Notes From The Daily Sessions Log™

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The Daily Sessions Log™ is a documentation of a client’s experiences and a mapping of the Protocols. Mapping of the Protocols means that instead of a technician dictating what a protocol does to a brain/ to your brain, we let the brain and the Protocol work it out themselves and then document (map) what we observe, i.e., how we feel through The Daily Sessions Log™. And, since everybody’s brain is different, Protocols act somewhat differently with different people. We then use the Protocols according to what we discover.

DS was a 79-year-old man who was a Phoenix realtor as was his dad before him. DS has a very large gun collection which included one of the largest private cannon collections in the country. He had 19 major surgeries and as well as polio as a child. Because of on-going pain, he seriously contemplated suicide in January of 2009. Instead, he met a therapist who intervened and he soon thereafter was referred to me. DS told me on mornings, if he even got out of bed, that he had to hobble to a local grocery store and ask somebody to button his clothes for him.

I personally did 8 sessions with DS in May of 2009. The remarks are excerpts from The Daily Sessions Log™ in chronological order:

1) Far less wine at dinner the next day after his first session. Sorting belongings, throwing stuff out and letting old stuff go is a bit easier.

2) Getting in and out of the car is easier, walking better, not too fatigued after long drive (100 miles each way).

3) Standing up straighter, easier to get up from a sitting position. Defenses are down, boundaries are down, anything is possible, I feel stronger. Discovered he can love many women.

4) Felt stronger when he woke up.. got up without alarm clock on time, felt very positive.

5) Since last session became irritated and impatient with himself. Didn’t sleep (maybe coffee late at night)… Felt strong after session, being a mellow fellow, impatience and low-grade anger and frustration with someone taking advantage of him. Was gone most of day. Didn’t sleep well but was up early. Went to movie, enjoyed it a great deal. Weak afterward but quite pleased.

6) Woke up feeling great, great attitude, off to breakfast and meetings.. clear mind. Excited about meeting this morning.. Felt good. Pain seems to be melting away a little each day.. In a different conversation he said, “everything is working, everything is working; feeling pretty good.” Better understanding of an issue close to him that gave him a great concern. Anticipatory, hopeful.

7) Said he always takes $500 out of the bank but this time took out $800 and wondered why. Later, someone asked to borrow $300 for brakes for their car and he was happy to lend the money. Lots of new awareness and synchronicity and order.

8) Feel better.. think about sessions every day.. and how I feel better each day.. look forward to next session or sessions. Distinct sense of accomplishment.. and wonder how far it can go in a positive sense.. No pain – just a little.. less pain each day soon to say 24-7 pain-free.

Sessions were canceled by the therapist after DS quietly offered to invest in CORE Resonance. I was unable to talk with DS again. DS passed in June of 2012.

Another client (male 49 years old) willing to share the first 18 insights from his Daily Sessions Log™:
(This is over about a two month period. The earliest is first.)

1) Noticed periods of peacefulness and calm that seemed new. Woke up “bright” and early. Sense of calm at a weekly somewhat raucous discussion group. Found calmness in group environment. Some might call this the beginnings of inner peace.

2) Following day continued sense of calm, feeling not so racy, etc. Discovered an ability to overview and not get caught up in things; to see more broadly. Judgmental and irritable, but better at recognizing the difference. More introspective and healthy perspective. Felt integrated, or an old part of him was nonexistent. Can’t be sure which.

3) I got two emails from client stating he “definitely felt sharp” and “I’m feeling very bright this morning.” He also reported a generalized sharpness, a bit “hyper and perky” and a little giddy, and noticed it again this morning. Brain fog is clearing up and recognizing he was not “optimum” before. He states that he is now “a Performance Machine.” Waking up and starting day earlier. Questioning bad habits, reviewing bad habits, but not the strength to do anything about them (yet). Felt this was a new perspective. 15 minutes on rebounder today. Generally good mood. Rebounder as metaphor, new positive mind games, affirmations on rebounder, etc.

4) Reporting reduced need to pee, could be partly rebounder and could partly be CORE. Said he was getting up to pee 5 or 6 times a night.

5) Recollecting fear and minor panic, unofficially identified as mild paranoia. Driving home noticed heightened awareness of road, etc. Could be a sense of integration going on. Herpes issue and insight said “self anger.” Rejection issues..

6) Calm, relaxed and comfortable. Sense of OKness with life and relationship and openness to letting it be/turn out.

7) Lots of contemplation about CORE Resonance and sessions. Concerns about paranoia and just general concerns. Believe courage is what is called for. Believe mind is afraid of opening up and moving past its old habits and comforts. I recommended allowing CORE Resonance to do its work and break up old patterns of habitual protection and “allow” allowing.

8) Woke up feeling off and realized that it was OK to feel off. Had concern about sudden large bill, and then realized money was piling up somewhere else that handled the problem and then sold something on eBay that replaced even more of the spent cash.

