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Trump is becoming a very powerful figure. It will be interesting to see what he does with the influence he is accumulating. As President, or not, it is my hope he brings people together under one common vision to unite the American people.

Interviews (1)-182x180-9362I was giving a talk recently and Donald Trump came up. Trump has become famous for saying he wants to build a 30 foot high wall between Mexico and the US, and that he will “negotiate” with Mexico to pay for it. Of course, Mexico says never. Trump often makes shocking statements, generalizes and divides people based on ideology ethnicity, religious beliefs, economic strata, etc. He disparages minorities and women, and fights with just about anyone. He incites emotion among his listeners.

Trump, as the activist, might be just what we need, but he does not seem to bring the best out in people.

Trump seems to be a divider. Trump seems to bring out the ire in people to the point that his rallies are becoming violent. He tells people he will pay their legal fees if they start fights with protesters. Trump seems to condone violence and division. Apparently, anti-Trump forces are beginning to push back against Trump people at Trump rallies. All of this is in the name of ratings and a certain type of sensationalism/ shock-media popularity.

The question becomes: when you have a problem with your significant other or someone else close to you, how do you lead? By building walls or building bridges?

Of course this statement was made by the Pope recently in response to a remark by Trump, but the point is resistance only brings more resistance. Resistance, rigidity and density is what destroys relationships, maintains tensions and destroys one’s day (and often the next day and the next), and sometimes one’s whole life.

Resistance and tension keep us out of our Connection, and limits access to our inner dialogue and inner peace.

A few days ago, I left the house for an event only to discover I had forgotten my prescription glasses that normally sit on top of my head. And because I was on my way to a cocktail party, it is much smarter for me to be wearing my prescription lenses on my return trip home after dark. But in allowing vs reacting to the realization that I’d forgotten them for which I might have returned home making me late… instead I “allowed” and continued on my way. A few minutes later, it “popped” into my head that I had a spare pair of glasses in the trunk of my car along with my hiking gear.

The problem went away without reacting to it or even addressing it!  The solution to “the problem” was simply there all along. Amazing!

What I saw in this tiny example is that in resistance, or becoming flustered or irritated, I might have missed the subtle insight that allowed the answer to appear. In resistance, we miss the subtleties of life; the insights and what our inner dialogue is constantly conferring to us. In resistance, we become rigid and shut down, and as we go forward in conflict and reaction, and the quality of our reality creating suffers. In previous articles, we’ve talked about how insights “come to us;” how inventions and discoveries “come to us,” and how our cosmic Connection is something that “comes to us.”

And while this connection is quite subtle, resistance and reaction drowns it out.

I was talking about alternatives to resistance as a form of activism; I was talking about alternative solutions to the perils of mankind blindly going forward based on resistance, reactionary posturing and a bigger hammer. After all, humans riled up lose access to the insights that deliver peaceful resolutions.

The problem with fighting what’s wrong is it only brings more of the same. And when we discover that resistance is focus, do we recognize Law of Attraction is very alive and well in our lives.  Hint: Get people emotional and you can easily motivate and even manipulate crowds of people.

What I presented in my talk was an alternative to resistance and reaction. We know about The Maharishi Effect, a repeatable non-linear science phenomenon which, in one example, reduced violent crime 23.3 percent in Wash DC in 1993. Can you imagine 4000 meditators over a 7 week period becoming inwardly quiet (moving out of resistance/moving into allowing) and influencing a whole city?

Automobile accidents went down during the same period of time and gov approval numbers went up!

Holy Smokes!

We’ve talked about the principle behind The Map of Consciousness fostered by the esteemed Dr. David Hawkins indicating that the more conscious we are, i.e., the less resistant we are, the more Innate Intelligence expresses through us and influences the whole.

I coined the expression “coalescing coherence” as an understanding by which the more Innate Intelligence expresses through a group of intentionally coherent individuals, the more peace prevails..

Coherence dissipates dissonance

I’ve also touched on the paper titled “Are Inventions Inevitable?” written by two Columbia University professors in 1922 who discovered that likely most, if not all inventions, discoveries and processes are discovered by multiple parties simultaneously. In other words, humans are receivers and it appears that “inventions” are received by more than one party at a time. Humans create solutions “out of thin air,” i.e., generally solutions come to those “open” to receive/solve problems.

But good solutions don’t come to us in all of our “creativity and inventiveness” when we are in resistance and resentment.

We’ve even talked about America’s founding fathers undrestood this principle. After all, we have thoughts, insight and creativity that come from beyond our physical body. We receive insights, we act upon them and we manifest things that never before existed. Symphonies, bridges, art, architectural wonders and so many other inventions, discoveries and processes from that spark in mankind.

This is why humans are the most valuable resource on the planet. We create out of thin air!

TWP-3It turns out our founding fathers knew of this connection and identified “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as a key component of the Declaration of Independence.  And, while you may not be familiar with the definition of “pursuit of happiness,” it means “the exclusive ownership of something to the exclusion of all others.” This clause is the foundation of what made America great because it understood that we receive our thoughts; therefore they are our own. And, the extension of our thoughts, our labor, is ours alone, as well–even though most of us have sold out.

This is the foundation of what made the United States of America great..

And there are those who would keep the humans dis-empowered by inciting them to resistance and reaction and overload though that’s not what this article is about. Regardless, humans dis-empower themselves all well enough without any help.

The solution is to begin to train our nervous systems and minds to re-enable our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence (from whence we come). And in so doing, become enabled of our natural state of Connection such that resistance and reaction are no longer viable options. As we re-enable our natural state, the depths of life become identifiable and fills our lives like nothing else.

We learn to stand on our own two feet; in our power and truest strength.
We also acknowledge this truth in others.

CORE Resonance introduces a solutions-orientation that knows no bounds and a social experiment in rapidly advancing human evolution and human consciousness by rapidly refining our nervous systems such that the need for resistance and reactionary posturing become a thing of the past. Better said, as we refine our nervous system, our living antenna system, we invite that partnership with Innate Intelligence that so powerfully unfolds our truest nature.

By enabling a conscious reaching out to our Maker, do we, in partnership with Innate Intelligence, move forward individually and collectively–exponentially contributing to the awakening of mankind. It is a conscious, concerted effort, in partnership with each other and the Divine that we rapidly release the resistance of the masses…

and bring peace to a world in need of a few good ideas.

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reference: CORE Resonance Colonies™ | TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance

Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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