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–© 2019 J.Hamilton
By J.Hamilton

The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies: for an enlightened world was completed Friday, March 20, 2014, the same day the Spring Equinox, the Super Moon and a rare total solar eclipse each made their appearance.

The completion of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™ also signaled the completion of an unexpected five-book writing series that begin in April of 2001 and covered a 13-year writing period. While I was not planning any such completion date for this series of books, it did appear to be a bit auspicious.

And while writing five books back-to-back delivered what seemed to be my message, none of which was expected or planned, it was the spontaneous forming of the 1st Colony™ on the Spring Equinox of March 20, 2019, exactly four years later that truly brought the entire message to the light of day! It was only the next day that I discovered the 1st Colony™ formed on the Spring Equinox of 2019! Could this appearance of Order suggest Guidance or inherent Order of some sort?

Could these dates be evidence of coherence that, if we but had the eyes to see, is all around us?

The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies delivers the idea that by rapidly advancing individual consciousness; collective consciousness can rapidly (and exponentially) advance as well. By harnessing the Maharishi Effect, the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins, along with a little known paper titled “Are Inventions Inevitable” by two Columbia University professors; The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™ delivers a mechanism by which humanity can rapidly rise to all new levels of order and peace on planet earth.

The purpose of a Colony™, with a goal of 1,350 Colonies™ across the planet, is to ground coherence into the realm of humankind. According to ancient Vedic texts the expression:

“tat sannidhau vairatyagah,” translates to: “in the vicinity of coherence, hostile tendencies cease to exist

Validated by modern science, this ancient principal identifies that coherence dissipates disorder. And it appears coherence and the frequency of God is the same thing or as close as humans will ever get to understanding the frequency of God. As we learn to ground coherence into the realm of humankind, distortion, dissension and dissonance will radically decline and be replaced by Order, for which Nature is the perfect evidence. Reference: Maharishi Effect, Washington DC demonstration and corollary studies.

The game becomes how to summon the frequency of God into the realm of humanity for the purpose of reducing wear and tear on planet earth and giving the human species a break from its dysfunctional/ dissonant reality creating and existence so that we can reset ourselves as a species and rise up in a meaningful evolutionary manner. As we learn to line up with what is true, it becomes a far easier path.

After all, conscious evolution is the next big step for humanity!

The question becomes “How do we do it?” and “When do we do it?”

In sync with the documented success of meditation to quiet the nervous system, CORE Resonance Training™ leads to a similar result but in a much faster manner for which we become less resistant and less reactive to life. As we become less resistant, we become more open to the Cosmos expressing through us which looks like 1) Allowing (and more allowing), 2) Guidance, and 3) refined reality creating and outcomes which delivers us to Order.

It is in an awakening of that subtle partnership with Innate Intelligence that we become able to deliver, or host or become a vessel for happenings far beyond what we could ever produce on our own.

Partnering with Innate Intelligence elevates individual consciousness quotients to an almost untold expression which then allows Innate Intelligence to express through us with little or no distortion. In other words, as we learn how to partner with Source, we become a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses though us. Our function becomes to allow Innate Intelligence to express through us with no distortion for which our experiences follow in an astoundingly coherent manner, exponentially influencing the whole.

Allowing Innate Intelligence to express through us with no distortion not only delivers “the ride of a lifetime” but delivers coherence to a planet in need of a few good ideas.

With refined nervous systems, human beings become able to blend/ partner with Innate Intelligence and become the mechanism by which heaven on earth becomes possible. After all, the entire planet is in a magnificent order other than the surprisingly dysfunctional human beings who operate outside of this Innate Order. By delivering coherence into the realm of humankind; by re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source for which Guidance becomes wholly obvious and available, we create a mechanism for humanity learning how to express itself in a powerfully useful manner.

The 1st Colony is wildly successful. As the initial group began to use CORE Resonance (a modification and refinement of traditional neurofeedback sans programming of any sort), the synchronicities were far beyond expectations. Never having worked with a group attempting coherence prior to this 1st Colony, the feedback was remarkable. We document what we discover per the individual Daily Sessions Log™ and otherwise by sharing our experiences. In this instance, I wish to share some of my latest experiences.

Let’s begin:

1) I reported to one of my colleagues in June of 2019 that I thought my intelligence had jumped about 20 percent. I think what happened was my ability to sense out and receive back had grown significantly since the forming of the 1st Colony™. It is “as if” I can perceive under the blanket, past where most can see/ sense and receive back, draw conclusions in an intuitive manner and respond and otherwise move forward in a consciously strategic and useful manner.
— J.Hamilton

In fact, shortly after making the statement about intelligence to a 1st Colony™ partner, I received an email from another 1st Colony™ member identifying an article describing how science is beginning to see intuition as the source of intelligence. Reference: quick video indicating intuition and science.

