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Note: The highest form of vibrational islands are small groups of coherent individuals bound together by a commonality capable of transcending polarity. As the accumulated beliefs of a vibrational island move up the Map of Consciousness, the vibrational island becomes exponential in its contribution for making the world, and your world, a far better place. Hence the definition of a Colony™ !

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi

Part 1

Polarity is an interesting phenomenon that most of us take for granted. Our entire man-made existence is made up of polarity, i.e., high/low, fast/slow, good/bad, hot/cold, heaven/hell, day/night, one particular point or its opposite, and the many subtle and not so subtle variations in between. Fear and doubt, resistance and reaction, and anger and powerlessness are found at one end of polarity, while acceptance, joy, peace, and happiness are found at the other end.

Polarity is how we learn. Polarity as contrast allows us to make choices between feeling good and feeling bad, how to dress for a sunny day or inclement weather, or how to make choices in a grocery store, relationship, or business transaction. Polarity, most effectively identified as subtle contrast, guides us through our daily lives and helps us choose what become our roles in life. Our belief systems ensue for which a great deal of our life then runs on automatic.

Resistance and rigidity are polarities to their opposites flow and acceptance.
Resistance is a type of polarity that always brings more of the same because resistance is focus. And focus, as  Law of Attraction indicates, always brings more of what we put our attention to — inadvertently or intentionally.  If you add a negative emotional component to resistance, resistance can deliver powerful outcomes that one might truly regret. The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins indicates differing states of resistance and rigidity founded as fear, resentment, powerlessness, anger, and pride which limit one’s potential for useful expressions and outcomes. (click Map image on left to see full size)

According to Dr. David Hawkins, courage is called for to break away from limiting beliefs, perspectives, rigidity or resistance to take one’s life back. In fact, it takes courage to move from any state to a more refined state.

Love, acceptance and allowing are far more useful polarities and deliver a far more refined type of order in one’s life. This other end of the spectrum is curious because it delivers outcomes that are open-ended, full of unexpected possibilities, and often quite magical happenstance. This lifestyle delivers feelings of grace, peace, and ease, and a connection with Order that we are still learning to describe. Open-ended perspectives also “usefully” contribute to the evolution of the fabric of a family, group, or society.

Note: Resistance and consciousness are opposites. The farther one moves away from resistance, the more one becomes conscious and accordingly, one’s world naturally opens up. Curiously, the less resistant we are, the more conscious we naturally become!
Hmm: a definition of consciousness is born!

On another hand, one can be extremely positive but discover it to be a mental and even rigid manipulation. When we move to the positive side of polarity, we can still find ourselves in a mind-driven game of the “good” polarity, a naïve polarity, or a white-washing of everything as OK. But the fact is, polarity is still polarity and polarity contains huge limitations.

The solution lies beyond polarity. The solution lies in flow and presence, and peace and allowing and useful outcomes, whether for ourselves or as a contributor to other’s unfoldings. When we move out of the mind, we move out of polarity. When we move out of the mind we naturally become partnered with something much bigger than ourselves.

Partnering with Innate Intelligence is an exceptionally good idea particularly at this particular time on planet earth!

Part 2

When I wrote Visionaries Thrive In All Times (2005), I came up with the expression “vibrational islands.” Vibrational islands are mental and emotional commonalities shared among groups of people. A vibrational island might look like the camaraderie of high school, college, or professional sports (or chess club), or the commonalities held by a religious or church group, or even political affiliation. Vibrational islands can look like chat groups or the audience of The Grateful Dead! Vibrational islands can be long-lasting, or short and then dissipate.

Vibrational islands are an “etheric” end-product of people congregating, subtly or not so subtly, based on shared beliefs, pleasures, common cause, or common sense!

Vibrational islands are how people moving into flow can support each other.
Web-based communities are vibrational islands. Anywhere groups meet, they create a vibrational frequency. Some are partially physical and some are exclusively “zoom villages.” Regardless, group consensus creates vibrational islands. The beauty of vibrational islands is they are virtual, frequency and energy-based, though composed of living human beings. Vibrational islands are invisible but they exist. And learning how to plug into a vibrational island that supports adherents of flow is one of the best ways to contribute to helping the planet move forward.

Zoom is a wonderful tool (made popular by the pandemic) that allows people to congregate as vibrational islands and deliver their message of hate or hope. Vibrational islands can start with as few as two individuals and grow to thousands or even millions.

For those who seek a higher vibration, vibrational islands can deliver a new vista of insight and marker for what’s next for humanity. Vibrational islands can be identified by how they “feel” when you first join and continue to participate. The best vibrational islands have a coherent center and emanate their message as resonance through the group into the world. Vibrational islands can be immensely powerful, subtly broadcasting peace, prosperity, and forward-thinking to a vast global audience.

