This Is How We Change The World! One Person At A Time!

Anyone’s Entire World Can Change In A Moment!

A client called to tell me of an experience after her 3rd CORE Resonance Tune-Up session. And while a $2 bottle of water and exchange with the staff person seems like small stuff, it was anything but small. The world changed for those two people; they each walked away differently afterward. In their “chance” encounter, everything spiraled upward for both of them–and, most importantly, for those they next encounter!

The world does not change, as we’ve hoped, in big leaps but millions of small upgrades. More importantly, the staff person’s day was irrevocably changed after her encounter with my client and her reality creating took a massive leap to the positive for which we can be certain she “paid it forward!” The power of love infused during a “chance” encounter is how the world becomes a better place “one event at a time.”

As Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs Force states:

“we change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become.”

Most importantly, this was not a mind-driven experience. The experience came to my client as an intuitive nudge; it came “through her” in present time. Allowing guidance to operate “through us” delivers an experience far beyond what the mind alone can ever deliver. A closer look reveals “exponential contribution,” i.e., “chance encounters” and upgraded experiences for all. This is a snapshot of the mechanics of how change takes place on planet earth! Hint: with Guidance, we all make better choices!

As we move out of resistance, our natural state becomes available!
And we become exponentially contributive!
It is a good use of our time!

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