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The New 508 Communities

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There is a new type of community naturally beginning to form. The community is formed by you and me and others who naturally want to step into their power around certain commonalities. Humans are gathering to better take care of themselves, their families, their children and children’s children, and their friends and neighbors—and what surrounds us. This includes better communication with the local governance and a particular interest in the environment.

We are beginning to gather based on what makes sense for us from a spiritual, moral, ethical and accountability sense-of-purpose. We also have a strong sense of the importance of peace “from sea to shining sea.”

We are becoming our brother’s keeper and doing so from the commonality of our grounded spiritual nature expressing our truest peacekeeper expression in a solutions-oriented, exponentially useful, and contributive manner.

Humans have always gathered. Whether for protection from saber tooth tigers and the cold, the creation of economic agreements around mechanisms of exchange, trade and support, or protection from marauders who say what is ours is theirs. More and more, we are starting to think about our truest commonalities and how we’d like our lives to look and feel. We are beginning to gather around an updated understanding of our shared connection with God; that immutable governance that underlies our very existence for which cause and effect, and our potential to express in a coherent manner grounds us into a new reality.

Whether we understand it or not, we are drawn to seek coherent relationships, coherent neighbors and a coherent lifestyle of peaceful loving expression that delivers coherent outcomes like we’ve always somehow known is possible.

After all, as time speeds ahead, contrast gets stronger, we learn, and our choices become clearer.


Communities as private membership organizations is a bigger possibility than most might think. After all, we are all members of something even if it is just our alma mater or the PTA. We are all members of families, churches, unions, banks, credit card and insurance companies, Social Security and Medicare, credit reporting agencies(!), frequent flyer programs, and all sorts of other organizations via “an account number” that ends up exuding some sort of authority over us. After all, in America, we are citizens of the United States and residents of the State in which we live—even if we assume we understand what these memberships mean and how they influence our lives.

All of these memberships are inadvertent communities.

Membership has its privileges and membership has its downside.
Usually, we become members of organizations for which we then inadvertent become regulated as a group. Have you ever seen “Policy Updates” as it relates to your accounts including PayPal, Google, Facebook, insurance and lending organizations, online banking, department stores, and on and on? The rules of our group memberships are constantly being updated and we don’t think anything about it! After all, who reads the fine print, though most organizations we belong to have fine print.

Sometimes the “fine print” is brazenly right under our noses—though we seem to ignore the reality of it and continue along, grumbling along the way. Sometimes the fine print falls under the guise of signing agreements/ contracts and forms “under penalties of perjury,” swearing something is true that we actually know nothing about.

It seems we have been assembled, halved and quartered, not so different from cattle with a tag in our ear and generally treated the same rather than based on our individual strengths and truest nature. Some organizations (corporations, sports or the military, for example) allow individuals to excel within the membership organization (with varying levels of perks) but all membership organizations, especially those of corporations or government, loom large over us. It is as if we have been assembled, and our characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, not to mention our wallets, categorized and prodded and pushed and pulled—and we are never the leaders. We are led..

Private Membership Organizations
When we create private membership organizations, things begin to change. Generally, PMOs are groups who choose to gather together for a commonality, support and a common vision. Generally, a PMO has a board of governors or a membership board that is chosen from the group as its governance. The short comings of a PMO is that while they are technically protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, their protections are somewhat vague.

Because we now understand we are members of organizations/ jurisdictions, most of which are not designed in our favor, it behooves us to look at private church membership organizations (PCMOs). Why? The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution is as precise as American law can be. The 1st Amendment is quite specific about how the State (State or federal), one of the largest fomenters of, dare I say, forced membership and coerced community and authoritarian jurisdictions, must remain hands off as it pertains to the formation and use of private church membership organizations established by human beings.


There is a massive division in American law generically known as “Church and State.” Church and State has always been the major division of power vying for authority and governance over the humans going back to the earliest catholic popes and earlier. Some of this is beneficent and some is not. The church attempts to act as an intermediary for Spirit which animates and empowers human beings, while the State animates, encourages and empowers artificial entities of its own creation.

Hint: Humans have assumed they are persons in the law. Humans have been encouraged into identifying themselves as subject to the jurisdiction of the State (resident status – state or federal) which properly only has authority over artificial entities, persons, etc. Curiously, the fifty-four titles of federal law (and State law) make no reference to human beings whatsoever.

Artificial entities are created under the authority of the government, often for the benefit of transferring liability to corporations whilst the owners (other corporations or human beings) earn a profit. The problem is artificial entities exist longer than humans, take on a life of their own, and we eventually assume they have “always always been there.” Curiously, gov has authority over “persons” because government is the source of artificial entities and persons, but does not have authority over human beings.

Note: a person is not a human being though a human being can become a person in the law. By definition, a “person” is an entity with “rights and duties” bequeathed by the law. Clearly, corporations have the right to exist and earn profits with the corresponding duty to make and file reports (“returns”) back to the source of their existence, the gov. That human beings have inadvertently become persons in the law, and accordingly subject to the jurisdiction of the gov, is the truest foundation of this article.

The importance of this is that human beings owe their allegiance to God, and artificial entities owe their allegiance to the State. To take this one step further, 1) God created human beings, 2) human beings created government (Federal and State), and then 3) government created artificial entities and persons, known as residents. Note: How did the humans who created the governments, become residents, the lowest rung on the ladder?

