The 1st Colony™ spontaneously formed on the Spring Equinox of 2019, exactly four years after completing The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™ on the Spring Equinox of 2015. At the time of these videos, the 1st Colony™ was approximately six months old.

The 1st Colony™ was experimental and designed to determine whether the findings of author J.Hamilton could be replicated not only individually but in a group format. The fundamental concept is that your nervous system is your center, not so different from a living antenna system.

As we quiet and refine the human nervous system, we become able to interface with the Cosmos in a far more-refined manner delivering advanced states of consciousness and all new levels of inner guidance, intuition, insight, etc. Vast new levels of personal performance and emotional intelligence become far more available as well.

This was initially identified as what I liked to call “synchronicity, harmony and order.” As we delved into this project and amplified what we were accomplishing, it became obvious that these higher states of synchronicity, harmony and order were in fact, identifiable states of coherence.

In other words, as we quiet down internally, a whole new more refined world opens up and becomes available in our lives. It is powered by enabling our natural state of connection with Source.

It turns out Source, Innate Intelligence, the Divine, Truth, Presence, the Frequency of God, etc., is only a “mind-blink away. As we move out of the mind, the world of the Holy Spirit of biblical lore becomes a manifestation of  coherence expressing through us. Coherence/ the frequency of God is a good understanding of what makes the world tick to its highest possibility!

The fundamental premise is that human beings are not independent but instead interdependent; not so different from a forest or any living plant or animal in its connection and coordination with Source. Nature is the perfect example of Order that all of life on this planet shares and aligns to. Humans seem to have cut themselves off from this connection and attempt to operate “as if” they are on their own—which they are not. This is why the human species is so vastly out of sync with the bigger picture.

Because humans are out of sync with their natural state of connection, the brain attempts to manually process the world on its own for which the brain is not even remotely capable of processing in this manner. On vast overload, the brain created the mind as a “guard dog” to limit and filter incoming information. The brain on overload is why resistance and reaction are so prevalent in today’s world. But most importantly, resistance, reaction and rigidity undermine our very subtle connection with Source.

Almost all goal setting and reality creating established by the mind contains a component of resistance or reaction as part of its formula which undermines its ultimate potential outcome. Reference J.Hamilton’s first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times identifying the part resistance plays in reality creating. The title comes from an Abraham-Hicks expression which says it all:.

“Observers thrive in Good times
And suffer in Bad.
Visionaries thrive in All Times.”

CORE Resonance has learned how to quiet the nervous system through proprietary neurofeedback (no programming whatsoever) which allows this connection to be naturally re-enabled. As this connection becomes enabled, the mind “allows” rather than restricts and rejects, and guidance naturally begins to become available, not so different from turning a water faucet on. As guidance delivers its message, new found synchronicity, harmony and order is the evidence and stepping stones of an entirely new journey and life experience.

As we learn how to align with the Cosmos, Source, Innate Intelligence, the frequency of God, Truth, the Divine, etc., our lives move into far more order, flow and coherence. As we move out of resistance and instead partner with Innate Intelligence for which Innate Intelligence expresses through us as Guidance, we become exponentially contributive. This is how a few committed souls become exponential on planet earth.

Human beings, with refined nervous systems, sans resistance, aligned with Innate Intelligence expressing through us ground coherence into the realm of humanity. According to modern science and repeatedly demonstrated by the Maharishi Effect, coherence dissipates disorder. 

Colonies™ as groups of six are designed to dot the landscape of planet earth delivering coherence into the realm of humanity as resonance. Human beings, interested in contributing to the rapid advancement of the health of our planet, have found a tool to allow them to become mechanisms by which Innate Intelligence expresses “through them” to make the world a far more peaceful and orderly place.

Becoming a host for Innate Intelligence expressing “through us” delivers an experience far beyond the normal range of personal performance. Coherence in a world of polarity delivers an exhilaration that is hard to describe other than “an ultimate form of ease.”

The enclosed seven interviews with the members of the 1st Colony serendipitously were recorded in September of 2019 (thank you Elyce!) though the Colony™ ran from March through December of 2019. As we gathered again after the first of the year, we ran into COVID and the 1st Colony disbanded, Several members attempted to found their own Colony™ but found the unknowns of COVID to be insurmountable.

Thank you to members Esther Henselmans, Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D., Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., Sumaya O’Grady, Elyce Monet and myself. We documented and achieved remarkable insights into reality upgrades through CORE Resonance and identified that “small groups” empowered by Source can have an exponential influence in bringing peace to the world. Partnering with Source/ moving beyond the mind allows us to step into a phase of life where we can truly be useful to not only ourselves but the whole. .. and for what I call, “a ride of a lifetime.” As more Colonies™ form…

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