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When I discovered what became CORE Resonance in 2006, there was no language for it.. After all, it was very subtle and basically undiscovered. Slowly I started putting words to thoughts, feelings, insights and observations, and slowly these insights became phrases and sentences and eventually paragraphs and concepts.. And finally, a still unfolding technology…

Quantum Activism seems to be its best use so far. I discovered this technology pioneering the sales and marketing for a neurofeedback (nfb) startup company in 2006-2007. I had personally sold $1M over a 14mo period using several principles from my first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times. In the end, I realized that by quieting the nervous system, the brain in particular, using a variation on modern nfb, one can access nonresistance. The phrase “newfound synchronicity, harmony and order” was coined as an expression of what was occurring. I discovered that…

access to nonresistance delivers one to Presence. In Presence, Guidance becomes available, and Guidance delivers one to Order.

Having just completed my first book exploring how we create our realities, I became subtly aware of shifts in my personal reality creating giving rise to my first insights as I adventured forth. It turns out resistance is a significant factor in human reality creating and as we move toward nonresistance and allowing, our reality creating dramatically begins to shift for the better. Because of the nature of resistance, humanity is out of sync with the larger Whole and accordingly, quite dysfunctional.

In resistance we interfere with the flow of God expressing through us–as it does in perfection with every other species on this planet. Out of sync with Guidance, we are quite dysfunctional.

Agent SmithEverything is a subset of God. Everything is a means; everything is a throughput mechanism and method for Innate Intelligence, Source, Universal Mind, etc., to express through. We assume our importance, we assume our individuality and even our “I”ness, but in fact we are first and foremost a fancy mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express Itself! And in resistance, we distort the perfection of what naturally flows through us. After all, we are among the most sophisticated nervous systems on the planet. On the other hand, we are the only species seemingly destroying our one and only home.

Agent Smith remarks about this dichotomy in the first of the Matrix films. 

CORE Resonance is about how to quiet the mind; how to quell the resistance for which Presence becomes available and we become the most sophisticated means for Innate Intelligence to express through for which much larger possibilities and expressions become possible. Our personal and collective evolution is to become hosts for Innate Intelligence to express through us without distortion…

such that we become able to deliver a solutions-orientation to a planet in need of a few good ideas, and advance our own nature at the same time.

CORE Resonance uses a modern adaptation of nfb, wherein we put an individual in front of a computer and allow the brain to find itself through a series of exercises, protocols and resultant feedback. The computer and software, and resultant feedback acts like a technology mirror to enhance the brain’s discovery of itself. It is important to note that there is no programming or imprinting of information, ideas, sounds or other outside influences to the brain, the biggest single part of the nervous system.

Accordingly, we let the brain find itself through this feedback mechanism and clean itself up–itself! 

The brain reorganizes itself similar to a computer defragging a hard drive
(but without the programming).

ColumbiaUniversity_reversedThe brain, never designed to process the world in the first place, finds itself on vast overload and out of sync with its natural state of connection attempting to manually process the world on its own. Instead, the brain as part of the nervous system is a receiver. We receive our thoughts, insights, discoveries, invention and processes (not to mention Guidance and intuition) to the point that:

in 1922, Columbia University professors cataloged 148 significant inventions, discoveries and processes of the past several hundred years that were made independently but concurrently, to the point that “concurrent inventions, discoveries and processes seem to be the rule rather than the exception.” Reference:
Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution William F. Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas of Columbia University (1922)

“the pattern of independent multiple discoveries in science is in principle the dominant pattern, rather than a subsidiary one,”
Robert K Merton (1960), a preeminent sociologist from Columbia University

“90-98% of patent lawsuits are filed against independent inventors and not copiers.”
Mark A Lemley, Stanford School of Law, (2011)

CORE Resonance is about quieting the brain by giving it a type of exercise that allows it to discover itself via the computer screen and audio/ video feedback, and begin to clean itself up. Not so different from a blind person beginning to be able to see, one cleans the dust bunnies from under the bed and basically re-organizes their living space as they become able to do so. As the brain discovers itself, it will do the same.

As the brain organizes itself, the brain quiets down. As the brain quiets down, initially it has more horsepower. According to my observations, quieting the brain delivers three main areas of interest:

1) As we quiet the brain, we become less reactive to our environments. As we have more horsepower, we process more incoming information and our reactionary, resistance and defensive posturing begins to subside. This can be witnessed as readily documentable newfound synchronicity, harmony and order–more recently defined as the beginnings of coherence. [Identifying shifts in my reality creating was the foundation of my discoveries.]

2) As we quiet the brain, the brain begins to process what it once could not. For some reason, the brain stores what it cannot process. Trauma, defined as what the brain cannot process at the time, or process at its next opportunity (during sleep, etc.) instead stores the experience. As the brain comes to have more horsepower, it starts to process what it once could not: held trauma.

Accordingly, our lives, our automated patterns and habits, in part, a product of held trauma and “this won’t happen to me again” scenarios, begin to revise themselves into a new and more refined and supportive expression.

