DOMA: Autobiographical Notes

facebookProfilePhoto_203H_BannerMy history and personal goal has always been a quest to have “dominion over my affairs – all of my affairs.” This began as a child assuming a certain level of sophistication to the order of the world as I grew up. But as I moved into my teen-age years, it became apparent that my parents did not have a sophisticated understanding of the workings of the world, I was not impressed with the church nor was I impressed by the school system.

As I moved into my mid twenties, I was surprised to discover that the federal government, i.e., the District of Columbia, issued coded edicts demanding certain allegiances and obligations not necessarily within the scope or spirit of the law.

 And, in an unwillingness to allow pie sections of my life to be blacked-out by ignorance, intimidation or fear, I continued to look in earnest for true authority.

Meditation and goal setting is where it began for me. I was lucky. I started meditating when I was 23 years old and my life began to unfold in my favor from that time forward. Earlier, I had worked summers with my dad in his construction company and quickly realized this was not to be my peer group.

By the time I was 20 I found a niche in the contemporary restaurant world and graduated to boat sales several years later. It was as a yacht broker that I truly began to rub shoulders with successful people and learned how to find my way in the business world. During this early period, I was paid by the quality of my efforts whether it was as commissions for well run dining experiences (tips), or significant commissions selling large sailboats. Most importantly, meditation was a great deal of help. It “glued” my days together in a far more useful manner and allowed me to tap the common sense that seemed to be inherent in my being.

By my 26th birthday, I owned a two-year old 39-foot Pearson 39 centerboard yawl that I sailed for 8 years through 1984. Initially I did a one-year sailing trip (mostly the Florida Keys and Bahamas) while I was still married that eventually concluded that giving up Delta Airlines as a flight attendant (for her) wasn’t such a good idea and slowly went out separate ways. While there is more to the story, with goals of sun-tanned feet, I continued sailing some of the prettiest waters in the world including the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Cuba, etc. My boat, Natural Habits, was based out of Key Largo, Florida the entire time.

It was in the plugging into my mind through focus and a simple connection with Innate Intelligence through meditation that I began to put my life into an interesting kind of order. Suffice to say, I have had a very interesting life and done most everything I have wanted to do and then some including retiring from the man-made world when I was 30.

Some things still remain to be done but as I move further along, my world takes on increasingly interesting form. Dominion over my affairs is still my goal, but how to achieve this has refined itself quite a bit.

I might add that one of my first role models was the fictional character Jubal Harshaw in Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. It was in these pages that I was first introduced to sovereignty and dominion over my affairs (DOMA). I was also attracted by the early Ramtha teachings (1986) espousing “sovereignty” as well, introducing a spiritual perspective.

For many, many years, I described meditation as “learning how to listen with my nervous system.” More recently I understand meditation as the practice of nonresistance–planted as a seed in the western world by gurus half a planet away. In my experience, both interpretations of meditation are congruent.

Combined with an inherent capacity for common sense and a wisdom that comes from 40+ years of meditation, I find myself at the cutting edge of personal empowerment identified by the quality of my reality creating, i.e., how my life is unfolding. Another way to say it is, “reality creating is the ultimate scorecard for the quality of my connection with Source.” (article)

Leaving the boat business and moving to the deserts of Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona didn’t quite prepare me for the traditional business world. Instead I moved into consulting after a several-year stint with my own water treatment company researching drinking water, introducing potassium water softening to Arizona and working with ozone of all things 🙂

It was in consulting with and teaching individuals how to have dominion over their affairs that I eventually wrote Visionaries Thrive In All Times which is the foundation for my present work.

Practically the same day it was sent off to be published, I met and soon-thereafter worked with my first physicist, Victor Vernon Woolf, PhD. With my foundation of Visionaries Thrive In All Times and his need to publish ten of his recently written books, we had a great deal of rapport. I was very fortunate to become exposed to the cutting-edge of what he was teaching and I learned a great deal from Vern. Lucky for me, he thought my book was “pretty good.”

