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overloadEveryone is on overload! Well, maybe not the Dali Lama but I bet most everyone else is. Humans in the 21st century are dealing with virtually insurmountable problems, locally and globally, the least of which is the political scene. (Let’s leave climate change aside for the moment.)

The newspaper headlines and broadcast news seem to be more about ratings, sensationalism, money, etc.

We’ve become used to living in the moment (though we can’t find a spare one), money is tight and a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it once did.

On the other hand, gasoline is cheap! (no one saw that coming 🙂

What will the world look like in six months? Two years? And how will we continue to prepare for it? And prosper? And plan? And live our lives in ease and grace?

–Without stress? And strain? And reactive decision-making?

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What we need is a break

coachingWe need an edge and maybe even a crystal ball.. Something to give us insight into a means of navigating the 21st century—and to do so with style and ease!

After all, sharing and giving is the root of happiness.

But how do we share when we are tapped out, or stretched to the limit? What do we do then?


Introducing CORE Resonance Tune-Up!™
CORE Resonance Tune-Up! is a series CORE Resonance Sessions, brain nutrients and coaching designed to heighten the activity of the brain and bring peace and calm to one’s inner and outer world.

This is not just any Tune-Up!™
A CORE Resonance Tune-Up!™ is a product of 40+ years of meditation, well over 250 personal neurofeedback sessions, 5 books and 160+ articles, and personal research and refinement..

distilled into a mechanism by which you can gain that extra edge that has eluded you for possibly your entire life.

A client recently reports:


  1. his interest in alcohol has lessened in a very significant manner (much to his wife’s delight)
  2. his athletic prowess on the ice is through the roof. He plays better (in two hockey leagues) than he did five years ago and his team mates want to know what’s “all of a sudden” going on! And,
  3. that certain sense of underwhelm (of life) has cleared up. In other words, his depression, as subtle as it was, but ever present, is no more!

and the insights keep coming!

Did I mention he did not come to CORE Resonance for any of the above?

He wanted efficiency!
He was looking for efficiency and peace and an effervescent smile and knowing that was missing though Neurofeedback biofeedback brain training Scottsdalehe had glimpsed it—as we all have. But it was elusive and try as he might, he could not bring it into focus and consistency on his own.

But he is learning how to embrace the Horizon.. the Unknown has become his friend. He is beginning to meet himself; his true self and his world is unfolding in true confidence, true harmony and true peace.

He’s becoming happy!
His world is opening up—blossoming, if you will.
And he is very pleased!

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Ready for:

  • Clarity

  • A spring in your step

  • A new level of efficiency

  • Achieving your vision

  • Solving problems in an instant

PS I met a poker player last night
Poker is a very subtle game if you are good at it. Reading your surroundings, reading the other players and reading yourself is the secret to the game. Responding, listening and intuiting instead of reacting is how you win.

It’s also how you win the game of life.

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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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