Unconsciously held patterns and habits run and automate our lives. Patterns and habits are what the brain produces and stores (perceived as the subconscious mind) so as to avoid constantly manually processing the massive amount of incoming information produced by the world, and our reactions to it. Instead, the brain learns and settles into automated and habitual patterns and habits to “free up resources” and thus we run most of our lives on variations of “automatic.”

As we “clear up” held trauma, defensive patterns and habits fall away.

3) As we quiet the brain, our subtle connection with the Cosmos becomes evident. This very subtle connection is readily drowned out by the noise, racket and dysfunction of a brain on overload. As we quiet the brain, this subtle connection becomes available. And, as the brain naturally begins to rebuild this connection, which is synonymous with “going Home,” the mind naturally subsides.

This is the only way to quiet the mind that I am aware of other than being the recipient of three or four generations of meditation. Most therapies use the mind itself as a component of the mechanism to attempt to quiet the mind.

Most don’t realize the mind can’t quiet the mind..

ocotillobones_modifiedI see this connection to Home, to reenabling our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence, Source, etc., as a “corridor” over my right shoulder. It looks a bit like ocotillo bones (cactus) in the colors of dappled rust red and gold. As we build this connection Home, the mind naturally subsides. Reality creating continues to refine itself as the mind (synonymous with resistance and time) continues to quiet down, resistance fades and we continue our upward climb. There comes a point in this process that delivers us to Presence or the beginnings of Presence. Presence is the absence of mind, resistance and time.

In Presence is found Guidance. Guidance delivers us to Order for which we then mesh with the Whole. (Reality creating jumps to a whole new level of synchronicity, harmony and order as evidence of this shift.)

As we develop this connection (hint: this connection is not a product of the mind), i.e., the nervous system subtly sensing upward and outward and finding its way Home, Innate Guidance becomes available. Innate Guidance “travels back down” the corridor and looks out through your eyes (so to speak). I used to describe unconditional love as Innate Guidance looking out through your eyes, processing the world on your behalf for which “meshing with the whole” becomes available.

I now describe unconditional love simply as no resistance to one’s Maker, a direct product of no resistance with one’s connection.

As we become whole in our partnership with Innate Intelligence and accordingly Innate Guidance, we become mechanisms by which solutions are delivered into this dimension. After all, the universe is solutions-oriented, ever unfolding and with no shortage of resources. As we become a perfect host, Innate Intelligence expresses solutions through us to a planet in need of a few good ideas.

1) The Maharishi Effect™ demonstrates this concept perfectly. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi understood that one percent of a population meditating in a region powerfully influences that region. (This insight, earlier “published” in the ancient Vedas, is 7000+ years old.) In one of Maharishi’s many demonstrations, 4,000 experienced meditators arrived in Washington DC during the summer of 1993. Washington DC, a hotbed of statistics of murder, rape, crime, etc., offered professionals, academics, sociologists, criminologists, etc., a perfect environment to witness this demonstration. With many professionals watching, murder, rape, assault, etc., drop 23.3 percent during this period. Unofficially, automobile accidents declined as well.
Reference: The Maharishi Effect Numerous References page.

The Sanskrit expression for the above phenomena “tat sannidhau vairatyagah” translates: “In the vicinity of coherence, hostilities are eliminated.”

My interpretation of this demonstration is 4,000 experienced meditators, “becoming empty,” allowing Innate Intelligence, God, Source, the Cosmos, Universal Mind, etc., to express through them, coalesce the frequency of God as coherence, for which the overall dissonance of Washington DC diminished by 23.3 percent! (Similar demonstrations have been repeated multiple times.)

Important: While this demonstration was established, observed and measured by the mind, the results were far beyond the mind’s capacity to produce. The mind set up the demonstration, made a place for the demonstration to occur, i.e., hosted Innate Intelligence into this dimension, and recorded the results. The mind however in no manner directed, influenced or was otherwise responsible for what occurred.

Instead, the mind was a tool!

Through the sophistication of a quieted nervous system, allowing and unconditional love, Innate Intelligence “peeked out” through these quieted nervous systems, coalesced coherence and delivered solutions to a community in need of a few good ideas.

2) David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., published The Map of Consciousness as a component of Power vs Force in 1995. The Map of Consciousness displays a variation on the Maharishi Effect™ and identified a similar exponential multiplier that distinguishes one person at 700 on the Map (admittedly a very high number) as counterbalancing the negativity of 70 million people below 200! One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200, one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 below 200, and so on.

As we move up The Map of Consciousness; as we become more conscious and aware, we become less resistant and more allowing. As we become more allowing, Innate Intelligence flows through us more effectively and with less distortion! This is the definition of consciousness.

This is the mechanism by which we evolve and move forward as a species.

Dr Hawkins has stated that most people advance two points over a period of a lifetime. And of course, two points from 200 to 202 is an exponential jump as 450 to 452 is a much larger exponential jump. It is speculated that CORE Resonance can deliver as much as 200 points to an individual in a relatively short period of time. This brings the potential of achieving the generally quite unavailable range of 700 to far more individuals. (Note: 700 is in no way a requirement for the above.)

