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CORE Resonance is about expressing your potential;
expressing yourself as you always knew you could.

CORE Resonance delivers a quieted and refined nervous system;
something almost impossible to get—unless you’ve been lucky
enough to have at mininum, a lifetime of meditation.

Your nervous system is your center. A refined, tuned nervous system is the
secret to living life, giving and receiving, and performing at your highest potential.

A refined nervous system also delivers you to your connection with Source.

This connection allows you to receive insights and intuition, access
presence and guidance, and become exponentially contributive.

Exponential Contribution is the secret to making
your world and the world a far better place
..with the least amount of muss and fuss..

Become part of the Solution.
Become Exponential!

• Personal Power  

• Inspired Leadership

• Quantum Activism

A few thoughts for those who wish to make a difference:

  • The human species is seemingly in a state of crisis–maybe as simple as a crisis of rebirth into our next iteration as a species. While in the past, humanity has typically looked to authority figures for solutions; in the world of today, humanity is exploring variations of consciousness/ vast new levels of personal performance, and looking for solutions as we move forward.
  • Possibly the truest advancement of numanity begins when a portion of us learn how to address the the problems we face rather than than “milling about” hoping/ expecting/ voting “someone else” to do it. After all, humanity has always been led by a few. Why can’t “a few” be those who learn how to plug in and become exponential?
  • Over the last 50 years, seemingly timed to the explosion of the music of the mid 1960’s, personal expression, meditation and mind expansion by so many variations is delivering personal power like no other time on planet earth. Taking responsiblity for ourselves (governed by cause and effect/ law of attraction, etc.) is causing pockets of humanity to rise up and take their lives into their own hands. Not only are they breaking away from the mind-numbing status quo, they are looking into the future and thinking about how to make the world a better place. After all, it has never before been available to single inviduals and groups of indivuals.

Become part of the solution. 

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Exponential Contribution

A Strategy For What's Next for Humanity! --© 2019 J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com I recently had the insight that all over the planet, for the first time ever, humanity is rising up en masse and attempting to become empowered! All of the different kinds of "minorities"...

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I Don’t Think..

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Build what’s next..

CORE Resonance Colonies™

CORE Resonance Colonies™ is about a solution to the problems of mankind. This is based on harnessing non-traditional but ever-present sciences and tools available to us right now.

TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance

Intentional Communities and Intentional Corporations Harnessing the power of coherent groups 

Quantum Activism

Insight into the possibilities of operating in an exponential manner

Personal Power

Problems are of the mind, Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action each and every day.. Stay tuned™ – J.Hamilton

Colonize Earth First

By intentionally advancing individual and collective consciousness, we can deliver our planet to all new levels of success and collaboration–-and much more quickly than we might think!

As we move out of resistance, our natural state comes forward.. audio remarks

TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance
Intentional Communities and Intentional Corporations
~harnessing the power of coherent groups~
CORE Resonance Colonies

Problems are of the mind,
Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action
each and every day..
stay tuned™

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