The 1st Amendment guarantees that human beings can stay clear of the limited authority of the gov by forming private groups, memberships, communities and otherwise private organizations separate from the State. And while private membership organizations are a good example, churches seem to have the upper hand. Why? Because the 1st Amendment is quite specific about churches:

Congress shall make 1) no law respecting an establishment of religion, or 2) prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or 3) abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or 4) the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and 5) to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Which is further codified in federal tax law and federal tax regulations:
  26 U.S. Code Section 508  (Internal Revenue Code)
    (c) Exceptions
      (1) Mandatory exceptions
        (A) churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches
  26 CFR § 1.508-1 (Federal Tax Regulations)
     (3) Exceptions from notice.
(i) Paragraphs (a) (1) and (2) of this section are inapplicable to the following organizations:
        (a) Churches, interchurch organizations of local units of a church, conventions or associations of churches, or integrated auxiliaries of a church.

The Internal Revenue Code and Federal Tax Regulations each clearly indicate that churches are an exception to federal law. In other words, church membership organizations are immune and separate from the law as set forth by gov. Why? Because 1) human beings are higher on the pecking order than government and 2) humans can create organizations, similar to the government, but different/ private. And, 3) humans can create their own governance as boards of directors, board of governors with by-laws, etc., and (hint) in association with their Connection with Source!


As we come to understand our Connection, we begin to understand the subtle variations, beginning with our gut feeling. As we begin to make that fateful and final journey within, we began to exchange the mind of man for access to Guidance.
Note: Guidance first looks like flow, which, by the way, is made up of prosperity and abundance, for which synchronicity, harmony and order then prevail in our lives. [See SoarAffirm]

Hint: Humans begin by learning the subtle differences between right and wrong. Note: Corporations and other artificial entities will never have this type of access. Why? Because only human beings have nervous systems, not so different from living antenna systems! As we quiet down, as our nervous system quiets down, our connection naturally becomes enabled and Guidance naturally goes up. See the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins.

According to the law, gov has no authority over human beings. Therefore. human beings must learn how to gather as community referenced by the 1s Amendment and 508c1A, etc., and learn to protect ourselves from being misled by the State. We instead learn to plug into Guidance.

This type of community and organizational membership is the function of the modern church. We can set up churches as we wish as long as we acknowledge our fundamental difference with the State, i.e., our fundamental connection with our Maker and Creator. This, of course, is not hard to do because we are enabled of life by our Creator—whatever form you believe this to be. Our truest function is to gather to acknowledge the source of our existence, i.e., Source, Innate Intelligence, God, The Divine, etc., and to live an exemplary life based on our Connection with Source.

Artificial entities can only look to their maker, the State, for which their governance is published as Laws, Acts, statutes and regulations, complaints, court systems, judgment, fines and other civil or criminal punishment.

Curiously, while churches are typically associated with pews and sermons and baptisms, this is quite the limited perspective. The House of Coherence, a 1st Amendment 508c1A private church membership organization (PCMO), is founded on the premise that “all things human” is our reason for being, gathering and organizing to better understand our very nature, our values, potential for achievement, purpose, education, healing, and to better organize ourselves to better protect and manage our own affairs.

As human beings protected from the gov by the 1st Amendment and 26 USC 508c1A, etc., we learn to gather properly, we are naturally “not for profit,” we are naturally foreign to the United States and the State, and most importantly, our definition of gross income individually, and as private membership organizations, is quite limited. Learning how to form private communities, memberships and organizations is based on fundamentals of the law. Our authority is the 1st Amendment, 26 USC 508, etc.

Stepping back into our innate power is a powerful concept that leads to advanced conscious human evolution, individual personal power, group power and puts human beings back on top of the pecking order on planet earth—directly under God.

After all, God created human beings, not the gov. And, we are the human beings!


The Difference Between Right and Wrong
Human beings, organized as private church membership organizations become a force to be reckoned with as it regards the protection of the environment and so many other issues. After all, artificial entities have no common sense, have no nervous system, have no reasoning, and are literally incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong, or protecting what is living. Human beings, through our nervous system’s capacity for receptivity with our connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, God, etc., are able to know the difference between right and wrong, blend with this refined message, and do the bidding of what is true. Note: It is our function to protect what is living!

Humans feel the difference/ humans know the difference between right and wrong. This is the foundation of our internal governance!

Corporations and persons need laws and statutes and courts for their governance, i.e., their rights and duties; human beings have a built-in system of governance.

This is the biggest game on planet earth! Partnered with Source, blended with Source, human beings begin to step into their truest power. We become powerful beyond measure and exponential in our contribution for the conscious unfolding of our one and only planet.

After all, the corporations, i.e., Monsanto/ Bayer AG, are not going to save the whales, or the bumble bees, or keep the rivers clean, or encourage or support regenerative farming, etc. They are simply motivated by profit at any cost!

As we learn to line up with what is true, one of our first functions is to protect our very nature by becoming members of a properly designed PCMO that first protects our worldly assets, protects our labor, creativity and our name, and third, protects our voice. Human beings as an extension of God expressing (i.e., blending with the frequency of God) are by far the most powerful expression of life on this planet!

It’s about time we step into our power. A skilled reading of the law beginning with the 1st Amendment, 26 USC 508(c)(1)(A), 26 USC 26 USC 6039E, 8 USC 1101(a)(22), etc., clearly identifies that gov is inferior to the human beings.

After all, gov would say that what is yours is theirs! This is not true.

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