Short Intro by Founder J.Hamilton (2m47sec)

As we learn to have dominion over our most central mechanism, the brain and nervous system, we come to have dominion over our lives. By bringing organization to the brain and nervous system, the brain becomes far more able to do our bidding.

Ultimately, our truest wish is to enable our natural state of connection with Source — to blend with Source and ground Source into our man-made world. We do this by quieting and refining the human nervous system; not so different from tuning a living antenna system. We then learn to “listen to the Cosmos” at all-new levels of subtlety, and the world opens up in a most astonishing way.

In partnership with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential in our contribution and we become powerful beyond measure. Together we become a powerful, ready and able, coherent critical mass for good in the world.

With refined nervous systems enabling our natural state of connection with Source, we ground peace into the world in little more than a blink of an eye. No fighting what’s wrong, no resistance, no amassing of strategies, or enabling of resources to “rally and persevere,” etc. Instead,  small groups of emotionally intelligent beings, meshing with Innate Intelligence sprinkled across the planet as Colonies™, bring change to the world by grounding coherence (the frequency of god) into the world. And, of course, coherence dissipates distortion!

Partnering with the frequency of god is the only true way to elevate humanity and create useful change in the world. First a few and then exponentially more, it can be done by you and me, and it can be done now!

It’s 2021. We are all due for a miracle or two to protect our environment, engender justice, and deliver equality to all. After all, no one on this planet should ever go hungry, no one on this planet should ever go without education to further themselves, and no one on this planet should ever be treated with less respect than another. No one. Ever.

CORE Resonance Colonies™ are a good use of your time.

A Quick Explanation of CORE Resonance

Below is a six minute video overview of CORE Resonance Training™ as a component of CORE Resonance Colonies™. CORE Resonance uses proprietary neurofeedback to allow the brain to clean itself up through the hardware/ software exercises — and uses no programming whatsoever. This says no one else participates in your outcomes or progress. As the brain does the exercises, the hardware/ software, similar to a technology mirror, allows the brain to “see itself” through the exercises. Because the brain can now see itself, it becomes able to organize through the exercises. In so doing, brains on massive overload quiet down and our connection to the Cosmos naturally opens up. (It’s really “kind-of” that simple:)

As overload diminishes, resistance, rigidity, and reaction naturally fade and allowing and nonresistance becomes far more available in our lives. Nonresistance is the mechanism by which we become able to mesh/ partner with the biggest possibilities in life.  In this process, Innate Guidance subtly becomes available which subtly guides us to a new scale of naturally unfolding Order.

Partnered with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place.
And unintentionally, we help those who cannot yet help themselves.

• When we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles.
• When we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.
• When we plug into Guidance, there are no mud puddles.

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Jim Hamilton


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An In-Depth Explanation Of Using The LongView™ Protocol

If you are interested in CORE Resonance and CORE Resonance Colonies™, you may be interested in the details of how a protocol works and how it interfaces with the brain. It is most important to state that CORE Resonance does not program the brain in any manner. Instead, we let the brain discover itself through the exercises. This video is about 40 minutes long and of course, you can watch it in segments. It is a live session that I narrated as I went along.

Frankly, I found it quite interesting to be narrating the actions of my own brain’s learning process. You can actually see it at work. It is curious that I was doing MMS at the time which meant I was drinking quite a bit of water. One of the things I learned reviewing this video a year later is the importance of hydration and the brain’s functioning. If your typing starts to get sloppy, drink more water, and see if your typing improves. 🙂

CORE Resonance is a fancy introspection mechanism. And, at some point, we all begin that fateful journey within, hopefully long before our deathbed experience. Initially we do so with great trepidation but ultimately we are drawn by our spiritual calling to understand our very nature. Mediation is an excellent example of introspection as are so many other experiences including sickness and disease or other traumas, or simply diving deep into the Law of Attraction’s cause and effect. Regardless, as you delve within, you start to find more rhyme and reason to your thoughts, actions, and results.

Ultimately it is in introspection that you learn how to let go and let the Universe become part of your life.

CORE Resonance delivers a sophisticated mechanism by which you can accomplish the most with the least amount of effort. As we learn to quiet the nervous system and move out of resistance, it all simply “just becomes available.”

CORE Resonance guides you on this journey.


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1st Colony of Sedona

Esther Henselmans

1st Colony of Sedona

Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D.

1st Colony of Sedona

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.

1st Colony of Sedona

Sumaya O’Grady

1st Colony of Sedona

Elyce Monet

1st Colony of Sedona

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