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CORE Resonance Coaching
At our center, at our Core, each of us,
is a humanitarian awaiting our unfoldment.
All we need is a little courage and a bit of perspective.


CORE Resonance Coaching works with clients to accomplish specific goals with a learned understanding of how to achieve these goals.  This understanding can then be applied to other aspects of one’s life.  This leads one toward Ultimate Personal Performance and learned personal development.

CORE Resonance Coaching employs foundational principles discovered and developed in Visionaries Thrive In All Times (VTAT), further identified in CORE Resonance and expanded towards their logical and open-ended conclusions in The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies. The end result is access to Presence, Guidance and Nonresistance, and the unfolding of one’s potential to vast new levels.

With an introduction to cutting-edge 21st century technologies and a few ancient ones as well, we can achieve all new levels of contribution, not only in our own lives and the lives of those we touch, but to the planet as vtat-curvedwell.  Becoming individually and collectively more conscious allows us to become exponentially more useful. [Reference  (VTAT) Chapter 9 Intent.]

At our core, each of us, is a humanitarian.  Once we discover true success, true survival, true security and true serenity, our need to hoard, manage and manipulate becomes a thing of the past.  As we come into alignment with Innate Intelligence and correspondingly Innate Guidance, our capacity to become “usefully influential” becomes dramatically and exponentially far greater.

We each have something special to share with the world and in our alignment (partnership) with what is True (Innate Intelligence) we begin to blossom and express ourselves in all new manners of contribution – different and unique for everyone.

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