I also want to mention that I have had quite a few very significant experiences that border on true paranormal, or what might be defined as higher states of consciousness referenced in a practical manner.

2) Alexis and I were pulling out of our mailbox location and through a third sense (partly common sense, partly premonition, and partly intuitively seeing what was going to occur before it occurred) with the front bumper of our car virtually at the curb ready to enter the highway (89A) to the right (toward uptown–east), I intuitively backed up just as a car (driving east) along the curb lane was crowded by a car attempting to move into the flow of traffic (to the east) from Harmony which was a cross street to 89A.

In other words, this third car crossed the two westbound lanes, the middle lane and attempted to merge not only with the traffic moving east on 89A but also wanted the curb lane to turn into the Thai restaurant just a few doors beyond. Likely a lost tourist determined to get to the restaurant—no ifs, ands or buts!

Had I not intuitively moved back, there would have been too many cars in the same spot at the same time! I can still distinctly remember the insight to simply back up before it all occurred. Alexis was the perfect witness!

3) We had another very similar event within a day or so when we were driving in the Basha’s grocery store parking lot in the parking lane parallel to Coffee Pot Drive. I intuitively “dove” into the parking stripes at the end of the lane (just before turning right to head to Coffee Pot) as a car coming from Coffee Pot turned up the first lane of parking at a 45 degree angle without regard for parking lot etiquette—or us already being there. We surely would have been hit if I hadn’t, in a similar manner to the above, evaded an event before it happened. I did not really see the car coming because it did something blatantly outside of the ordinary parking lot scheme and expectation, but simultaneous to him unexpectedly showing up, I was already in revision mode. Both experiences were very similar and occurred within a very short period of time.

4) I had the experience of leaving the Harkins Theatre with Alexis and as we walked up to the passenger side of the car and I moved toward opening her passenger car door, I had the distinct sense that the car beside us, parked a little too close to us, was going to open the driver’s side door and our doors were going to collide. Being aware of this “insight,” I preemptively continued forward and as I began to open Alexis’ door (blocking her exit) I sensed there was a woman in that car and she was just getting ready to push her shoulder against the door to open it. Instead I intuited, she saw me and refrained from attempting to open her door because I was in process already.

As an aside, there was the sound of an engine running suggesting she may have been on her cell phone and not actually intending to leave her car. But as I walked to the drivers’ side of our car curious about what was actually occurring, as if just on cue, the woman emerged from the driver’s side of the car parked a bit too close to us. In retrospect, there was a third car with the engine running with someone on their cell phone. The experience was entirely as interesting to the several above..

 5) A week later, Alexis and I were in LA where I was attending a seminar in Newport Beach on a Sunday. On Monday, we had a full day planned with the intention of making our way to the Santa Monica area for lunch and then heading to the center of downtown to meet a friend for cocktails at 7pm for which we had to allow for LA traffic which is known to be bumper to bumper at 75mph – 7 lanes wide.

It had been our intention to hug the coast and drive up PCH from Newport Beach to end up in the Venice/ Santa Monica area. But we inadvertently found ourselves in an unmarked traffic circle (no signs, warnings or stripes!) which graced us with the experience of inadvertently putting us on the I-405, handily in the right direction. Because I lived on Wilshire Blvd at the I-405 for a year ten years ago, I knew my way around a bit. Next thing you know we are in 7 lane wide traffic at 75mph. Again, I kind of knew where I was but I couldn’t quite manage Google maps at the speed things were unfolding (and changing).. After about 20min, we got off at the Marina Freeway (not the plan “but seemed the thing to do”) which took us to Lincoln and towards Venice!

We managed to find our way to the Venice neighborhood I was envisioning in the back of my mind (Abbot Kinney Blvd) though  we did not map it out in any way beforehand because I had no real plan! I hardly knew the name of the street I was thinking about much less how to get there. After all, Newport Beach is 50 miles away from Venice in notorious LA traffic! And, we found a parking spot!

As we began to walk along Abbot Kinney (very nice section of Venice), we asked and were directed to what became an incredible lunch spot (Gjelina) for which I ended up writing a very positive review. But more interestingly, with Alexis’ birthday just a few days away and no real preparation on my part underway and barely knowing where we were as we walked up to a store, I had a flash of “jewelry” in my head as we approached what turned out to be a jewelry store.

