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About J.Hamilton

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Author, Visionary, Coach and Believer J.Hamilton says:

“that by re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source, we become the means and delivery system by which viable solutions become available to a planet in need of a few good ideas.”

J.Hamilton (Jim) interests revolve around teaching personal empowerment based on fundamentals. By re-enabling one’s natural state of connection with Source (Innate Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, the Divine, etc.), we partner with the Order that everything shares for which our lives then blossom like they never could under the authority of the mind.

In this capacity, we become powerful beyond measure. We exhibit characteristics of presence, compassion, unconditional love, a solutions-orientation that knows no bounds and we become a delivery system for Innate Intelligence to deliver solutions through us to a species about to overrun its only home!

Further, J.Hamilton says: “he has been fortunate.” He has been meditating for most of 50 years (since 1973) and when he was young, learned how to combine goal setting, harnessing the subconscious mind and meditation and retired at the age of 30 with a 40ft sailboat. After a number of years of big boat sailing including a yacht race to Cuba in 1979 (third place Cruising Class A), Jim inadvertently moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1987, started to do consulting and then wrote his first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times.

He now has five books (with two more on the way) and about 180 articles along with several technologies, one of which is based on the science of neurofeedback for rapidly advancing personal (and collective) consciousness. Another revolves about saturating the mind with a particular type of affirmation about one’s connection with Source for which Guidance Lite™ becomes available.


•  Jim’s first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times: blueprint for reality creation (2005) is about the possibilities of individual and collective reality creation in alignment with Innate Intelligence.

•  J.Hamilton released a second book titled CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance (2009) for the purpose of identifying access to nonresistance and the resultant Presence and Guidance that becomes available. Key words: nonresistance, mindlessness, Innate Guidance, timelessness, solutions and timeliness. Link

•  He released a third title: Beyond Words: thoughts become awareness (2010), documenting his personal experiences of transformation through a series of chronological articles compiled into a book format.

•  His fourth book, what if Prosperity has nothing to do with money (2015) explores the quality of our connection with Source as the foundation for the quality of our happenstances, our synchronicities, harmonies and order, and everything we need, do and love in life. What IF money has nothing to do with prosperity? What IF it’s all about plugging back into our Connection and aligning with what’s true? What IF the answer has been under our nose for 8000 years?

•  And his fifth book, The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies: for an enlightened world (2015) lays out a program and plan for infusing Innate Intelligence into intentional corporations, intentional communities and other intentional organizations. Anything going forward without properly infusing Innate Intelligence’s contribution into our lives and business is simple ignorance and invites failure and dysfunction.

VisionariesLab was founded in 2004 in support of Jim’s first two books. VisionariesLab morphed into CORE Resonance in 2014 in support three additional books and ultimately what became CORE Resonance Colonies™ and TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance. Topping out with a final article in 2022 titled States of Being as Feeling, he then turned back to foundational teaching as VisionariesLab! (2023).

Presently, VisionariesLab is comprised of three primary technologies:

1) VisionariesLab is unique in that it starts with a more refined understanding of the outcomes we are attempting to achieve. Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ (SoarAFFIRM™) for example, begins with an advanced set of well-proven affirmations, converts them into Soaring Affirmations™ and otherwise uses, trains and teaches the mind to access its near limits to deliver newfound levels of synchronicity, harmony and order into our lives. In this “low earth orbit” of sorts, we come to access what I like to call Guidance Lite™.

VisionariesLab’s mind-based technologies catapult us past the earthly, mind-based, polarity-based domains and into “low earth orbit” for which accessing the frequency of God becomes available as a non-linear synchronicity, harmony and order/ flow and abundance type of expression in our lives.

2) CORE Resonance is more similar to the “exploration of the moon and Mars” leaving the mind and earthly domains far behind. CORE Resonance can deliver “beyond the results of a lifetime of meditation” or intentional psychedelics/ plant medicine usage (without the wear and tear) in a short period of time for which an accumulation of “non-mind sensing-based” experiences become our point of reference. As we come to understand there is far more available than what the mind can access or deliver, we grow like never before.

CORE Resonance is an advanced “nervous system sensing-based” technology designed to deliver and access advanced levels of Presence, Guidance and Order for which a limitless journey becomes available. Blending with Source/ partnering with Source is the true aim of CORE Resonance for which ascension may be found along this pathway.

3) 508 Communities are the legal housing or the fairing/ protection for the advanced human being operating in a world of massive legal dysfunction, polarity, dis-ease, dis-harmony, etc. Guided by the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, federal statutes and otherwise a fundamental understanding of American law, human beings regroup as non profit 508 private CMOs to discover their strengths and refine their very nature.

You can learn more at Trilogy.

Aligning with what is True opens the way for an exploration of living life that so far exceeds what we are presently experiencing that we transform into “the Second Coming.” We become God-realized human beings operating at our potential and expressing in resonance with not only each other but the larger whole.

Offering advanced Business, Wellness and Life Coaching, J.Hamilton enables clients to successfully access advanced states of consciousness that facilitate sophisticated levels of advanced personal performance. Clients, including athletes, professionals and those seeking higher states of consciousness report states of well being and spiritual awareness here-to-fore unknown.
The Formula? Nonresistance and the Law of Attraction. How to get there is the game of life!

J.Hamilton is available for a 30min introductory call via Zoom, etc. at COREresonance.com/contact
Additional Information: 20 min Audio

Download an excerpt from Synopsis of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance: for an enlightened world (2014) by J.Hamilton

As we rise up in our frequency, we are met with “messengers,” i.e., Innate Guidance delivering solutions to what we once attempted to achieve on our own.

As Presence and Guidance become tangible, Innate Guidance begins to physically interact and even override our decision-making process.

You then know you are on your way.
[link to free download of Synopsis]

Coaching, Consulting & Resets by J.Hamilton

    • Long term strategies, game plans, resets and specific objectives aligned with business, negotiations, pleasure, relationships, spiritual endeavors, meditation, etc.
    • Immediate issues, concerns and healing with a solutions-orientation that knows no bounds.
    • The evaluating and re-establishment of patterns and habits that produce new outcomes, and
    • Anti-aging Strategies, i.e., evaluating and upgrading unconsciously held patterns and habits to better serve our chosen trajectories! After all, some of us might want to live a very long time and pass when we choose. (Some may even want to see how all of this turns out 🙂

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The culmination of thirty years of research by author J.Hamilton, CORE Resonance is the best 21st century survival guide and success tool wrapped into one simple volume of 10 simple chapters. Learn how to move from reacting to your environment to a partnership with a Success System that knows no bounds.

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