Visionaries Thrive In All Times is about dominion over one’s affairs, but not from the perspective of the mind or force or even focus. I discovered Intention (which offers a much broader “bandwidth” than focus) and began to understand Intention as the means by which we invite Innate Intelligence to contribute to/ partner in our experiences.

It was in this discovery that “dominion over my affairs” took on a whole new meaning. By the use of the mind, through a mechanism that was not restricted to the limitations of the mind, i.e., Intention, I learned how to summon Innate Intelligence to partner in my reality creating. This began a whole new level of understanding of personal empowerment and sovereignty.

In addition to many others, Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks Publishing) and Dr. David Hawkins were important influences. It was in the wisdom of the Abraham teachings that I began to understand (my gut and feeling nature aligned with my mind) that the Cosmos had something to say if I “could but learn to listen.” To this day, a sophisticated understanding of the Law of Attraction is paramount to escaping the karmic field (not so different from gravity) of planet earth to become more.

It is ultimately in a reliance on the formula of nonresistance and The Law of Attraction that we become truly successful, move away from our inherent limitations and most ably contribute to our own personal evolution. As someone once said, “If we are not contributing, we are just taking up space.” Learning how to contribute at an exponential level is my intention and open-ended goal. It is also what I teach.

Dr. David Hawkins, through his seminal Power vs Force (1995) and Map of Consciousness introduced me to a cosmological hierarchy of order delineated as levels of consciousness. As we advance in consciousness, we become more effective at helping ourselves and accordingly more effective at helping others. For example, according to the Map of Consciousness, one person at 700 (admittedly a very high number) counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200; one person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200, etc.

And rather than the linear manner of helping the proverbial little old lady across the street (whether she wants to go or not :), we resolve to instead advance our own consciousness as the most effective means of contributing to the unfolding of mankind. I call this becoming “usefully influential.” We become quantum and multi-dimensioned contributors powered by Intention catalyzed by our partnership with Innate Intelligence.

I fell into a situation of meeting the founder of a neurofeedback technology company in Scottsdale, Arizona in February of 2006. We met through synchronicity and decided to work together. He was in the throes of making a number of decisions and I brought a great deal of focus to his organization at that particular time.

I ended up pioneering the marketing and sales for this organization licensing and selling systems all over the world using Visionaries Thrive In All Times as my projection of what was possible. It was at about fourteen months that I realized something was seriously amiss with this rather amazing technology and company and as soon as I reached this conclusion, I stopped selling. In fact, I then thought about it for well over a year before I actually resigned.

In the meantime, I had sold exactly $1,000,000 of this form of neurofeedback into the marketplace and I was quite involved in setting up new offices. Better than that, I got to see the results of a wide range of practitioners and environments based on my own ideas. Mostly what I noticed was that by taking an incoherent brain and balancing it so-to-speak, access to Innate Intelligence and ultimately Innate Guidance became far more available.

It became apparent that working with clients was shifting consciousness but even more interesting, working with clients was having a huge influence on the office spaces we were working in. I described this at the time as “Innate Intelligence sticking to the walls.”

One office I worked closely with in Sedona, Arizona was having excellent success. We ran $10,000 of sessions through that office the first month and $17,000 the second month. Not only were we having a powerful impact on clients but we were changing the vibration of the huge house in which these two “chairs” were located. Note: $1700 for ten sessions.

I had another client with an energetically ho-hum chiropractic office in Flagstaff, characterized by plastic plants and dust. When we installed the equipment along with my sense and purpose of the technology, the energy in the office enlivened dramatically. It was my interpretation that in “balancing the brain and nervous system” we were “piping” a great deal more Innate Intelligence into this dimension through a coherent nervous system, and it was “sticking to the walls!” This seemed to be a quite true and noticeable by others. These were very exciting times.

To the licensees I was working with, it was obvious that we had stumbled onto something quite important because we could see the results we were producing. My clients had 100’s of sessions and it seemed the magic mark started at around 60 sessions. The resonance of this work attracted new clients, it attracted business, and we were all moving into higher states. See VTAT Chapters

In the last Masters Training I attended in 2008, most of the licensees (none of whom I was involved with) seemed to have personally fewer than 20 sessions each at most! And little idea of what was going on. The potential of the product as I had discovered it was not being expressed and the whole thing was languishing. I officially resigned very shortly afterward.

