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Explanation of CORE Resonance Colonies™

CORE Resonance is different! We have learned how to put the mind aside by building our connection with Source by quieting the nervous system — similar to a lifetime of meditation. As this connection becomes enabled, the mind subsides! When the mind (guard dog for a brain on overload) subsides, Presence naturally becomes available. In Presence (no mind, no time and no resistance), Guidance naturally shows up and Guidance delivers us to Order.  This is what those who seek advanced personal performance and advanced states of consciousness are looking for and we can provide.

There is a quote from Visionaries Thrive In All Times that states:

“The quality of our reality creating is a scorecard for the quality of our connection with Source.”

As we move out of the mind and the overload and the internal dissonance and racket, our reality creating begins to improve. This improved reality creating looks like newfound synchronicity, harmony and order, and newfound flow in our lives. As we move into allowing, we become less defined by the mind’s limitations of resistance and rigidity and begin to spiral upward. Accordingly, we measure the improvements in our daily and moment to moment reality creating as a scorecard for what we are accomplishing with CORE Resonance.

We continue with a bit of a plunge into some of the details of what CORE Resonance is all about.

•  First, there is a series of six videos by members of the 1st Colony who took a break in December of 2019 for the holidays. We fired back up in January only to get shut down by the very unknown Covid and what in retrospect became a panic of sorts. Colonies™ have only again emerged in the middle of 2021.

•  Additionally, we offer an in-depth review of one of our favorite protocols, the LongView™ below.

Happy to have your interest. Please be in touch with your questions and your thoughts.


000_1st Colony Intro_Jim Hamilton

The 1st Colony™ spontaneously formed on the Spring Equinox of 2019, exactly four years after completing The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™ on the Spring Equinox of 2015. At the time of the videos in September of 2019, the Colony™ was approximately 5.5 months old.

The 1st Colony™ was experimental and designed to determine whether the findings of author J.Hamilton could be replicated. The fundamental concept was that your nervous system is your center, not so different from a living antenna system, and as we quiet and refine the human nervous system, we become able to interface with the Cosmos in a far more refined manner, i.e., guidance, intuition, insight, intelligence, not to mention, personal performance becomes far more available.

001_1st Colony_Esther Henselmans

The experience of CORE Resonance is initially identified as what we like to call newfound “synchronicity, harmony and order” in our lives. In other words, as we quiet down internally, a whole new more refined world becomes available.

The fundamental premise is that human beings are not independent but instead interdependent; not so different from a forest or any living thing on this planet.

Nature is the perfect example of Order that all of life aligns to. Humans seem to have cut themselves off from this connection with Source and attempt to operate as if they are on their own—which they are not. This is why the human species is, in general, so vastly dysfunctional.

002_1st Colony_Larry Rosenberg, PhD

Because humans are out of sync with their connection with Source, the brain attempts to manually process the world for which the brain is not even remotely capable of processing in this manner.

On vast overload, the brain created the mind as a guard dog to limit incoming information. Vast overload is why resistance and reaction are so prevalent in the world today. Most reality creating contains a component of resistance or reaction to life in our projections.

Reference J.Hamilton’s first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times which comes from an Abraham-Hicks expression. Observers thrive in good time and suffer in bad. Visionaries thrive in all times.

003 1st Colony_Cathy Chapman, PhD

CORE Resonance has learned how to quiet the nervous system through proprietary neurofeedback (no programming whatsoever) which allows this connection to become re-enabled. As this connection becomes enabled, the “guard dog” component of the mind subsides and the mind allows rather than restricts, and Guidance naturally becomes available.

As Guidance begins to deliver its message, newfound synchronicity, harmony and order become scorecards and stepping stones to an entirely new journey and experience in life. As we learn how to align with the Cosmos, Source, Innate Intelligence, the frequency of God, Truth, the Divine, etc., our lives move into far more ease and order. Flow becomes predominant in our lives.

004 1st Colony_Sumaya O’Grady

As we move away from resistance and instead become partnered with Innate Intelligence, we become a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses through us with no distortion. As we become blended with Innate Intelligence, we become exponentially contributive—which is how a few committed souls make a vast difference on planet earth.

Human beings, with refined nervous systems, sans resistance, aligned with Innate Intelligence expressing through us, ground coherence into the realm of humankind and “coherence dissipates distortion”. CORE Resonance Colonies™ are expressions of the concept of the well proven Maharishi Effect for grounding coherence into the world.

005_1st Colony_Elyce Monet

Please reference J.Hamilton’s most recent article Is Coherence The New Magic? There is also a video titled Exponential Multipliers: is heaven on earth a real possibility? and an article and video titled Colonize Earth First. There are also several more recent articles including The Mechanics of CORE Resonance Colonies™ and Polarity and Vibrational Islands to name a few.

To learn more, go to COREresonance.com

Rev. James Hamilton
House of Coherence
A 508c1A CMO

006_1st Colony Group Video

The 1st Colony™ describes their experience with Core Resonance at six months.

If you are really curious about CORE Resonance, I would go through these videos time and time again. I still hear subtilties of explanation as I listen to them again.

An In-Depth Explanation Of Using The LongView™ Protocol

If you are interested in CORE Resonance and CORE Resonance Colonies™, you may be interested in the details of how a protocol works and how it interfaces with the brain. It is most important to state that CORE Resonance does not program the brain in any manner. Instead, we let the brain discover itself through the exercises. This video is about 40 minutes long and of course, you can watch it in segments. It is a live session that I narrated as I went along.

Frankly, I found it quite interesting to be narrating the actions of my own brain’s learning process. You can actually see it at work. It is curious that I was doing MMS at the time which meant I was drinking quite a bit of water. One of the things I learned reviewing this video a year later is the importance of hydration and the brain’s functioning. If your typing starts to get sloppy, drink more water, and see if your typing improves. 🙂

CORE Resonance is a fancy introspection mechanism. And, at some point, we all begin that fateful journey within, hopefully long before our deathbed experience. Initially we do so with great trepidation but ultimately we are drawn by our spiritual calling to understand our very nature. Mediation is an excellent example of introspection as are so many other experiences including sickness and disease or other traumas, or simply diving deep into the Law of Attraction’s cause and effect. Regardless, as you delve within, you start to find more rhyme and reason to your thoughts, actions, and results.

Ultimately it is in introspection that you learn how to let go and let the Universe become part of your life.

CORE Resonance delivers a sophisticated mechanism by which you can accomplish the most with the least amount of effort. As we learn to quiet the nervous system and move out of resistance, it all simply “just becomes available.”

CORE Resonance guides you on this journey.