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By J.Hamilton

There is a ladder_2place of no boundaries; of no hold backs and no limits. There is a place beyond the mind; a place that might be called a frontier. To begin, the mind can only grasp the merest beginnings of the experience and it is in the letting go of the mind that truest optimism becomes available. Ultimately, relentless optimism is far beyond the mind…

and borders on shared space with the Cosmos.

Humanity is an interesting lot. We have everything at our fingertips (at the end of our senses) but we huddle in the dark, afraid of what we do not understand, reactionary to even what we do know, and basically afraid of our own shadows. We live in a bubble of our past experiences and we are wont to adventure forward but at a minimum of expressing: a minimal of courage and forthrightness.

As a species, we’ve gone forward into this experience called life in a very rough-shod way and so far, mostly destroyed everything in our path. We reject anything we do not understand; we reject anything that we are not able to embrace, and we destroy anything not the same as ourselves at a dizzying pace—to this very day.

Does that sound like being made “in His image” as referenced in the Bible?
I don’t think so.

This is a dimension of contrasts; a dimension of trying things out, of polarities and rights and wrongs, of ups and downs, highs and lows, and of learning from the biggest teacher of them all: contrast. I remember growing up as a young kid—the first 20+ years of my life, trying all of the options, hitting all of the buttons, and making all of the mistakes until I finally settled on what worked for me..

defining and exploring my world
(Kind of like a blind man with few hints other than my own slowly gathered experiences).

scanCafe1_reducedI am self-taught in everything that is of interest to me. I owned a 40-ft sailboat when I was 26. I never took a lesson. I am self-taught in law. Never took a class. I am a writer and author and explorer of life and never took a lesson beyond learning how to type in high school…

because instead—life is the lesson!

Life is the classroom; life surrounding us is the chalkboard and our homework. Life is the teacher and the playground and the grading system. Life is how we learn, especially if we want to learn something useful; something of value.

It’s as simple as understanding cause and effect, otherwise known as Law of Attraction
for which the part resistance plays in our reality creating is the biggest hint of all.

I started out with The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches by Joe Karbo in 1973 and discovered harnessing the sub-conscious mind very early on. I discovered my mind was the interface between what I had and what I wanted. I discovered that I could have what I wanted but also range about on this planet exploring the many options that were available to me. And it was the in the contrasts, the trial and error processings that fueled my learning as I set and achieved my goals.

It was “the school of life” that offered far more advantage than any university, course of study or other learning mechanism forwarded/retold/resold by the mind of man.

When I moved off my boat and became land-bound again at the age of 34, I lived in an upstairs garage apartment overlooking the New River in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Having lived on my 40ft boat for the past 3 years full time (eight years total), I could only use several of the rooms in my upstairs apt, i.e., the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and screened porch.

And it was in that first summer of living on land; time sppalm trees1ent on that screened porch, that I recognized that the trees seasonally twisted to follow the arch of the sun!

It was something to behold; watching the tall palms stretch and arch and travel with the sun over a period of a year. Watching this..

I once stated “one could learn everything of importance in two years contemplating a tree.”

Yes, the trees are alive and expressing relentless optimism because trees are fed by something that is true. The trees know their Maker; the trees know of where their sustenance lies, and the trees are happy. They have no need of resistance, they have no need of made-up stories about life; instead they are living life fully present.

They are eternally optimistic because they are plugged into something bigger—something that is entirely true…

Relentless optimism is the experience of being carried by life rather than trying to wing it on your own, or expecting to learn from the experience of others. One cannot experience true optimism as a product of someone else’s teachings. True optimism is something you become, as part of your connection with your Maker; something your Maker delivers to you.

Basking within the folds of life; life carrying you forward is to experience relentless optimism, because when you are carried by life, life delivers something bigger than you could ever manufacture on your own…

for which efforting and resistance is left far, far, far behind.

For one to become a leader in this day in time, the time of crooks parading at the highest level of politics, one has to plug into something bigger. One has to shed what they were taught, and instead move into a mode of learning from the hints of Nature; of hints of wholeness and synchronicity and order.

It is in partnership with Nature, your Maker, Innate Intelligence, Source, Universal Mind, Truth, the Divine, the Cosmos, or God that we get our truest hints and insights. And in doing so, we become leaders of first ourselves and then maybe if we are lucky, leaders of others.

Curiously, becoming a leader has exponential ramifications. Becoming a leader means accepting the order that is bigger than you, allowing it to express through you as the leading component in your life and then exuding into the world of mankind—for mankind. And, it is in becoming true to your nature and the bigger nature that all of life belongs,

that we truly set ourselves into this world as a contributor of things to come.

As the humans become true to themselves, they become true to this larger picture of life. As we become true to this larger picture, we become true to each other. We resonate a frequency that is far beyond the mind of man huddled in the dark, afraid of its shadow, reactionary to life and wishing for more.

In partnership with something larger than ourselves, we become the leaders of not only ourselves, but the leaders of others…

In the mode of relentless optimism, there is nothing we cannot do, experience, reach, teach, have or touch. In relentless optimism, we become whole. In wholeness, we become true leaders.

As true leaders, we become usefully influential..

which happens to be a very good use of our time.

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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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It’s also how you win the game of life

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