Interviews with J.Hamilton

J.Hamilton has been interviewed on numerous occasions regarding his thoughts regarding CORE Resonance, finding a solution, and other topics of interest. Please take the time to listen to the various interviews below. PS I find the oldest interviews surprisingly similar to the most recent ☺

Most recent interviews with Rob Christie:

017_Sovereignty, Guidance and Guidance Lite!™
Truest sovereignty is about reestablishing our inner nature of connection with Guidance and Source. Life then unfolds into our highest possibilities and contributes to the growth of others. CORE Resonance and VisionariesLab offer programs designed to deliver our truest connection with Source. As synchronicity, harmony & order become evident, personal power, abundance, prosperity and flow deliver us to our highest possibilities!

015_Allow “Allowing” To Do Life’s Heavy Lifting!
As we master the world of allowing, we become enabled of a lifestyle far beyond what we normally believe to be possible. “Choice Points™,” not so different from a ship’s rudder, delivers us away from dissonance and toward coherence. As we become more coherent, we make better choices and allowing becomes easier. Choice Points™ and allowing “allowing” to do the heavy lifting delivers the life we truly want!

014_The Power of Coherence and Exponential Multipliers
As we learn to have dominion over the mind, we move past the mind & enabled of our natural state of connection w Source. As we move deeper into allowing, we naturally become blended with Source. Blended with Source, we now move through life (and business) contributing exponentially coherent outcomes. Grounding coherence into the world brings peace, order and justice where dissonance and disorder once reigned!

012_Discovering Our Truest Success
As we let go of resistance and allow Source to express through us, personal power and massive business acumen becomes available to us. In partnership with Source, we deliver a shining example of the possibilities for the species. To be truly successful, we must learn to tune in to the intelligence that surrounds all of life! Namasté

011_The Influence of the Modern Entrepreneur
Harnessing the mind aligned with our connection with Source delivers an unbeatable management of time & resources! As we line up with what’s true, we combine spirituality, business and a newfound partnership with Source, and become “usefully influential” beyond measure.

010_(Spiritual) Fitness, (Spiritual) Relationships and (Spiritual) Sexuality
Success awaits those who learn how to plug into what’s True. Guidance and flow, idealized as synchronicity, harmony & order, prevail in our lives! There is a simple governance that all of life abides, and as humans come to understand the importance of this Connection, we thrive like never before.

009_Career, Money and Health: An Insight Into True Success!
Our beliefs are foundational to our outcomes. What we believe.. is an essential ingredient of our success! As we come to understand the fundamental nature of our existence, we learn to rely on what’s true. As we come to rely on what’s true, our success, health, finances and careers become our truest pleasures and outpourings.

008_The Art and Science of Allowing
Allowing is how our worlds unfold, and how our connection with Source expresses. As we build our connection with Source, we learn to allow (versus decide) what we want! Allowing our connection with Source to expand, and letting it unfold in its own manner, allows us access to our truest potential. And as it does, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world, and the world, a (far) better place.

007_The Map of Consciousness’ Exponential Multipliers
The Map was first published in Power Vs Force introducing a logarithmic relationship between resistance and allowing. As we become more allowing, we move away from resistance and naturally become more blended w Source. As we become partnered w Source, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world, and the world, a better place!

006_The Power of Witness!
The quality of what we witness in our daily lives is a scorecard for the quality of our connection with Source. Evidence of our connection with Source appears as coherence, “magic” and new order in our lives. As we become aware of the cause & effect nature of our reality creating in association w our Connection, we thrive like never before!

005_Soaring Affirmations™, Prayer and the Power of Witness
Our prayer is our constant broadcast to Source. Prayer is the mechanism by which we continuously interface with Source. As we refine our prayer, affirmation and broadcast, we “witness” an upward spiral in our lives. “Witnessing” this upward spiral delivers an advanced level of affirmation which facilitates the refinement of our prayer and our outcomes!

004_Soaring Affirmations™, Mind, Guidance Lite™ and Partnering with the Frequency of God — Q&A
Join us as we explore saturating the mind w a specific type of affirmation for the purpose of ultimate personal performance! “Ultimate personal performance” is a product of learning to blend w Source, Innate Intelligence, etc. As we come to have dominion over the mind, we step into our truest power!

003_Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™
As we explore Soaring Affirmations™ we establish a beginning point for enabling our Connection with Source. As our Connection grows, rigidity drops away, prosperity ensues, allowing becomes more evident and Guidance Lite™ naturally begins to influence our lives!

002_Language and Soaring Affirm links
Because we have dominion over the mind, we can harness the mind to re-establish the quality of our outcomes. As we saturate the mind with Soaring Affirmations™, our mental output, our language, perceptions and what we know to so revises itself ever upward!

001_Cannabis, CORE Resonance and Consciousness
Exploring Cannabis as a mechanism of contributing to individual consciousness. Through the use of small amounts of legal cannabis, resistance drops and we simply become more conscious! How is this so? Consciousness and resistance are inverse! Less resistance = more allowing!

Older Interviews (recent to older)

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