As we walked up to the window, as if just on cue, I pointed through the window to a very nice necklace. I showed it to Alexis, but all was happening too fast and she dismissed it and began to look in the rest of the window. As she looked around, she came back to the piece I initially zeroed in on, we went into the store, discovered it was three big rubies (her birthstone it turns out) and very reasonably priced at $485! It could have been $3000; it could have been any price but $485 was just right! We found a chain and walked out of the store with an incredible birthday present for Alexis which got me off the hook in incredible timing, and literally no effort or thinking!

Hint: No thinking whatsoever! Alexis’ gifts always come this way. And reaching Abbot Kinney Blvd from Newport Beach was a million in one shot.. We hit it perfectly without even a U-turn 🙂

6) I had seriously strained my back at the beginning of July and re-injured it a week later. I was seriously stymied in my normal range of motion for which another component was giving up my very beloved cat Buud of eight years to the Humane Society so he could “reset” and find a new home. It appears I was also carrying this decision in my body as grief. Alexis and I were in Home Depot tracking down a specific sink faucet that I had identified on the website and discovered it about 8 ft. up on a display shelf. As I craned my neck and tried to figure how I would scale the shelves to reach that far (which I might normally try to do), I said in a very matter of fact way, “I need a ladder.” I then looked to my immediate left and less than 6 feet away was a bright yellow 4 step rolling platform that allowed me to reach my faucet with ease.

I did not say the ladder mysteriously appeared out of thin air, but something I was entirely unaware of suddenly became available! This reminds me about my remarks in the FreeCell and the Keys to the Universe program I offer which states that everything is in front of us if but we have the eyes to see. The ladder was there and I didn’t see it until I needed it.

The action of accessing the ladder was seamless to my thinking process which simply “came to me as intuition delivered as a solution”—which all of these examples have in common! 

7) While we were in Home Depot, I carefully slid a 50-bag of sand from a low shelf to the bottom of the shopping cart, discovering a bit late it was far too heavy for me at this particular time. After checkout, we reached the car and opened the trunk to recognize that I was going to have to lift the 50 bag from under the cart high enough to get it in the trunk. At the same time, out of the corner of my eye, I see this very tall and very muscular young man with his two young daughters come around a corner toward us. His physique was almost identical to the avatar figure Jake Sully in the movie Avatar except he wasn’t quite as tall, he wasn’t blue and didn’t have a tail. He was the perfect person to ask if he would lift the bag in to the trunk which he most graciously did. He showed up at exactly the right time and I, without hesitation, asked him to help me which is particularly curious because I am not usually one to ask for help.

The action of asking for help was seamless to my thinking process which simply “came to me as intuition delivered as a solution! “

8) A few days later I was contemplating trying the Southwest Airlines Early Bird Check-In for advanced boarding privileges for a flight to Atlanta, Georgia. I had discovered it was $100 extra and unsure what the expense delivered as a benefit. But as I checked into it a bit more, I inadvertently discovered that Southwest had just rearranged our return flight from Atlanta Georgia a second time. Originally we were flying non-stop and our return flight was re-arranged by computer to add one stop in Denver, and later re-arranged a second time to add two stops in St. Louis and Austin, Texas! Because Southwest’s 737 Max were grounded, computers were re-assigning planes and rerouting passengers and we almost ended up with a two stops between Atlanta and Phoenix—wholly unacceptable. I was able to talk to an agent, discover the problem of the grounded 737 Max and get at least a single stop in Houston.

The act of “inadvertently discovering” the flight mix-up delivered a solution! (Seems like the expression “inadvertently discovering” comes up again and again.) 

In modern times, a massive juggling of flights and passengers could only be done by computers and, in the inconvenience of it all, we forget reservation agents bear the brunt of unhappy clients being jostled around. In talking with the agent, I discovered she had her fair share of frazzle and as we spoke, it came out that she had just lost her sister to cancer along with another unexpected difficulty in her life. As we talked about the massive overload she carried between her job and personal life, I remembered why it was so important to flow with the experience rather than be an irate passenger. She talked a bit about how she coped with her load by going out in her yard at night with her dog and praying and practicing internal quiet.

I was very pleased to be a calm voice in the din of simply too much going on for not only her but all of us. 

9) I had a most powerful experience that doesn’t quite fit the pattern of the above intuitive experiences. I had decided over several months that I was going to have to give up my very beloved cat Buud (pronounced Bud with a bit of a drawl). He had been peeing in the house over the last number of months and we believed it was associated with a variation of “separation anxiety,” i.e., he would punish us when we returned from trips by peeing in our luggage, rugs, etc.

