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OJ.Hamilton_ZohoNews_160wn this Valentine’s and Lover’s week-end, I’d like to offer a tidbit of a thought or a feeling, as the case may be:

Love is a frequency, love is a vibration, love is resonance..
And love is far, far beyond this dimension

So capably displayed in the below excerpt from Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.
Check it out.

Your nervous systems senses inward and outward. What does the video excerpt below express? And, what does the article about leadership express? Are they compatible; are they in sync? Are they in fact, resonant? Is leadership, love and frequency resonant? Are they the same?

And, if you wanted to dig a little deeper, what order would you put them in?

I recently re-watched Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. Turns out the film is about love because toward the end of the film the second set of remarks about love matches up with the below.
Astonishingly well done..

This is a two minute excerpt found at 1hr 29min in the film.

In the work of CORE Resonance, it has been discovered that we are nervous systems first and foremost; that our nervous system is our core sensing outward, sensing inward, ever sensing.. Not so different from the antenna on the moth or the sensing of the mouse’s twitching nose. When we think about how we are going to solve a problem, we “try on” ideas until we find one that “fits.” We do do this by sensing. We sense solutions, we sense problems before they show up, as as we wise up, we can learn to sense our way around, or to, anything.

Once we realize how much sensing we do in every moment of every day, we learn that we can become totally reliant on the refinement of this sensing mechanism rather than reaction to the world; or operating in this world driven by the ideals (and errors) (and beliefs and emotions) of the mind.

Your automobile is a perfect example of your nervous system sensing. Once you drop into your seat, fasten your seat belt, adjust your mirror and edge out of the driveway onto the highway, you are awash in sensing your surroundings. You use the speed limit signs to tell you how fast to go, you sense your speed as you drive, you “check” your speedometer, you sense behind and beside you with your side view and rear view mirrors and you strategize how to most efficiently get to your destination.

You are constantly sensing information, you are constantly receiving information through your nervous system, similar to a living antenna system and you are constantly sending information out and sensing back again. This is how you arrive at you destination or do anything other than rote automation.

When you enter your car or boat or plane or truck or RV (or pogo stick or jump rope or team or choir:), your nervous system and sensing expands to the size of the vehicle/activity you are driving. You become familiar with the corners and the edges of the vehicle and your vehicle becomes your body as you range out and about on the freeways, sky-ways and waterways of life “traveling” to your destination. The vehicle becomes you. The vehicle becomes your nervous system’s body. When you drive at night, your sensing outward is limited by the darkness until you turn on your headlights and your sensing then extends into the dark through the headlights.. every sensing.. ever sensing..

Finding the difference between right and wrong, finding the difference between dissonance and coherence and love and peace and war and disorder; all is a matter of sensing and being receptive to sensing.

All of us when we meet someone, we are sensing. Every new business opportunity, every run to the grocery store for fruits and vegetables is sensing, sensing, sensing. Why don’t we pick the first apple or the first head of lettuce, or better said, why aren’t apples all the same? Because they are not. Instead, we pick from among them, we sense they are not all the the same and we sense the ones that are soft, or have bruises or are brimming with life.

Flowers are a wonderful example of sensing at a heightened frequency for the subtleties that only a flower can offer. We learn how to attract the subtleties as we learn to attune our sensing to the subtleties.. and that is what this little film excerpt touches on.

What is my cat (Buud) doing as I write this? As he watches and his little nose sniffs and senses as I eat an apple while I write? He can smell the apple and hear the sounds of the apple crunching.. He is paying attention. He is sensing and receiving information..

PS The ultimate love is to your Maker. Unconditional Love is no resistance to your Maker.. That’s where the truest leadership kicks in 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day.
I wish you love.

Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum

                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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