Accessing Innate Intelligence
My book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times, is about the importance of partnering with Innate Intelligence for the quality of our reality creating, i.e., if we wanted to escape our linear-projected life expression, we needed to partner with something bigger than ourselves. And, I was becoming aware of the fact that we could more effectively access Innate Intelligence through a “balanced” nervous system.

By “exercising” the nervous system, we could take it from an incoherent (out of balance) state to a coherent (balanced) state. It became obvious that a coherent nervous system has “resonance with the Cosmos.”

Thus, my first book was about how to partner with Innate Intelligence for which the Universe introduced me to a means by which I could experience this even if it was through somebody else’s offices, equipment and technology! I produced extraordinarily results. And, of course, I work with neurofeedback differently than most based on what I’ve learned. This is called CORE Resonance Training.

I liken CORE Resonance Training to the earliest churches designed with the dimensions of sacred geometry at their core and thus attracting a certain frequency–the frequency of God. Accordingly, buildings designed with the dimensions of sacred geometry are meant to attract Innate Intelligence and resonate the God “frequency,” so to speak. CORE Resonance is doing similar work. This takes the idea of our bodies as temples to all-together new levels of understanding!

As an aside, when I was with the above referenced company, we did a lot of brain assessments and I was able to see that all of us are far more out of balance than anybody might ever guess. We are all on huge overload and by extension, quite dysfunctional! Do you think you are the exception? Everybody’s brain is out of sync with the larger order. Everybody’s!

Even with 33-years of meditation at the time (2006), my brain was not remarkable other than identifying a huge alpha reservoir, a product of many years of meditation producing the presence necessary (alpha frequency) for Innate Intelligence to access me. We have seen balanced brains but so far, they are few and far between. I suspect one would be found in the cranium of the Dali Lama and others who are the product of multiple generations of the enculturation of meditation.

A couple of points:

1) It was in my first five neurofeedback sessions in early 2006 that I became aware of nonresistance though it took a year to figure out what I was experiencing. Nonresistance has since given rapid rise to my own evolution and discoveries.

2) Importantly, I discovered that I am not my brain. My brain (as part of the nervous system) is hardware or technology, not so different from a radio receiver allowing Innate Intelligence to express itself “through us” as we increasing make ourselves available through nonresistance,

3) It is my estimation that a lifetime of meditation alone is not enough to get one to enlightenment or even to the truly higher states.

4) Later, I discovered that “we” are actually “awareness,” a “by-product” of Innate Intelligence expressing itself “through us” into this dimension. By another analogy, “we” might be described as the “glow” that accompanies a powerful current of electricity flowing through a wire,

5) I believe this “awareness” is now the cutting edge for which another iteration of Innate Intelligence becomes able to express itself. In this “awareness,” we become enlivened partners with Innate Intelligence and develop a true identity (if we so choose). This is likely the mechanics of ascension,

6) Innate Intelligence delivering itself into this dimension through the sophistication of our physical body and nervous system is our initial and only important function. Cleaning up our nervous systems is our first and foremost immediate task. (Reference article:Technology and Innate Intelligence by J.Hamilton)

It appears to me that it takes three or four successive generations of meditation to become the recipient of advanced states of being. A paltry 36-years just doesn’t cut it. I know this from experience. And I have seen quite a few brain maps including meditators for which a single lifetime of meditation is simply not enough to overcome the scale of the imbalances, i.e., blood-line lineage, DNA memory and environmental factors (parents, poverty, etc.) we inherit (karma) and react to over and over again (also karma).

It is in the creation of a coherent nervous system that we become able to “tune in” to the Cosmos. And it is with a coherent nervous system that we create a pathway for resonance with the Cosmos. Said another way, with a coherent nervous system, we have resonance with the Cosmos.

blue-flowerBut it won’t happen any faster than your nervous system will allow because there is often a great deal of unfolding to occur, similar to the opening of a thousand petal lotus. But you can put your brain into an environment that allows it to shed trauma and become coherent and resonant and do so well within a lifetime – possibly several years or so. To that end, I have put a package together to most efficiently deliver advancing consciousness to those who wish to have more in their lives.

