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cowboyI went to a networking event a few weeks ago. It was held at a “cowboy” bar and restaurant. During the event, appetizers were available: spicy chicken wings and something called “pork bellies.” I ended up eating some of the pork because I generally don’t eat chicken wings. As it turned out the pork bellies had a lot of fat in them. They were tasty but the fat was suspect because fat tissue is where pesticides and fake hormones concentrate in living animals.

Later, in the middle of the night, I woke up with a bit of nausea, took digestive enzymes and went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning feeling a bit better but still a bit queasy. I then noticed that as I put attention to what I had eaten the night before (fat, chemicals, low vibration food, etc.) I began to feel sick and so it was quite apparent that I not put attention on my last evening’s gourmet eating experience. After all, who with any sense would eat “pork bellies” in the first place?

I noticed that the several times I “analyzed/thought about” what I had eaten the night before, I would begin to feel subtle tinges of nausea. As I moved my attention elsewhere, the feelings would go away.

Turns out the lesson is:

An undisciplined mind will inadvertently put attention to the problem such that as the problem flares up, they inadvertently put more attention to the “problem.” Inversely, as one moves one’s attention away from the problem, the problem subsides.

As the problem grows, we inadvertently begin to resist. Now “the problem” (otherwise known as a lesson:) is fueled by resistance. And resistance is powerful undisciplined focus for which the problem continues to expand and become out of hand.

Through the mind alone coupled with Law of Attraction and inadvertent focus, we can truly become incapacitated.

Now that the problem has become overwhelming, it begins to affect other aspects of our life. Maybe a spouse or a partner or our children or our employee’s–now that we are on overload, resistance and reaction begins to further set in and take precedence in our reality creating. Reality creating as a chain of events (with a powerful negative component) has taken over*, for which we often then do one of several things:

  1. Blame someone, react to someone or otherwise “break out,” or
  2. Seek outside intervention, i.e., doctors, pharmaceuticals, or one of the many variations of self-medicating.

In my case, had I allowed my mind to continue to focus on what I had eaten the night before, I would have ended up sick and blaming the restaurant or seeking an “outside” solution for a problem I could have easily avoided in the first place. Had I gotten sick enough (reacted enough:), it would have influenced other people, other people’s energy, appointments, remarks poorly chosen, etc., and my reality creating would have continued to degrade.

All of which was a product of a poor choice at the very beginning (that was entirely avoidable).

While most of us are familiar with Law of Attraction, few understand Law of Attraction starts at the beginning of a chain of events. Usually we get way down the chain and expect Law of Attraction to somehow change something has that already achieved a great deal of momentum.

It turns out it all begins with the mind. It turns out it begins with that initial focus of either focusing on what we want or what we don’t want. Regardless, we set the trajectory for our outcomes at that first impetus and then second insight which rapidly becomes a chain of choices–again often driven by resistance.

Reminds me of the title of my first book, “Visionaries Thrive In All Times” which comes from an Abraham expression:

Observers thrive in Good times,
And suffer in Bad.
Visionaries Thrive In All Times

The problem with observing is that it generally brings focus on what we do not want. An observer’s focus generally reacts to its outer circumstances. A visionary, on the other hand, takes insights from within and holds a focus for those end results.

A visionary “sees through the debris field” to the end result.

It turns out Law of Attraction is alive and well; we simply need to learn to apply it properly. Instead of attempting to overcome a mountain, or a chain of choices, or lifetime of negative programming expecting our circumstance to turn on a dime, we learn to catch it before it even begins. At the same time, we learn to allow the old momentum to subside.

We learn how to go from reactionary observer to insightful visionary, and we learn how to create more efficient outcomes that feed our lives in a far more efficient manner.

As we become more subtle in our inner nature, we begin to identify the subtle nature of our reality creating. At each and every opportunity; at each and every lesson, we learn to take the high road. Soon enough, our realities take on a new countenance and new outcomes become our daily affairs, and new levels of success become our own.

All of the difficulties of life can be averted by learning how to manage our reactionary mind. A disciplined mind is the beginning of managing your reality creating and managing your outcomes; ultimately dictating one’s capacity to be usefully influential. As we learn to become a match for our own truths, we inadvertently become leaders.

It is a good use of our time.

The actual formula is Law of Attraction and nonresistance, but that too is another conversation.

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Hint: the biggest problem with dementia and Alzheimer’s is the belief that you might have it. The undisciplined mind will inadvertently look for evidence and if you are not careful, begin a slow slide..


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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