There are many demonstrations of collective consciousness influencing the whole beginning to crop up. And while volumes could be written, just several are touched on here including The Global Consciousness Project, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR), The Intention Experiment, The Global Peace Intention Experiment, The Global Coherence Initiative and many others. According to The Emerging Global Brain [excerpt], we are right on time. We are valuable to each other in the exercise of the unfolding of mankind…

And to take this to a whole new level, put six individuals together in a Colony™, (CORE Resonance Colonies™) using CORE Resonance Training™ and suddenly, not only do we have exponential numbers blossoming, but to the power of 6 (and far beyond). Create an environment in which six refined and coherent individuals in support of each other partner with Innate Intelligence and Innate Guidance, and suddenly we have the foundation for a solution for a planet in need of a few good ideas, far, far beyond the envisionings of the mind…

35 Colonies™ for the first year, 350 for the 2nd year, and 1300 Colonies™ by three years.

In side-stepping the biggest problem of all, the mind of mind, we find solutions. Our planet is overrun by the human mind, cowed by gov, resistant to what we do not understand and otherwise reactionary to the world around us. And, to make matters worse, the humans inadvertently looks to government, corporations and other artificial entities as authority figures for leadership and direction. Corporations who instead manipulate humans and encourage them with false gov and corporate edicts and storylines, TV commercials, print ads and recommendations to “buy, buy, buy.” Gov and corporations are not good role models/ leaders for human beings.

Human beings are the most valuable resource on the planet because humans are receivers and create “out of thin air.” Thoughts amalgamate (attract) in their nervous systems and express outward as labor, inventions, discoveries and processes as well as symphonies, bridges, architecture, science, art and beauty. Human beings engender value. Corporations, as artificial entities, having no nervous system and incapable of that creative spark, incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong (and producing no true value) run amok.

Corporations, created for profit, having inadvertently become the leaders of the humans, are “mindlessly” destroying our one and only planet. 

To solve our problem as a species, we need to go beyond the mind and plug into what’s true.

Hence CORE Resonance Colonies™. A Colony is a group of six individuals who wish to contribute to making the world a better place. Anyone who perceives themselves as an activist or wishes they knew how to contribute to useful change is welcome. Anyone who knows we have a problem and wishes contribute to the unfolding of the solution in its highest understanding and for which time is seemingly a bit short, there is a solution…

Colonies™ are for those who wish to become “powerfully and usefully influential.”

A Colony™ is a group of six individuals, supporting each other to become coherent and accordingly, resonant. A Colony™ is a mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express through unimpeded; not so different from the Maharishi Effect™ but “exponentially” so. As a collective of six individuals with refined nervous systems heading toward and beyond 700, the principles of The Maharishi Effect and Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness move to a new level of understanding driven by Innate Intelligence expressing, guided by Innate Guidance with exponential multipliers and, we as willing participants…

fast track our planet to its next level of evolution.

TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance is a variation on CORE Resonance Colonies™. Instead of tapping into and rapidly advancing consciousness for the purpose of advancing consciousness on the planet, TapRoot™ is intended to ground Innate Intelligence into the foundation of intentional corporations, intentional organizations, intentional communities and other intentional groups created by the mind of mind so that these intentional artificial entities can be infused with Innate Intelligence at their foundation to then go forward in a coherent, resonant and functional manner.

TapRoot™ can be employed within teams or any centralized organization that wishes to ground Innate Intelligence into their organizations to better serve mankind.

The solution for humanity and the planet is to re-enable our natural state of connection with Source. This is done through a refining of our listening and sensing mechanism for which Innate Intelligence and Innate Guidance deliver us individually and as a species back on track to our intended function, i.e., a sophisticated mechanism for Innate Intelligence expressing through us into this dimension,

for which we get the “ride of our life”, the opportunity of a “lifetime” and a view almost no one has ever seen.

Ascension becomes available as humans get it right, hosted by a planet that knows no bounds in love, allowing the next iteration of life to leap from this dimension to what’s next. We have just discovered the mechanism of ascension. It is right under our nose, and it is found in our intact partnership with Innate Intelligence.

We have just discovered the definition of Success.


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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PS In conversation between a few physicists, they speculated among themselves about how much knowledge humanity has achieved measured by an imaginary 5000 mile line between Vermont and Hawaii. After all, humans have quantum physics, string theory, superfluidity, super computers, etc. And while there was disagreement as to the exact place mankind fit on this imaginary line, it was agreed that the overall distance that humanity has covered in their quest for knowledge was less than 1/2 inch! 

This means that the trees, plains, lakes, rivers, mountains, desert, sky and the moon and the Pacific and all of the life stretching between Vermont and Hawaii lay undiscovered. not to mention the space and order between the atoms and protons and neutrons. The traditional model for science based on the human mind projecting forward is woefully inadequate and massively deficient. If we want to go forward as a species, we need to let go of the limitations of the mind, partner with something bigger than ourselves, and make sure our partnership is true. We will then fulfill our potential individually and collectively.



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