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Los Angeles

Bliss, exuberant! Giggly, what’s beyond happy, really happy? Transcended.. Earlier, I was trying to feel love but I couldn’t. Now I feel that unconditional love is apparent and present.. not worried by anything in the future..

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JH and Michelle

I explained a bit about CORE Resonance until she got the idea that using the mind was a defensive mechanism. She agreed that it is difficult to operate in a “Man’s made world.” Once she saw her mind as a male’s construct for managing her world, she let go and ended up with a huge experience. We were both then “higher than a double-damn dawg” for hours and hours and very elevated in spirit and joy! And resonance.. Lovely evening.

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Los Angeles Attorney

I am astounded by the world of nonresistance! Once I settled into it at around 40 sessions, it is a very miraculous way of being with the world. I am most surprised by how problems solve themselves if they are allowed to. I have always been a doer and my mind has always been in the middle of things–thought not always making things better! By relaxing and letting life take its course, and by not reacting, i.e., by not creating further disorder, problems resolve themselves. Seems everything necessary to solve a problem is right there, or soon will be. Hard to explain but hands-off works!

I have to say Jim is on to something big. Further, he has developed an outstanding insight into what makes the world tick. He has been able to show me a whole new way to, not only view the world but create outcomes that are much more useful for all concerned. We have had some very powerful telephone consultations, my perspectives have grown immeasurably and I am very pleased with my new life. Thank you Jim and thank you CORE Resonance!

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I am beginning to understand the ‘resistance’ thing.’ I am beginning to see how big a part it plays in my life. CORE Resonance is leading me away from a world of destruction and dysfunction to a world of order and harmony and synchronicity!

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Santa Barbara

Ahhhhh! Saw the big Golden Spiral coming down around me…saw the Milky Way…up on top of a verdant mountain ..a figure in the distance – white robe — a Jesus image. Shivers all over my body –peace – words of comfort. Had pain in my left shoulder –pretty intense before starting this protocol….pain is completely gone after running Energy through me.

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Santa Barbara

Feeling very calm and serene A beautiful stillness and feeling of connectedness Felt like Pacman went smoother, different sensation with the DVD. Very calm feeling, relaxed, anxiety is gone.

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More buoyant, optimistic, Still. Less distracted, open. Wanting my mind to stop thinking. Aware that my mind is trying to “figure it out”. Yummy, great, present, hungry.

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I feel good about experimenting further with this technology…don’t really understand it totally but have a intuition that there is something here… Maybe it can help me gain discipline of a magnitude necessary enough for the fulfilling, powerful, balanced person I aspire to be…while ensuring ego is not the total source of the experience.

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Felt perfect peace when I woke up the next morning, Saturday morning. Felt utter peace when I first awoke.

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Los Angeles

Stunned! Truth coming forth. “I’ve done my best,” “I accept myself,” “I trust myself” repeatedly! Feeling clearer and calm.

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Dr. J
Ojai, California Psychiatrist

Even more calm, very quiet within, looks good, energy is quiet, feel serene. Love this stuff!

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I have experienced profound ecstasy with the 13th Protocol. It didn’t feel like a drug, it felt internal, organic and it came from a place deep within me. I loved that feeling. I will go back.

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We both did three sessions with the Longview Protocol. On the third, I really forced myself to push the graphs. I thought Michelle was watching so I made extra efforts to show her how to do it. And, on the third round, I had a huge opening. Felt my forehead had two big windshields in it. Michelle said I looked younger, calmer and distinctly different. It lasted for quite some time.

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Mostly very up, very grateful, overall trend is very positive and moving forward with positivity. Holidays were great. Becoming a bit concerned about money flow. Would again like ex-wife to do sessions.

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Los Angeles

Feel good.. felt like nectar dripping down my throat, great awareness, the fear thing is gone.. feel more awake and more peaceful… I feel more aware without my thinking system being involved.. Really notice a shift

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A Must Read for Everybody!

I am finding it hard to get into reading another book after putting Visionaries Thrive In All Times down. As a novice to meditation, I started this book not knowing the big picture of what the possibilities are when you calm your mind and filter out the constant distractions we experience every day.

