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Strategy is the foundation of anything. And strategy begins at a gut level. It begins with a knowing; it begins with a person (or team) becoming whole and then extending outward as branding, appearance and influence—not to mention winning.

To build the most effective strategy, one must begin at one’s center, at one’s foundation and even at one’s gut level of understanding.

Ultimately the better this is shared by, between and among parties working together, the more congruent the entire unfolding and outcome.

To become truly successfully, one must become internally congruent; one must be able to withstand/ sidestep the ego and rely on something more deeply held. And while some would say this begins with the heart, I would say one’s foundation is found at the level of the nervous system. CORE Resonance would say our nervous system is our center. Our nervous system includes the brain and our connection with the Cosmos.

In my opinion, the heart is more a metaphor for a refined nervous system resonating at a certain frequency.

A tuned nervous system is congruent, a tuned nervous is coherent, a tuned nervous system responds instead of reacts and a tuned nervous system accepts, allows and steps around (rather than through) mud puddles and other incidents. If you want to develop a strategy for young and old and upcoming, understand that one’s nervous system is one’s center. Everything then extends outward as the many types of performance…

and creates a foundation on which to build leaders and their brand—and their strategy.

With CORE Resonance we now have a more solid foundation with which to build leaders, to build “useful influence” and model leadership for others. To become whole internally/ inwardly and then exude outwardly is the mark of a true leader and the truest foundation for any strategy for going forward.

But most importantly, encouraging human beings to express their highest potential is the truest “game of all.”

And, whether it is on the playing field, in front of a microphone, remarks of encouragement while among friends, or how one treats others, this internal congruence expressing outward is how we become the most successful individual, create the most successful strategic partnership, engender the most successful team, and even generate a model for the most successful species on the planet…

…with the most internal peace, internal security and internal serenity imaginable.

The nervous system listens and senses outward. Similar to a moth’s antenna, or the nose of a cat with whiskers sensing, we receive information, initially at a very subtle level for which an onslaught of information eventually becomes available. As we come to understand the mechanism by which we receive information at a subtle level, we tune into what we want and sidestep what we don’t want.

This is not so different from intuition; and is, in fact, the same thing.

In 1922, two Columbia University professors wrote a paper entitled “Are Inventions Inevitable?” They discovered that inventions, discoveries and processes were discovered simultaneously by multiple parties based on an overview of the past 400 years of history. They discovered that multiple parties discovered sunspots, fractions, decimal points, telescopes, airplanes, steamboats, light bulbs, telephones, etc., in a virtually identical time frame!

What this study almost 100 years ago proved is that human beings are receivers. We receive information from the Cosmos (where everything is known or ever will be known) through our nervous system, similar to a living antenna system. It is living antennas systems that go down the field, navigate the job market and otherwise “survive” in the concrete jungle. It is nervous systems in coherence with the Cosmos and each other that we become our truest potential, express our highest aspirations and become our best leaders.

The more refined one’s capacity to subtly listen, sense and respond; the more congruent one is individually and as a team.

Once we recognize there is an overall order that everything on and off this planet shares for which we can learn to “listen in,” we will become more in sync with Nature and each other. As we become in sync with this Larger Order, we are now on our way to becoming whole individually and collectively..

We become influential, powerful, plugged in, and in sync with the larger picture.

We become usefully influential beyond measure.
And it shows up in a myriad of manners as leadership..


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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                          tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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–excerpted from The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies: for an enlightened world, Premise III: Fundamental Freedoms
by J.Hamilton

William F. Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas of Columbia University (1922) wrote “Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution.”

Their research suggests that a significant portion of the discoveries and inventions of humanity were made simultaneously – unbeknownst to each other! They documented 148 significant inventions and discoveries of the past several hundred years that were made independently but concurrently, to the point that

concurrent inventions, discoveries and processes seem to be the rule rather than the exception.

By way of further example, Robert K Merton (1960), a preeminent sociologist from Columbia University states:

“the pattern of independent multiple discoveries in science is in principle the dominant pattern, rather than a subsidiary one,”

and Mark L Lemley, Stanford School of Law, (2011) states:

“90-98% of patent lawsuits are filed against independent inventors and not copiers.”*

And in a blog post discussing “Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution”

This is not a strange coincidence that happened with electric lighting [23 inventors], it is the norm in both technological invention and scientific and mathematical discovery. Newton and Leibniz independently invented calculus, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both filed a patent for the telephone on the same day — within three hours of each other — and sunspots were simultaneously discovered by four scientists living in four different countries. The list of simultaneous independent inventions includes the airplane (2 people), the steamboat (5 people), photography (2 people), the telegraph (5 people), and the telescope (9 people). In science and math it includes decimal fractions (2 people), the theory of natural selection (2 people), the discovery of oxygen (2 people), molecular theory (2 people), and the conservation of energy (4 people)
— http://mgriz.wordpress.com *



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