We consulted with two animal communicators over time and though we discovered he considered himself an equal one-third in the household, we were unable to find a solution. Finally, he did it “one more time” and we talked with a vet who recommended the Humane Society so he could be “reset” and adopted by a new family. I believe my massive back problem in July was in part attributed to the “horrible decision” I had made to give the Budster a new start.

Two evenings later after “re-homing,” I had the most incredible experience of forgiveness that became a channel and mechanism to stay in touch with Buud. In other words, Alexis and I had to find a way to be totally supportive of the transition Buud was going through and the decision we made. We had to be strong for him, support his separation confusion and psychically be there for him in wholeness rather than yearning, doubt, guilt or fear.

The experience of forgiveness was entirely otherworldly, i.e., not driven by the mind. I had never truly understood forgiveness until it streamed between us. It brought a whole other dimension of life and communicating and a path I had never experienced. It was very strong and similar to a very strong sense of knowing but contained a dimension I was not familiar with. And, I believe this experience of forgiveness will become a stepping stone to understanding compassion in an otherworldly expression as well.

It turns out Buud was an extraordinary teacher. He is now held in the capacity of exalted partner/ mentor around our household even if he is no longer actually with us.

It took, in my opinion, massive sensitivity to experience forgiveness in this manner. It seems to be a pathway to living life that I expect has been taught since the beginning of time for those with senses developed to such an extent. I will be forever grateful for the experience of releasing the “horrible decision” of re-homing my cat! I feel he left me with something “barely glimpsed and little practiced” but what do I know other than having experienced something that is so hard to put into words.

I marvel about the above experiences, the insights coming into my psyche; registering with mind for an eighth of a second as I proceed forward based purely on intuition and information from beyond. We ended up with a wonderful ruby necklace that was completely guided, and not only marvel at how it all happened but marvel at my ability to readily recall the insight/ feeling that led to the whole ruby necklace encounter. Same thing with the different driving and parking lot encounters.

It seems these insights are powerfully recollected because they are a very different sort of experience than produced by the mind. The experiences are far more pure and far more coherent and resonant than anything the mind could ever produce. They leave an entirely different footprint 🙂

Reminds me of the early days: we walk through mud puddles; as we become more conscious, we walk around mud puddles (become intentional); eventually as we move to Presence, there are no puddles!

As a member of the 1st Colony™, I have had the particularly interesting experience of surfing the coherence of our combined 1st Colony™ efforts. It is astounding to see/ believe/ attempt to document what I believe to be rapidly expanding personal intelligence which I define as an all-together new level of capacity to observe what occurs, before it occurs, and divert or accept in perfect timing in sync with a plan bigger than we could ever produce on our own.

In other words, I am sensing out in a far more refined manner, under the rug if you will, and getting far more information back. Intelligence, I think, is the capacity to tap into the unseen realms and collect useful information that light our paths. Not so much in the traditional sense but insights that light my way and deliver exceedingly powerful coherent experiences such that there are no mud puddles.

The above experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so very many more and cataloging them/ documenting them is time-consuming and difficult. Reminds me of the old days of my CORE Resonance research when I experienced Innate Intelligence subtly overriding my own decision-making. Very subtle and very difficult to document because words are so big and clunky for such subtle experiences—but truly otherworldly as well.

I am letting things fall away as I get clearer about what feeds me most efficiently and with the most grace. I am coming into a perfect order that I could never orchestrate on my own.

CORE Resonance has been a very good use of my time.


PS This article was edited on Sept 12, 2021. About a month earlier, just after Alexis and I completed a “conscious uncoupling” per Gwyneth Paltrow for which I am hoping for a gold star, I was by myself walking in Jerome, just outside of Sedona late one evening and wandering some of the neighborhoods up the hill out of the tourist areas. I was walking in a half-wide street and a black cat bounded out of a house, rolled around at my feet as if I was being greeted. While I petted the cat, I was keenly aware that the cat had come from inside of a house and felt the inhabitants may have seen me and the cat. Had I felt truly alone, I might have sat on the pavement and spent some time with this black cat that was a bit fat and a bit dirty from being an inside/ outside cat. Particularly later, I felt quite sure this was the Budster, and while the experience was short it was an astounding and an experience that I felt to my core. Had I been feeling particularly mental, I could have gone to the vet who was involved in the re-homing of Buud to ask about the re-homing, but I have no real interest in letting the mind interfere with what was a beautiful experience.

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