Being a digital marketer, I have an electronic leash and rarely took the time to stop multi-tasking to live in the moment. Life passes us by and too often we do not experience its full potential due to our preconceived notions and reactions that prevent us from seeing the truth and beauty in each moment.

The Law of Attraction is more real that we realize and Jim Hamilton articulately shows us how we are all innately wired for greatness. We just need to change our routine and learn how to plug into what is always there for us, but we are often too distracted to experience it.
--Matthew O'Brien

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Reality Creation is up to Us!

This book is wonderfully and personally written. It addresses the inward journey that we all must take, that allows us to find our true nature and become it and let it out..

It explains that we are the creators of our destinies and that "momentum" is our primary creation. Momentum is our habitual beliefs and patterns of thinking that form our outgoing prayer that, as our focus and underlying intent, precedes our individual reality creation. What pours out of us, unconscious and conscious, is the source of our realities.

Hamilton beautifully explains how to refine momentum (outpourings) through a grounded interpretation of unconditional love with regard to our own faulty creations first. Eventually we come to understand that all of us, as creators, are just learning to get it right. As we learn to have compassion for ourselves and our mistaken and poor quality reality creation, we learn to have compassion for others. As we learn to "get it right" our worlds begin to turn for the better.

He ends with personal experiences of connected reality interspersed with synchronicities ("echoes of an interactive universe") that belie his ideals. He suggests that as we become in tune with Universal Forces, otherwise becoming popularly known as the Quantum Field, the quality and capacity of our ability to create "useful" reality climbs exponentially for which synchronicities "light the way." As creators of reality in partnership with Universal Forces, our reality creation becomes exponentially more useful to the whole.

For a gentleman who has meditated for 30 plus years, he enlightens his readers to the values of self-discovery, self-reliance and true personal power. Apparently he believes in power for the people, for which I most heartily agree.

Bravo to Mr. Hamilton for a descriptive and personal journey well done..!!
--P. Martin

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Beautifully Written Prose
of a man who allows himself to...

This is the clear, beautifully written prose of a man who allows himself to be completely surrendered into the Knowing that is larger than himself. He synthesizes what he is guided to write from pure Divine inspiration. As I read, I felt as if I was in the presence of an angelic being.
Now that the world has been schooled in the reality of how vibration attracts similar vibration, we can let go of the outmoded Law of Attraction idea that we can change our attraction by changing what we desire. Jim Hamilton shows us that it is our sensory world that is leading us on a path we need to become aware of and learn to shift up to sanely, responsible small action steps toward that which we seek. All the while, we listen for Guidance and watch for synchronicity as indicators, guideposts and encouragement from All That Is.
We step into new version of ourselves, then our new lives began to take shape around us. We let go of that which we don't want. He shows us how, by the momentum of forward steps in a "feeling" direction of what seems the highest and bestin alignment with who we are, and especially who we aspire to be, we begin to change our world.
--By Laura Celesti

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Yashila Josephine

Mr. Hamilton

Go to Amazon.com to see the review I left for Visionaries Thrive In All Times. Also, here’s the text of an email I just sent to Sonia Miller, author of the new book, “The Attraction Distraction.” I thank both of you for transforming my life. Thank you so, so, so, so much.

..last half of a long email:
Thirdly, somewhere in those moments that I stumbled upon your book and website, I also stumbled upon a book, “Visionaries Thrive In All Times” by J. Hamilton. His book arrived from Amazon a couple of days before yours did so I started his first. Ohmygoodness. INCREDIBLE. COMPLETELY FORGOT I EVEN **HAD** YOUR BOOK FOR A FEW DAYS!! I purposely skipped entirely his first 5 chapters (I pretty much have the information in those chapters embedded in my system already) & started reading his book at Chapter 6. By the time I got through his chapter on Allowing, I was a changed person for life. When I finished his book, I was transformed for life. HE IS EXCELLENT!!!

