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J.Hamilton points out that humans seem to be the only dysfunctional species on this planet; a planet that is otherwise quite orderly. It seems humans are out of their natural state of connection with Source along with the guidance that the rest of life on this planet naturally abides by. And seemingly, humans are dysfunctional to the point they are about to overwhelm our one and only planet with incredibly destructive patterns and habits.

CORE Resonance is a mechanism by which we can rapidly quiet/ refine the nervous system through the use of neurofeedback to re-enable our natural state of connection with Source. By quieting the human nervous system, not so different from a “living antenna system,” we become enabled of access to Innate Guidance which allows us to become exponentially contributive to a planet in need of a few good ideas.

Clearly, 51 percent of the vote or 76 percent of the vote is not the answer with so much hate, dissonance and polarity in the world right now. By grounding coherence into the realm of humankind we become enabled of a mechanism to exponentially quell distortion and dissonance for which peace naturally fills that space. The Maharishi Effect has demonstrated this exact phenomenon for 30 years.

Coherence dissipates disorder. In the simplest of examples, there was an experiment in the mid 1980’s with several 7-Eleven convenience stores that played classical music in and around their storefronts to dissipate loiterers. This principle is now in use and been repeated numerous times. Individuals who are uncomfortable with coherent music choose to instead gather in environments that are more conducive to their state of mind. [Reference: https://tinyurl.com/vbd7zs2]

Coherence dissispates disorder in a more scientific representation.

Colonies™ composed of six individuals, use proprietary neurofeedback to rapidly quiet their nervous systems and enable their subtle connection with Source. As this occurs, the individuals not only achieve all new levels of personal performance, i.e., all new levels of synchronicity, harmony and order in their lives but become mechanisms by which Innate Intelligence expresses through them with no distortion—delivering an incredible personal experience along with a service to the planet that has no bounds!

Grounding coherence into the realm of humankind through Colonies™ gives those interested in making the world a better place far more sophisticated tools for doing so. Colonies™ become not so different from churches in that their focus becomes to ground the frequency of god into the realm of humankind through each their refined “living antenna systems”– not so different from the results of a lifetime of meditation.

As an added bonus, Colonies™ have access to the same protections and freedoms of traditional churches but operate in a far purer form.

Humans interested in the solution to the ills of humankind intentionally partnering with Innate Intelligence become exponentially contributive by becoming hosts for grounding coherence into the realm of humankind for which they get the ride of a lifetime!

Coherence dissipates disorder!
It is a very good use of one’s time.


Introducing CORE Resonance Colonies™

CORE Resonance revolves around using neurofeedback to quiet the human nervous system so that we can enable our natural state of connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, the Cosmos, etc. And in so doing, access the Guidance that everything else on and off this planet abides by. After all, a forest doesn’t just “grow;” it is plugged into Nature and Nature’s guidance along with the support of multiple additional ecosystems synchronistically generating a vast coherent living system.

Human beings are the only dysfunctional component of life on a planet that is otherwise entirely coherent. It seems humans have lost access to their natural state of connection with Source and are accordingly, quite dysfunctional.

CORE Resonance has discovered how to use neurofeedback to cause the brain to discover itself through the hardware/ software and “clean itself up” itself (no programming whatsoever). Instead of a guy with a lab coat and a clipboard (and possibly too much coffee, a big lunch or argument at home, or restraining orders as I have personally witnessed), we let the brain clean itself up, itself! In so doing, the brain as the largest part of the nervous system quiets down and our subtle connections with Source begins to become evident.

As we build on this connection, Innate Intelligence becomes available to us as Guidance and Guidance delivers us to Order.

Another way to say it is as we quiet the nervous system; as we enable our natural state of connection with Source, the mind naturally “relaxes” its defensive posturing and allows this connection to be fully enabled. I find the mind to be little more than a survival mechanism/ guard dog for a brain on massive overload attempting to process the world on its own for which the brain is immensely incapable. As we quiet the brain and the mind, Presence naturally becomes available. In Presence, Guidance naturally shows up and Guidance “guides” us to Order.

As we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles;
As we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.
As we access Presence, there are no mud puddles.

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, first published in Power Vs Force (1985), the Map clearly indicates that as resistance and rigidity go down, consciousness goes up. Consciousness has an inverse relationship with resistance. As we become more conscious/ less resistant, we become increasingly exponentially contributive because we (sans resistance) naturally blend with the frequency of god which delivers results “through us” far beyond what we could ever deliver on our own–not so different from the rest of life on this planet.

According to Hawkins, one person on the Map at 700, identified as the beginning stages of enlightenment, counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200. One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200 and one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 below 200, etc.

A Colony™ is defined as six people sharing the ownership of the neurofeedback equipment to rapidly quiet their nervous systems, enable their natural state of connection, and become exponentially contributive. The ready potential of a Colony™ is groups of six rapidly heading toward 700 on the Map of Consciousness grounding coherence into the realm of humankind as they climb the Map leaving a trail for others to follow.

The exponential implications are huge. [Reference: The Promise]

According to the Maharishi Effect, when one percent of a population is meditating in a locale, they influence that locale. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi hosted numerous demonstrations over a 30-year period and in one demonstration in Washington DC (1993), crime fell 23.3 percent over a seven week period. Unofficially, automobile accidents dropped the same amount. When 4,000 experienced meditators gathered, moved out of their minds and became empty while meditating, the frequency of God peeked out through 4,000 nervous systems and “coalesced as coherence.” Coherence dissipates distortion.

There was a paper written in 1922 by two Columbia University professors who looked at 400 years of prior history (back to 1400 or so) to discover that most important inventions, discoveries and processes were historically recorded as being discovered by multiple parties simultaneously and of course, completely unbeknownst to each other. This suggests that human beings are in fact “receivers” accessing information from the Cosmos through their connection with Source.

Inventors, discovers and other creative people have always used their subtle connection for hunches, intuitions and otherwise insights and creativity partnered with the Cosmos to deliver their work into the world.

Colonies™, as groups of six are set up to harness this phenomenon and do so exponentially. All six have ready access to the gear and generally use it in one place for which the host location gets a huge boost of coherence as a benefit. The term “Innate Intelligence sticking to the walls” was originally coined when this phenomenon was first observed in early 2009. The 1st Colony™ also identified this experience along with the experience of “surfing the coherence” generated by the 1st Colony.

Our 1st Colony™ trial ran for six months and produced a palpable amount of coherence that was plainly evident. The intention is to deliver Colonies™ into the world with an estimated goal of 1,350 Colonies™ over three years. Because of the subtle frequency generated by Colonies™, Colonies™ ground and become centers of new culture and community founded in peace, love and prosperity. Colonies™ generate and deliver a calming effect and subtle order over a broad geographical area.

Colonies™ are probably best established quietly, without fanfare and under the radar, so to speak.

Colonies™ can also be configured to be the foundation for any conscious organization or team. The key six people enabled of the use of the gear will rapidly move from gradients of resistance and reaction to coherence within, and then coherence as a group to far more effectively delivering their message and product. This would be similar to installing Innate Intelligence into an artificial entity/ group/ company to have virtually unlimited foundational wisdom and the mechanism of coherence at the core of their organization. Reference:  TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance.

Colonies™ are a good use of our time.


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