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dograces1For most of us, our lives run on automatic; much more so than we might expect. For most of us, our lives are pretty much set. We wake up in the mornings, go about our day, pay our bills, and go to bed each evening. Some of us are happy, some of us are not; some of us struggle, and many “just get through” life. Few attain anything of real accomplishment other than the amassing of “paper wealth,”

though increasingly we are discovering how inconsequential paper wealth actually is.

Instead, it’s time we redefine Wealth and Success. We begin by learning how to manage our lives in sync with a more elevated intention, a more elevated vision, and a more elevated expectation. Learning how to revise our lives upward can bring an inner peace which becomes the foundation of true wealth. And to achieve true wealth, we learn to partner with something bigger than ourselves such that our inner core and inner dialogue becomes our center and our guide. With our new center, i.e., our roadmap to true wealth, true success and true prosperity becomes available.

We flourish and discover time to be our most valuable commodity!

To achieve the above, we must become masters of the ancient technology of cause and effect. We must become masters of our outcomes for which a new type of success, security and serenity become available. And as we do so, life shows us new levels of synchronicity, harmony and order, not so different from the timeless magic of a flower blossoming for which we now have the time (wealth) to stop to “smell the roses,” contemplate a sunset, or just relax. Suddenly we’ve discover true wealth.

After all, the “rat race” does not offer “wealth.” 

Most of us live lives of variations of reaction and resistance to the machinations of the world around us. We devise maze1survival methodologies, defensive and reactionary responses to push away “what we do not want” expecting inner peace and true prosperity to simply fill itself in. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, our surroundings inadvertently dictate our lives because we react to our surroundings rather than hold a vision of what we truly want.

As we come to discover the foundation of our life is built on resistance and reaction; on variations of wishful thinking and manipulation of the facts and “stories” as it relates to our surroundings, do we get our first hint. Our second hint is found in the morning mirror with a truly joyous person beaming back,

or possibly someone a bit dazed and confused–maybe even beaten down a bit.

Our lives are what we have. Our lives are our treasures; our lives are what we make of them, and our lives are our creations for which we truly get one shot! Who and what we attract into our lives are our riches and the stories we tell afterward are our markers. Our wealth become a product of living and loving what we have achieved and what we have shared, i.e., our experiences in this life.

Or we continue more of the same ol’, same ol’..

CORE Resonance offers a program by which you can reset your trajectory, reset your momentum, and reset the results you achieve in your life. And, while access to presence does not come readily, CORE Resonance Reset™ Coaching delivers one to the precipice of the exploration and adventure that you so justly deserve. After all, we are living longer, staying healthy longer…

what will you do with your extra years?  Your extra time.

Finally you have a choice about life–your life. And before it becomes too late, find yourself, find your adventure and your wealth at whatever the cost.. time mostly, but whatever the cost–for which an alternate perspective is essential.

Ahh, the rewards of self-discovery with perspective from someone who has already been there!

We explore for example, the part resistance plays in your life. We explore the mechanism that causes us to repeat, repeat and repeat, and to repeat yet again. We explore the mechanism behind allowing and the world that becomes available beyond resistance as we learn how to embrace the magic of life. We learn how to drop what doesn’t work, find what does work and discover why what works, works! We touch on courage and the importance of embracing the Unknown, the source of everything of interest. We learn how to harness foundational Law of Attraction, i.e., “what you focus on expands” with an understanding that resistance is focus; very expensive focus.

Resistance brings us everything we do not want; allowing brings us everything we do want.

We learn how to become responsible at all new levels of being for which our outcomes soar like we never thought they could, except in our dreams.

The symphonies and rhythms of life becomes our guide and confidant..

Your coach:

J.HamiltonAuthor and visionary J.Hamilton retired at the age of 30 abiding by one of his many goals at the time: suntanned feet! Self taught in a number of professions, he began his journey by harnessing the subconscious mind, goal setting and meditation. By the age of 26, he owned Natural Habits, a two-year old Pearson 39 centerboard yawl. Calling Key Largo home for 8 years, he extensively sailed the Florida Keys and Bahamas. His exploits included sailing to Cuba in the Key West Varadero Yacht Race in 1979, winning third place in his class with “6th boat to arrive” honors out of a field of about 50 boats.

Jim was 29 years old at the time.

Leaving the yacht world behind and moving to the wonderful world of the desert in late 1987, he had to adapt and has been teaching sovereignty and personal empowerment ever since. With an uncommon amount of common sense tempered by 40+ years of meditation, he is self-taught in law and presently has 5 books and 150+ articles about personal empowerment. After selling exactly $1m of neurofeedback for a neurofeedback startup company in 2006-2007 based on principles in his first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times, he developed a technology to rapidly evolve personal and collective consciousness discovering a variation on modern neurofeedback. Once it is discovered that your nervous system is your center, similar to a living antenna system attuned to the Cosmos,

refining your nervous system becomes the biggest secret of all!

J.Hamilton says “as we become more conscious, we become less resistant. As we become less resistant, we become more allowing. As we become more allowing, a bigger scale of Order becomes available. As we learn to partner with this Order, the treasures of life become more apparent. As a side benefit, we become exponentially contributive. Our stories and our exploits; what we have to report back about our travels, contributions and the people we have touched, get better and better!

Mastering life becomes our truest wealth!


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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