Afterwards, I promptly started your book (this weekend). I’m halfway through your book as of today. And today, I went to Amazon.com and put in a review for his book, recommending to all who will read the review in the future that his book AND YOURS are must buys. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU MS. MILLER. YOUR BOOK IS ***EXCELLENT***

My name is Yashila Josephine and very soon, I’m going to be as nationally and internationally famous as Oprah, known specifically for my work giving to and sharing with children, teens and adults information and opportunities relating to jobs and careers. And EVERY TIME THERE’S A MICROPHONE IN FRONT OF MY FACE, I’M GOING TO MENTION YOUR BOOK AND J. HAMILTON’S. BECAUSE YOU TWO HELPED ME TO FINALLY GET IT. THANK YOU SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH. BOTH OF YOU.

(If you haven’t read J.Hamilton’s books, I’d recommend it to even an expert as yourself. As an expert, you might find his repetition annoying but for a intermediate student of Kabbalah and the Law of Attraction, his style of repetition is just what I needed. )

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Damian Laster

Hi Jim,

We met at WDE for XL in Las Vegas. We are dairyfarmers from New Zealand.
Your website is really interesting. I would like to be able to give something back to you.
This is:

Come to the Edge
by Christopher Logue

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
Come to the edge.
And they came,
and we pushed,
and they flew.

Have a great day,
Heather Heald

Thank you

“All truth goes through three stages:
first, it is ridiculed;
next, it is violently attacked;
finally, it is held to be self-evident.”

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Carol Mullineux
United Kingdom

Hi James,

I live in UK, I have read much material about the Law of Attraction, I have 3 books written by the Hicks’s all excellent books, read stuff online ect ect, but I have to say, it was your book, Visionaries Thrive in all Times that brought it all together for me, your style of presenting the laws was what I needed, my problem with applying the laws before I read your book was that I tried I tried too much too soon, but your explanation of the Contrast side of things made me realize that it can start off small and the momentum picks up and as you go on your learn a refine. I love the Abraham books too, but your book is especially what made the penny drop completely. I Thank you so much for that, a really wonderful book.

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Rok Sivante

VERY powerful. I’ve read TONS of material on success, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, new age, etc – yet you seem to have stumbled upon & effectively communicated key insights missing from them all.

there’s SO much out there on Law Of Attraction, yet it seems there’s something so much deeper & fundamental its teachers are missing, preventing people from powerfully implementing it. others teach the importance of getting into an alpha state, etc – though that still doesn’t change the programming, and very few are offering effective, applicable advice on how to powerfully reprogram. reading your stuff seems to negate so much of that, bringing light to the fact all of that is still in the domain of the mind, where we’re trying to figure things out and impose our wishes (coming from programming) on the universe, rather than really tuning in, getting into flow, reconnecting with that “Innate Intelligence”, and allowing divine order to unfold.

I’m not sure if its just that I haven’t been exposed to such perspectives in all my studies before, or that I wasn’t ready for such insight, whether you’ve put it into words shedding light on Truth from more angles, or just that nobody is really teaching this — I can’t exactly define it, though I sense a major paradigm shift taking place. It took me a few readings & going through all your material to grasp it – and I’m still probably nowhere near having it all sink in – though the insight this is opening up is profound…

In the light of what you’ve effectively managed to convey, so much of all the other “spiritual” & “success” guidance out there seems incomplete. I feel at a loss of words right now to describe, though I truly believe you’ve channeled/stumbled upon/discovered a key missing piece of the prosperity puzzle….

I feel you’re onto something very powerful here. I resonate very strongly with your work and the technology, very eager to get on it and experience.

Let me know your preferred method of communication and where you’d like to carry the conversation from here. I like writing, felt this was a good way to go through all your writing and note thoughts & feedback, though if you’d prefer to speak on Skype sometime soon, let me know what days/times would be best.

Be well, best wishes…

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This book is EXCELLENT!!!!

For ANYONE who needed a better, simpler yet more in-depth explanation of the Law of Attraction, look no further. This book, coupled with The Attraction Distraction (Why the Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You and How To Get Results FINALLY, by Sonia Miller). The last 2 books you'll ever need to read to succeed. INCREDIBLE.
--Shalom185 (Amazon purchase)

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Arlene Merschat
Professional Astrologer, Local Access Channel 13 Producer and Presenter of AM Light: The Universal Mind at Work

For those interested in the future of our move into the Age of Aquarius and individualized growth in this time of the New Earth, please take time to become familiar with Jim Hamilton and CORE Resonance.

