long term strategies, game plans, resets and specific objectives aligned with business, negotiations, pleasure, relationships, spiritual endeavors, meditation, etc.
    • Immediate issues, concerns and healing with a solutions-orientation that knows no bounds
    • The evaluating and re-establishment of patterns and habits that produce our outcomes, and
    • Anti-aging Strategies, i.e., evaluating and upgrading unconsciously held patterns and habits to better serve our chosen trajectories!

After all, some of us might like to live a very long time and die when we choose. (Some may even want to see how all of this turns out 🙂

Contact Rev. James Hamilton

 The Dalai Lama’s Morning Prayer

This prayer was written by Shantideva, a Buddhist monk of the Mahayana tradition who lived around 700 AD. He was a devoted practitioner who authored the Bodhicaryavatara or Bodhisattva Way of Life.

It is said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama considers this text to be THE source for developing altruism in your character and the “Spirit of Awakening.” It is also said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama recites this prayer every morning as part of his waking rituals.

Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity

“May I be a guard for those who need protection
A guide for those on the path
A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood
May I be a lamp in the darkness
A resting place for the weary
A healing medicine for all who are sick
A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings
May I bring sustenance and awakening
Enduring like the earth and sky
Until all beings are freed from sorrow
And all are awakened.”

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