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CORE Resonance Training™ is made up of several components, the most important of which is you! You are in charge; it is you who learns how to let go of resistance and transition to a higher state of being, expressing and performing.

Daily Sessions Log™
A CORE Resonance Training™ Session begins by updating your previous Session with your most recent discoveries and insights and “newfound synchronicity, harmony and order.” The Daily Sessions Log™ is your ticket, your flight recorder, your map and a record of what you’ve accomplished! It is also a long-term record of your ascendency to a whole new way of life and order. After all, you will only go through this process once. Documenting your experience is a huge component of the success of CORE Resonance.

Note: Identifying how you feel as you proceed with protocols (before and after) is a component of refining your capacity to feel at a subtle level. And, because the frequency of God is quite subtle, refining your capacity to sense is a huge component of what we are doing!

CORE Resonance Training™ offers thirteen Protocols including 001) Sharp, 002) Focused, 003) Relaxed, 004) Bright, 005) Calm, 006) Patient, 007) Centered, 008) In Sync, 009) Balanced, 010) Deep, 011) Resonant and 012) Connected designed to bring balance to the brain. Because there is a great deal of work to do, there is no hurry to get through the different CRT Protocols. To that end, the first half dozen CRT Protocols are offered at differing levels of sophistication. And, once one discovers building a DVD library of interesting topics, the potential for absorbing information/ learning during the Sessions brings a surprisingly powerful added dimension.

LongView™ Protocol
Additionally, CORE Resonance Training™ offers the LongView™ Protocol designed to address the prefrontal lobes of the brain. The LongView™ allows us to refine the part of the brain that looks forward and filters incoming and outgoing information. Quality of choice, discernment and decision-making is found in this part of the brain, also known as the “executive function center.” This protocol is quite specialized and delivers important refinements to the brain. Please reference an important article that illustrates the importance of the prefrontal lobes.

CompoentsBalancing and tuning the ancient part of the brain, i.e., the parietals, occipitals and temporals with the 12 CRT Protocols is foundational. Enhancing the prefrontals with the LongView™ Protocol engenders new capillary activity (angiogenesis) which delivers increased blood flow (oxygen, nutrients, metabolic waste removal, etc.) to this ever-important part of what makes you you. Note: When one meditates, most of the rest of the brain becomes quiet while the prefrontals become far more active! CORE Resonance Training™ delivers what your brain needs most!

CORE Resonance Training™ includes advanced electrodes and placement cap, amplifiers, headphones, Windows 10 computer, software and Protocols along with a great deal of support to achieve your goals. Protocols are generally one or two-channel and thus use three to five electrodes as referenced by The Montage Advisor™ instruction sets.

The Montage Advisor™

An entire instruction set for each protocol includes everything you need to know to complete a session on your own. Each protocol requires that electrodes be placed on the scalp in a certain manner. This is called the Montage. The Montage Advisor™ includes a diagram and identifies the location for each electrode including color-coding. The Montage Advisor™ includes an extensive check-list of instructions necessary to do a successful Session on yourself or loved ones.

Note: It is important to note that electrodes only receive signals from the brain and work in one direction only, similar to microphone pickup sensors. CORE Resonance Training™ never imparts anything to the brain – ever.

In fact, CORE Resonance Training™ does not program or dictate results in any manner whereas most neurofeedback does so through algorithms, etc. Instead, CORE Resonance allows the brain and CORE Resonance Training™ to work together. The brain finds and dictates its own results.

Each Protocol uses an amplifier designed to collect the information from the brain, amplify it and send it to the computer for processing.

Technical Support
Technical support includes live training and one-on-one/ group training to get you up to speed. Surprisingly, training is most effective done remotely rather than in person. Even those with little computer experience can readily master CORE Resonance Training™. Training videos are also included as well as six mos of personal customer support

Delving into the mechanism that is the brain (and mind) delivers sudden ah-ha’s, insights, and releases that make indelible impressions on what you thought you knew, the story you tell, and the story that goes ’round n’ round in your head. Introspection is a very important component of CORE Resonance Training™ and most any issue will come to the light of day and disperse with not much more tension than a soap bubble popping, otherwise known as a subtle “ah-ha!”

These realizations change your story and change your need for resistance and survival as the premier defensive posture — and lighten up your mind’s belief about what’s what. Introspection is that final and eventful journey that all conscious-seeking individuals must take and continue to take. This inward journey, “this final frontier,” coached by CORE Resonance, Innate Intelligence and the brain’s ability to interact with itself, is a very powerful experience indeed.

Finally, we take our rightful place as a species and truly become useful to ourselves and each other. Our lives now move forward in partnership with the Cosmos, and our capacity to unfold and contribute becomes exponential.

CORE Resonance Training™ is inherently safe – in part because we do not dictate results, program, or imprint information to the brain. The Protocols/ Sessions are designed to work initially at a surface level – to accustom the brain to fundamental experiences that are simple and effective and guided by the brain itself, and then we go deeper.

Based on fundamental successes and increasing awareness, clients delve into deeper aspects of CORE Resonance Training™ – all of which are based upon cumulative successes. And by establishing coherence in one part of the brain, similar to the cornerstone of a new building, other parts of the brain begin to line up with this new order. It is a beautiful thing to see a brain “come online.”

As the mind comes to see these Protocols/ exercises as non-threatening (because they are natural rather than forced), the mind allows the Protocols to range deeper into the brain. All the while, how you feel, and what you feel, combined with documenting your experiences and the results you produce in your daily experience is your scorecard and your guide. And while it is not recommended or necessary to push beyond your comfort, you cannot hurt yourself with the exercises. Ultimately, each exercise is moderated by the accumulation of your experiences and how you feel.

Because we never dictate end results or implant frequencies, you, your brain, and Innate Intelligence are fully in charge. Generally, results are far larger than you can imagine because you simply do not yet have a perspective of the possibilities. Reference 1st Colony (video record of the first six months)

If you have questions about CORE Resonance Training™, please contact us.

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