This very talented author and “cosmic scientist” introduced himself to me through his first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times in 2009. He has since been a guest on my television program, AM Light: The Universal Mind at Work six times. Each time he introduces more levels of depth to what he has to offer.

A passage in Visionaries Thrive In All Times offers the essence of his powerful understanding:

“To heal the planet, we have to have the courage to look at things in a new way.”

The homepage of his newly revised CORE Resonance website gives a further explanation for what this understanding does to make us aware of the New Earth time that we are entering.

“CORE Resonance is about re-enabling your natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence. Around here (CORE Resonance), we refer to Innate Intelligence, Source, the Cosmos, Universal Mind, Truth, God, etc., interchangeably.

He goes on to say:

“If you will review your surroundings, you will see that everything in Nature, i.e., the entire plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, align to a single governance, a single order and a single authority. In other words, there is an order that everything abides by and in so doing everything meshes and thrives.”

There is so much insight in Jim’s work that one must seriously consider his work. He offers a guide to take us into a new time on our planet and far deeper into our humanity.

To empower you through this new planetary time of awakening, take time to get acquainted with the gift of Jim Hamilton’s insight and understanding.

[Jim's video interviews with Arlene Merschat (003 - 007) can be found here.]

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Yuma, AZ

I am a farmer and businessman in Yuma Arizona. Jim was referred to me by an associate and I asked his advice on a business matter back in 1998. I have been coming to him, occasionally meeting with him personally, and he has been advising me ever since. He has an overview and intelligence that solves problems and brings solutions each and every time – and the range of subjects he is able to address (including a nasty divorce) keeps me coming back. He tells me I am his longest running client and that what he does is called Business Coaching.

But to me it is Life Coaching, Living Life Coaching, Legal Experience Coaching, Business Strategy Coaching, and plain old Common-Sense Coaching. He has an overview that I am quite appreciative of and I trust him implicitly. I am indebted to him for his time, experience, sense of what is true and correct, and his ability to get the job done again and again.

Recently (Feb 2014), I offered him a significant fee to solve a problem that I created for myself that needed to be solved immediately. He cleared his desk, and though it took 2+ weeks to solve the problem, he did it. Well worth the money!

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Jaki Ives
La Jolla, California

After reading your incredible book, Visionaries Thrive in All Times, I was extremely drawn to the fundamental concepts you espouse. A friend suggested that I contact you directly to discuss the concepts and engage you as a Life and Business Coach. I learned so much during our sessions last year. I learned about co-dependency and how to recognize it and how to shift out of that paradigm. I fully experienced partnering with the Unknown and I have never felt more free. I have come to understand how rich and abundant my life is.. and that I am responsible for it!

Forgiveness was a key factor in my growth, and I have made leaps and bounds on my own, and when you recommend that I read The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan, I got the download! I’ve experienced true forgiveness and unconditional love; I’ve felt the full opening of my heart chakra, and the outpouring of love has been profound. Love for my Self, and love for all Beings. I see my life through the eyes of Love now and without the illusions of the ego-mind. I have an established connection with my true identity, and now, Innate Intelligence.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for your patience, your wisdom and your unwavering commitment to synchronicity, harmony and non-resistance. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with you as my Coach and I whole heartily recommend you to anyone who is seeking to establish a connection with their true Source, and to run, not walk, in that pursuit.

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Reverend Lewanna Godinez
Science of Mind Minister

I have worked with Jim Hamilton for almost three years. Initially I contracted with him to help me with some legal issues. I was amazed at his capacity to learn, understand, interpret and respond to the issues.

During the course of this it became apparent that Jim’s abilities are not just intellectual. He teams up with what he calls “The Unknown” in synchronicity with all that IS. The results are astounding. With a practical approach he goes straight to the heart of the matter where the solution resides in clear simplicity. More importantly, he teaches this access as a component of coaching.

I recommend Jim’s coaching for any situation I can think of.