Forward-thinking and embracing the future is one of the most useful types of vibrational islands to exist.

Part 3

CORE Resonance Colonies™ are vibrational islands intended to create a powerful influence simply by their very existence. Colonies™ deliver a place where small groups can congregate to accomplish goals of rapidly advancing individual consciousness which engenders advanced group consciousness which then contributes to advanced global consciousness.

Colonies™ can then link up across the planet by their common resonance to create a huge vibrational island and a lattice of immeasurable service to the planet.

Colony™ members share ownership and use of the technology to rapidly advance their states of allowing and acceptance (for which resistance correspondingly declines) and become mechanisms, individually and as a group, by which Innate Intelligence expresses through them into the world as coherence for the ride of a lifetime!

Intentionally grounding coherence into the world is an idea whose time has come because we now know how to bring peace to the world.

Colonies™ dot the landscape, operate within cities and enclaves around the world and are favored by conscious groups of individuals, green corporations, NGOs, B-Corps, Non-profits, thought-leaders, and other socially conscious communities and organizations. Colonies™ are focal points for the New Earth and generate a lattice-like grid over the planet to ground coherence into the world.

Colonies™ become the ultimate mechanism for grounding peace into the world.

Colonies™ are made up of six individuals who live in close enough proximity to share the use of equipment. While they are a group, they use the technology individually to quiet and refine their nervous systems to enhance their natural state of connection with Source. In so doing, they individually and collectively create an identifiable field of coherence that becomes the Colony’s™ “vibrational signature” or footprint. As members of a Colony™, personal performance jumps to all-new levels of expression, and newfound potential abounds for each.

A better world starts within!

The individual cost of membership in a Colony™ is no more than the price of a single ticket for any of a number of  Advanced Retreat conferences held by popular new-thought leaders without the additional expense of a rigorous week of travel, hotel, and long days. Instead, membership in a Colony™ is a lifetime ownership with no hidden fees, etc. An individual might begin a Colony™ with five other participants, or by offering unlimited monthly sessions for $200 per month to introduce, build, or fill out a Colony’s™ seats. Contact me for help creating a Colony™ in your area.

A Colony™ is the most incredible energetic and vibrational experience one could ever have! It delivers a far more refined experience of living one’s life personally — and at the same time powerfully contributing to making the world a far better place!

Part 4

Bitcoin is $60,000 and continuing to rise!
As we crest the experience of the pandemic, we find ourselves in a very different world. Communications will become far more efficient, personal security and privacy will become far more available, crypto-currencies and managing wealth will become far more obvious, and personal expression will become far more intact. With the advent of blockchain to protect what we once relied on gov and banks, and artificial intelligence to address global problems we have been unwilling, unable or don’t have the courage to address, we, individually and as a species, will become empowered like never before.

Did anybody notice the richest man in the world’s intention to give everyone equal access to information; to give everyone access to the Internet!

The future is found in:

  1. an enhanced, shared, and encrypted delivery system of information across the planet,
  2. exclusive ownership of what one owns including one’s possessions, thoughts, and actions, and
  3. access to a partnership with Innate Intelligence that moves us away from resistance, rigidity and doubt and into flow!

The New World is just ahead and delivers equality and a vast new personal power. It is coming far faster than we think and island of vibrationally alert and sentient beings are how we ground our future a future of our making partnered with Source!

That human beings are presently like “deer in the headlights” during the pandemic comes from the many variations of resistant and negative perspectives we have become accustomed to, in part fed to us through sensationalized media. In the overload of the pandemic, we have let go of our senses (hmm… become polarized) and forgotten how to vision ahead.

As we take advantage of the new tools that are “just-in-time” becoming available, we leap to our next iteration of learning and growth as a species. After all, other than resistance, the only thing humanity has ever done is move forward!

Part 5

Humanity’s Bifurcation Point Is Now!
Flow and allowing are huge components of going forward — individually, and as a species. It turns out the pandemic is breaking the back of the old, and the new is just beginning. There is no going back! Embrace the future with allowing, awareness, and a partnership and camaraderie that looks forward. Turns out the pandemic is delivering a choice for each of us.

You might say polarity and Colonies™ are at the opposite ends of the spectrum 🙂

Contact me for more information about CORE Resonance Colonies™ as a method of contributing to the unfolding of humanity “in a useful manner” with vibrational islands of conscious, collective and inspired choice.

Conscious partnership with the “Order that everything shares” is our next evolutionary step and delivers the ultimate form of empowerment not to mention, true internal peace and joy and a world we can all live in!

Colonies™ are a very good use of your time.


I will be offering a free MasterClass introducing CORE Resonance Colonies™ on Zoom. Let me know of your interest!

Life is far more alive and far more intelligent than we realize
— and now have the consciousness to discover!
We are part of a very large “living” whole!

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