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What’s been going on over the last six months? The American government is in free-fall, America’s ability to have their vote counted is increasingly unsure, Black Lives Matter has become a mainstay with global support, awareness of police brutality has finally taken hold, and a pandemic expected by biologists and virologists as the “100 year scenario” has arrived to devastating results. Worse, there seems to be no plan in place to deal with this issue!

Overall, our society is on its ear. And, our dysfunctional forward movement has come to a screeching halt, at least to the benefit of the whales and the environment!

What has always been swept under the rug is now up for review—and like never before. People have finally had enough, though we are not the instigators of our awareness. Instead, Nature is the source of our awareness! Finally, we have reached a critical mass of dissonance, destruction and disorder on our planet, and the COVID-19 global pandemic is an expression of our lack of awareness about how to work together as one species on our one and only planet.

It has become time to:

1) not so different from a deer in the headlights, hope for the best, or
2) during this time of great opportunity, become intentionally and consciously involved in the remaking of our one and only home.

Through a “perfect storm” of circumstances, humanity has reached a place of awareness and a place of “enough is enough.” We can pull out of this self-imposed mess if we choose to—though we are up against a wall and actually have little choice. After all, it is almost impossible to create change when the status quo; when globally-held and nationally-held patterns and habits of belief are strong and stable. Instead, our national and global patterns and habits are in massive disarray; our psyches are tattered and torn, and “we need a new gig,” to quote from Rene Russo’s character in the film Tin Cup.

But if there is anything human beings are known for, it is the rising up under duress and finding the tenacity, strength and courage to push forward. Along with personal and collective choices, we are again reminded about the importance of caring for others. Accordingly, we find ourselves in such a place—thanks to the pandemic.

All we need is a plan.

There have always been incredible forces at play attempting to positively influence the world but the status quo, held together by “the few” (driven by greed) and supported by the inadvertent consent of the unconscious masses has been rigid and unyielding—right before our very eyes. It has been difficult to advance culturally and politically because of the acceptance of “it’s the way it is” held by so many and their powerful unconscious acceptance of the same—of which we are all inadvertent contributors.

Elon Musk is a notable exception. He introduced electric automobiles in the face of a vast old-school hierarchy. True, the hierarchy was softened by the transition of American automaker supremacy to Japanese and Korean automakers which finally delivered an opening for the Tesla EV in what was seemingly an impenetrable market.

Elon Musk beat the odds again with his re-usable rocket boosters enabling a whole new access to space exploration. He is also delivering big breakthroughs in neurology and artificial intelligence.

Similar to Elon Musk, there are thousands if not millions of ideas in different stages of preparation for making the world a better place but stifled by the “powers that be.” But at the end of the 2012–2020 era of astrological importance, we are finally having a full and complete breakdown of the status quo. The realm of the “old white male” and otherwise male dominated values are in their last dying gasps.

It seems the life we were all somehow somewhere promised is finally on the near horizon. It seems the blinders came off at the onset of the pandemic. It seems staying home for several months all over the world has done the trick. It seems we are more ready than ever for something new.

Finally, the Democrats have a plan to eliminate greenhouse gasses by the year 2050. Far too little too late it seems, but anything is better than nothing. The question is, without the pandemic, without the Black Lives Matter movement, without so much catastrophic change, would this 538-page bill to reset the U.S. economy’s greenhouse gasses to zero by 2050 even be a possibility? Probably not!

We live in unprecedented times. We live on the cusp of change so huge that it took a global pandemic to punch through the rigid status quo to our next possibility. Nature has said enough is enough. After all, Nature has reached the limits of being able to absorb the by-products of our advancements as a species at the expense of everything.

And so we’ve gotten a wake-up call! The pandemic, which illuminated the atrocities identified by Black Lives Matter for example, and even the vaccine issue is finally seeing the light of day. The pandemic is a doorway and a portal, and we must take it.

Humanity is on the cusp of something great if we can shake off the “someone else will do it” mentality in the face of something so ripe for revision. It is time for each of us to become the authors and responsible partners of our survival and act upon our choices as a conscious species.

It is time for each of us to become intentional. It is time for each of us to become an activist aligned with our inner nature’s urgings, insights and wisdom. After all, we are spiritual beings beneath our human experience. It is time to become intentional and upgrade our psyches and patterns and habits to do what’s required of us.

It is time to become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place.

The 1st Colony™ by CORE Resonance made its debut in mid 2019. As a group of six, we documented that we could generate a substantial and palpable field of coherence around us that we could draw from for our personal lives and simultaneously ground coherence into the world around us. Coherence of course, is a scientifically validated frequency that dissipates distortion, not so different from shining a light in darkness. The 1st Colony™ is modeled after the research and the numerous demonstrations of The Maharishi Effect, the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins and a little known article titled Are Inventions Inevitable? indicating that human beings are entirely reliant on their natural connection with Source.

By enabling and refining this natural state of Connection, we become exponentially contributive to making our world — and the world, a far more peaceful and orderly place.

Seems making the world a better place is up to us!

It Is Time To Make A Choice

Exponential and consciousness tools for grounding peace into the world are now available to rapidly advance individual and collective consciousness. We have learned how to harness the human nervous system to enhance our natural state of connection with Source — not so different from tuning and aligning a living antenna receiving system. In partnership with Source, we now have the option to become intentional as a species; to choose to contribute and thrive — or take our chances assuming someone else will do it!

As we become responsible as a species; as we become stewards of our planet, we become stewards of our governments and we become stewards and caretakers of our multiple and unique ethnicities, nationalities and heritages. We become stewards of those less fortunate and among other things, we completely eliminate starvation on our bountiful planet.

It is essential that everyone has access to education and that everyone has the ability to rise beyond their parents and the society that bore them.

After all, it is the unfolding of the potential of humanity that delivers our brightest futures.

It is time for human beings to plug into what’s true; to express each our unique potential and make sure no one is left behind. There is an overall governance that humanity is out of sync with delivering a massively distorted expression of our potential. To re-enable this natural state of order, evident in every other natural expression of life on this planet, is the obligation we have to each other. There are always solutions as we go forward but…

there are no solutions when we sit on our hands.

Join a Colony™ and become an active participant for creating peace on earth through NFBR4-WorldPeace. Colonies™ are a very good use of your time.