Garry Davis – World Citizen

Garry Davis was a client of mine in the early days of my coaching career. In fact, my initial correspondence to him was by hand-written letter! We worked together from August of 1998 to December of 2003. I coached him and addressed a number of issues he had asserting himself as a world citizen including protecting his "Airforce One" single-engine airplane. I wrote 17 letters on his behalf. Garry Davis was a pioneer and visionary in the realm of personal sovereignty and advanced consciousness. He had a world view of humanity that had no end. Garry passed in July of 2013 and though we intended to meet personally, sadly this never occurred.
-- J.Hamilton

Sol Gareth "Garry" Davis was an international peace activist who created the World Passport, a travel document originally based on Article 13, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on the concept of world citizenship.
-- Wikipedia

"Mark my words, this boy, Garry Davis, has grasped the only problem which deserves the devotion of contemporary man, the problem to which I myself am determined to devote the rest of my life, up to the very last day.. the survival of the species.

It is a question of knowing whether mankind - the very universe of man - will disappear by its own hand, or whether it will continue to exist"

- Albert Einstein, 1946

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A life changing experience
working with Jim and CORE Resonance

After a few sessions with his unique brain training process I noticed I am happier and more positive in my thoughts at work and in my personal life. My family and friends noticed me being more patient and a better, more engaged listener and communicator. I am more focused and productive in my work and my level of play has stepped up significantly with playing hockey.

I find myself being less resistant and reactive to things that happen to me throughout the day. I am more at peace with my life and the people in it.

You do great work Jim and more people should experience Core Resonance.
--Matthew O'Brien

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80 Year Old Client

Notes: I worked with this gentleman in May of 2009. He was a wealthy retired realtor and about 80 years old. In January of the same year, he tried to take his life because of the pain he was experiencing. He has a history of polio and about 20 significant surgeries for different difficulties. Toward the end, he used to walk into the nearest grocery store looking for someone to button his clothes for him on days he would even get out of bed.

I was referred to him by a therapist who knew that traditional and even alternative medicine was not enough. She and I met at a seminar and she intuitively knew that CORE Resonance was the answer. I traveled to his home in another state and administered nine sessions over a period of about two weeks.

The Daily Sessions Log™ is the document by which we document the progress of a client. We begin by documenting how a client feels before and after each Protocol. A Session (about 2 hours) is composed of generally three Protocols. We also document what a client notices/ discovers between Sessions (usually 1 - 3 days) and record these insights. The below is a compilation of the client's daily insights.

He offered to invest in CORE Resonance, bought a system for himself, worked with his therapist and fell in love.

from The Daily Sessions Log™

In the words of the client:

1. Far less wine at dinner that evening.. Sorting and letting stuff go is a bit easier

2. Getting in the car better, walking better, not too fatigued for long ride to Prescott

3. Standing up straighter, better standing up from chair. Defenses went down, boundaries are down, Anything is possible. I feel stronger. Found out I can love many women.

4. Felt stronger when I woke up.. got up without alarm clock on time, feel very positive. Felt completely wiped out after Omni-Med (different therapy) session last night after (CORE Resonance) session.

5. Since last session became irritated and impatient with myself. Didn't sleep (maybe coffee)… Felt strong after session, being a mellow fellow, impatience and low grade anger frustration (with X). Was gone most of the day. Didn't sleep but was up early. Went to movie, enjoyed a great meal.. weak afterward but quite pleased

6. Woke up feeling great, great attitude, off to breakfast and meetings.. clear mind. Excited about looking at swords this morning.. yesterday evening irritated because no hearing aid.. felt good. Pain seems to be melting away a little each day..

7. [from my notes] Different part of a conversation, he said, "everything is working, everything is working."

8. [from my notes] Just said.. "says he always takes $500 out of the bank but this time took out $800 and later wondered why.. asked therapist why he would take more out.. and she said, no telling. Later someone asked to borrow $300 for brakes and he was happy to lend the money..

9. Feel better.. think about sessions every day.. and how better I felt each day.. look forward to next session or sessions.. Distinctly a sense of accomplishment.. and wonder how far it can go in a positive sense..