It is important to note that CORE Resonance does not dictate end results in any manner. CORE Resonance puts the brain into an environment to allow the brain to “see itself” through exercises and software, and in this environment the brain begins to reorganize itself and become coherent on its own. Accordingly, the mind fades and relaxes as this new connection takes over.

This is not so different from a blind person beginning to be able to see. The first thing a blind person does after the marvels of sight become available is to begin to reorganize their immediate surroundings. CORE Resonance Training puts the brain into an environment that allows it to see itself and thus begin to reorganize, restructure and redefine itself. This is similar to exercise or yoga for which we redefine muscle groups and bring tone and new definition to our once unorganized musculature.

Because the brain interfaces with the world though the mind, i.e., a hodgepodge of questionable values, beliefs, fear and doubt, reactionary posturing and lessons learned through trauma, etc., the mind offers a very poor feedback mechanism for the brain to review its own circumstances. This is the normal day-to-day feedback mechanism that the brain is surrounded by and normally limited to.. Muddled might be a good word.

True health and wealth and success and happiness are products of a coherent connection with Innate Intelligence for which resonance ensues and guidance and insight is enabled. It is in an intact connection with Innate Guidance that we become able to express at untold levels of contribution in the arts and sciences, learning institutions, etc., as well as our day-to-day lives.

And in the vast sophistication of our nervous system, similar to dropping a fine piano, we have become “out of tune” with our Maker, for which we generate staggering levels of personal dysfunction and collective wreckage, several of which include The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the dead zone from the runoff of the Mississippi river pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, and of course, most recently, Fukushima not to mention the relatively unknown 586 square mile Hanford nuclear reservation straddling(!) the Columbia river. War, aggression, starvation, the treatment of women and satellite junk in space are just a few of the by-products of a very dysfunctional species.

To become a successful species on planet earth, we are going to have to learn how to merge with something that works. Even as the most complex amalgamation of cells, systems, organs and nervous system on the planet, we are incapable of getting along on our own. And, as we are coming to discern, plugging back into our Maker in a conscious and intentional manner is going to be our most fruitful decision.

As we learn how to go beyond resistance and reaction, and fear and doubt; as we learn how to move to allowing, nonresistance and acceptance  and Unconditional Love, i.e., no resistance to our Maker, we become able to mesh with a system of success that knows no bounds; a system that has been effortlessly unfolding and solving problems since long before the beginning of time. It has become time to plug in (re-enable our natural state of connection) and become a means by which solutions are delivered to this dimension.

Individually and collectively, we are becoming conscious enough to recognize that we:

1) are not on our own,

2) incapable of being on our own,

3) the mind and brain are insufficient to process our surroundings for the purpose of providing significant guidance, and

4) Innate Guidance is a welcome relief and solutions-orientation as we overload the air, oceans, cities and personal environment with waste and a disregard for our overall health and success of all species.

It is the purpose of CORE Resonance to engender coherence within the nervous system so that we are able to resonate within the larger order of life – of which we are only one small component part. In our ability to partner with Innate Intelligence; in our ability to mesh with a success system larger than we could ever devise on our own, humanity takes its next step toward sustainability, contribution and a joy that knows no bounds. As we learn how to put the mind aside, we become successful.

And for those who think an automated system of guidance might be boring, the world is far larger than we might ever guess. Access to the Unknown with an intact guidance system is no small matter. There is far more to explore than we can even begin to imagine and through our choices, we can explore to our heart (and soul’s) content. It is in nonresistance that the world becomes a more meaningful and more interesting place; we make our best choices, enter into the Unknown in sync with Innate Guidance, and become aligned with life at exceedingly more sophisticated levels of being.

CORE Resonance glimpses this and offers a rapid ramp-up for those wishing an introduction to nonresistance and the world that unfolds just beyond. In our ability to mesh with the stars and whence we came, we begin to become truly successful, both individually and collectively.

Wishing you well, and
Sending you Love, naturally

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