9) Yesterday’s session was great. Calm and smiling a lot. Felt positive. Before going to bed realized he felt really good!

10) Beginning to discover new horizons, beginning to realize the subtleties of the unknown. More freedom on the piano, more objectivity. Better able to turn a poor attitude around. Noticing relaxing around wife, relaxing around things that might have created calamity or tension or reaction in the past. Manipulation of the experience at hand has dropped several notches – met attractive woman in the park and said it was ‘nice to say hello’ and let it go..

11) Dreams do come true, newfound levels of appreciation, blue sky, acceptance for wife, recognizing appreciation. High mood. Had been quite anxious about hosting upcoming week-end party. Felt much better after 001) Sharp and no further anxiety in continued preparation for party.

12) Feels better, not on edge of hysteria. Noticed that he was using fractal exercise to “get closer to God,” to get closer to consciousness. We agreed it was a good use of his mind.

13) Noticing guy in a nice convertible and discovering he is just a man expressing himself. This is a new recognition, normally a bit of resentment and judgment associated with someone being “flashy.” A lot is happening. Reviewing other site with testimonials (my old company) and realizing quite a bit of other forward progress he was unaware of. More gratitude, expressing more gratitude, sleeping better, feeling like things are happening.

14) Discovering an ability to make better choices in the grocery store about compulsive purchases. Finding chocolate to become optional and more in present time around chocolate and other sugar. And similarly, new insights about his wife. Actually felt a recognition of a possibility of reconciliation. Being unable to identify the source of the anger with wife. Unable to discern any residual anger. Then the mind kicking in and wondering where this relaxed interpretation came from.

15) Subtleties of the computer keyboard shortcut keys (Shift F5 =Fill) suddenly becoming accessible. Relationship is improving and they are getting along very well. He has found it easy to be nice (less reactionary) and searching to see if he can still find the deep resentment he carries, and finds that it is is no longer there! Seems to be real. Less of a needy charge and aggressive behavior toward her. Also, was slightly depressed after 010) DEEP deep (experimental use of advanced protocol and somewhat expected) and discovered that he could view this feeling from a distance. Not caught up in it but viewing it from a separate perspective and able to get on with his day “allowing” this feeling.

16) Sleeping much better and really great attitude and discovered a newfound appreciation for his mother. Looking at the good side of life. Moving out of the mind’s “shoulds and woulds” to the flow of allowing and attempting to work with his wife about staying together. Contemplating taking the relationship “all the way” for the first time. Seeing the difference between needing a candy bar and still using candy but now it is optional and feel better about it. Also keyboard combinations continue to stabilize and now recognizing that this stability grow. Hugs are no longer tragic. Strained relationship is relaxing and wife is relaxing because he is relaxing.

17) Seems to be much more aware of bad habits and the ability to manage them. Sleeping much better and more even. New awareness about sugar and the ability curtail sugar addiction. Waking up better and more alert. Exercising in the morning (rebounding) and feeling grateful. Seeing wealthy people a bit differently. Not carrying resentment or judgment about people “who have more.” Also said he was peeing less! Getting huge amounts of work done. Accomplishing a lot of stuff. Efficiency is improving, figuring out new ways of doing things on the computer. Accelerated learning. Realizing afraid of women. Decided to use 001) Sharp (protocol) to recover after difficult conversation with wife.

18) New sense of discovery about connecting with the outside world – less need for defensive postures and perspectives. More capacity for being present. Particularly noticeable in front of daughter’s peers recently during their piano, flute and voice recital at her high school. Sense of confidence playing piano and simply being present for her and the high school audience. Filled with gratitude in an enthralling manner. Continued ability to manage sugar and “other” addictions. Presence… not buying into the “mind game” excuses and staying the course regarding some old poor habits. Becoming aware of not needing approval or needing to be a “nice guy” that makes poor decisions for approval, usually with the end result of feeling taken advantage of. Less guarded presence and more accepting. On the way to coming out and being present in front of an audience. Usually holds back and requires audience to find him and give him approval. Now he is recognizing the possibility of connecting to the audience with intimacy and real persona. (no fear)Acceptance, gratitude, positivity and deep sleep. Wondering if he has always slept poorly and why he hasn’t been sleeping well. Could it really used to be that way? Feeling quite a bit of pressure around a situation that had to be done right the first time-every time. A feeling of mild panic each time this occurs–as often as several times a week. And this time, feeling the feeling and being able to stand back, acknowledge the feeling, bringing it to a stop and feeling calm instead. This feeling of panic has been there for years. This was first time to become aware of standing back and releasing the stress. Powerful insight.


I notice a certain new quiet and calmness with this client after his first session. I recognized things that might clear up that he was entirely unaware of.​ The above was 18 sessions over about two months