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Letter of Reference
Mr Hamilton took interest in our community issues

To Whom It May Concern,

Please be advised that we have known Mr. James Hamilton professionally and socially for at least five years.  Jim began attending our Rolling Hills Estates Improvement Association board meetings when he moved into our community.

Mr. Hamilton took interest in our community issues and supplied valuable input to the board in helping to resolve community issues including the updating of our CC&Rs.  Jim later campaigned successfully for a seat on the Rolling Hills board.  Jim expanded his community contributions with his technical expertise on the development of an Association website and newsletter and enabling our organization to update/ digitize important documents through his knowledgeable techniques including optical scanning.

Mr. Hamilton's "people skills" project devotion, dependability, and unselfish time sharing have made a positive impact on our community.  He is a team player and effective problem solver and would be an asset to any organization. 

We have been fortunate to have him as a neighbor and honored to have him serve on the board of Rolling Hills Estates.   


Thomas Purcel
xx xxxxmir Rd,
Sedona, AZ 86336         (928-xxx-4742)

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Mortgage Problems, Tax Issues and General Living Issues

To whom it may concern:

My name is L. G. Engle and I have worked with Jim Hamilton for several years on various commercial projects. Mr. Hamilton has advised me on mortgage problems, tax issues and general living issues. This gentleman is beyond reproach in what he says he is going to do. Not once has he failed to finish what he starts. His word is his bond and I have never experienced any untruth in what he speaks. I am proud to know and work with Jim. My total experience with Jim Hamilton has been based on truth, respect and success.

L. G. Engle,
2435 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxx, CA 91784

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..an out of the box thinker
..an out of the box thinker

I was introduced to Jim Hamilton in 2011 through a dear mutual friend. My husband and I were attempting to navigate a challenging mortgage foreclosure and it was suggested that Jim could possibly be of some help.

I reached out to Jim initially to explore what ideas he might potentially have to help our family.
It became clear very quickly that Jim had a broad array of experiences with the IRS, banking and legal systems.

Jim worked with our family to initiate legal avenues that our attorney had never mentioned.
With Jim's help we engaged a specialized CPA and attorney that made a great deal of positive difference in the eventual outcome of our predicament.

Jim has an incredibly astute mind. You will find him to be an out of the box thinker. He has an uncanny approach that not only invites creativity and ingenuity but he is also a great listener and unique problem solver. Jim will not always tell you exactly what you want to hear. But he will tell you the truth as he knows it and give you his honest opinion. Few things are more valuable in todays world.

10 years later it is not unusual for me to pick up the phone and connect with Jim anytime I have a challenge in my life. He has always been generous with his time, ideas and contributed his opinions when requested. Today I count Jim among my friends, gratefully so. You will find him to be a wonderful addition in any way you choose to connect with him.

Warm Regards,

Jamie Dubrovay
[email protected]

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I Have Known Jim Since Early 2012
I have known Jim since early 2012

Re: Letter of Reference for Jim Hamilton

To Whom It Concerns,

It is my pleasure to deliver a recommendation for Jim Hamilton of CORE Resonance. I have known Jim since early 2012. He has impeccably delivered several substantial projects for me. Most included financial components and business structures, and I've found his work to be 1st rate. He has a command of what he offers, he visions forward and delivers more than he promises. We have had no communication issues or difficulties whatsoever.

I would heartily recommend Jim for anything he promises, to be done professionally and timely, and with typically an unusual amount of common sense.

I have a great deal of appreciation for the services he has performed for me over the years. I know he is only a phone call away.

You may contact me as necessary.


Jaki Sabourin
898 xxx-xx30

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Jim Is A Kind Person Who Continually Helps Others
Jim is a kind person who continually helps others

To Whom It Concerns,

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Jim Hamilton. He has been a very good friend for five years. He has tremendous integrity; he is strong willed, very orderly and goal oriented. You might say he is a visionary!

Jim sets goals, even long term goals and gets about accomplishing what he sets out to do. He is just completing a project he began 15 years ago. It appears CORE Resonance is to be his life’s work!

Jim is a kind person who continually helps others. I believe he has much to offer our world through his work and through his presence.

Please inquire if I can be of further assistance.

Peace and love

A. Summ..., M.A.

Jim H Note: my recent "x"