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I attended a key note address recently and the speaker stated “always do something you love. Because when you love something, it tells you all of its secrets.” I was astounded by the implications of this simple statement because it says in non-resistance, in allowing, everything I need to know becomes available. Looking into the statement a bit further, I discovered this bit of wisdom is attributed to (former slave) scientist and inventor George Washington Carver who studied the life of plants.

 “Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. Not only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to the little peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have found that when I silently commune with people they give up their secrets also – if you love them enough.”
― George Washington Carver

Another interesting quote:

“…No books ever go into my laboratory. The thing I am to do and the way of doing it are revealed to me. I never have to grope for methods. The method is revealed to me the moment I am inspired to create something new. Without God to draw aside the curtain I would be helpless.”
― George Washington Carver    [additional quotes by George Washington Carver]

Curiously, he was studying Innate Intelligence up close. And in doing what he was so drawn to do, enmeshing himself so completely, he learned the “secrets” of plants. And, as he became receptive, the plants taught him. It is in the meshing with Nature that everything of interest shows up; that everything of interest becomes available–and life extends itself. It is in meshing with life that life teaches us its secrets. For after all, life is continually extending and upgrading, and as we move away from resistance and into allowing, we become able to extend with it.

This is the source of our highest efficiency and highest equality and highest success.

Bob Parson, founder of GoDaddy and other numerous organizations stated in his key note speech that he delegates everything. He says that if his management is out playing golf, they must be doing their job. He hires people that love what they do, which create a culture that sweeps down through the organization such that everybody knows what is expected of them, everything gets done and everyone goes about their job fulfilled.

It seems that when we are in flow, a natural order becomes available, our lives ease up and we let this larger order unfold into our lives in a far more meaningful manner.

Humans have thoroughly explored resistance and we continue to do so. As we watch the latest political scenes unfold, it seems we are in ever increasing shambles all over the world. It seems that political leaders are in it for themselves (The Panama Papers) and by their very leadership model engender deceit, infighting, resistance and ultimately chaos. As leaders “take care of themselves first,” they seem to undermine the sanctity of life, create chaos and engenders separation…

for which migrations of refuges is becoming a norm.

But as we look at Nature, something we are completely and entirely surrounded by, we see something quite different. We see everything meshing with everything else; everything governed by a single theme, a single order, a single governance…

and everything survives, thrives, blossoms and extends.

And while there is extinction and death in Nature, the individual components of Nature seem to take it in stride and the overall of Nature continues to grow, thrive, expand and mesh forward as a whole. In fact, Nature will be here long after humanity has left this planet, either by its own demise (based on resistance and reactionary posturing), or by lifting itself up to a finer way of being.

And, it seems Humanity is coming to the point of making this choice.

As our technology advances (as our expression advances), as the study of our very nature becomes more apparent, we discover that we are more than atoms and molecules, skin and bone and even dust from comets past. We discover we are animated by something much bigger than ourselves. If we are willing to look, we are far more than our genes and DNA and our parent’s wishes, and we are far more than the ignorance of society pushing against what it does not want.  We are instead, a mechanism for Innate Intelligence expressing “through us.”

As we move into nonresistance and allowing, as we allow and as we love, we match up and begin to mesh with this larger whole.

I call it the “ride of our lives.”

In the opposite of resistance, we move into flow. In the opposite of resistance, we move into Presence. And in Presence, we access Guidance and Guidance delivers us to the Order that the rest of Nature shares and abides.

For after all, it doesn’t seem that the humans are going to solve their problems on their own. We are a very destructive lot. And while some are rallying around building walls, pushing against and inducing division and polarity, others are voicing unity, similarities and otherwise recognizing each other as our brother and our brother’s keeper.

It is in a discovery of our similarities; in a discovery of our commonalities that we pull together, move away of resistance and become whole.

We become one and in oneness, even in our differences (loving our differences) do we grow toward the stars, melding and feeding with the sky, and mesh with this larger Order that the rest of life already embraces.

It seems that George Washington Carver discovered the secrets of plants through a meshing of that which he loved. In putting his full attention to what he loved, the plants told him secrets and as a translator of the wisdom of plants, George Washington Carver delivered immense value to the world.

It seems the plants had something to say, and in nonresistance, Carver jotted it all down and became famous as a scientist.

And Bob Parsons, for all of his roughness and trials and tribulations and accolades and attention, seems to have learned this and shares it with audiences in his own way. For after all, he was down to his last $6M (from $34M), before the concept of GoDaddy finally took off and earned him several billion dollars–for which he has now diversified into multiple new ventures that interest him.

He made his fortune not by doing what he was supposed to do but doing what he wanted to do. And what he wanted to do was what interested him… and he became a veru wealthy man.

Many discover “success” early and we stick with our success because society says we need to pay our bills, pay our taxes, keep our heads down (and shop). Society says, “don’t rock the boat!” Most of us settle because we don’t want to lose what we have gained. After all, in a manner of speaking, most of us cling to what we have. Instead, true security, true success and true happiness is found in going beyond what we presently have, moving into more depth of discovery…

and in learning to love, discovering there are no limits.

Most settle far too early in their lives. I suspect that if we settle, it should only be on our deathbeds, if then. Some will tell you that life begins at death. That life carries on, especially if you loved rather than resisted. In living a life of resistance, when we die, it’s what we can expect—not much, or more of the same. But in loving life, loving the cues and twists and turns and taking the high road, the road always beckons, the road continues to reveal itself, and the rewards continue to surprise and delight.

I suspect that if we go though death loving, we may end up with a far different experience.


reference: CORE Resonance Colonies™ | TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance

Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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