Robert F. Kennedy Jr., — Alan Dershowitz Vaccine Debate

I found the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Alan Dershowitz Vaccine Debate to be utterly fascinating.. Mostly because it introduced me to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who I see as a true American hero. Kennedy is a Environmental Protection lawyer who says he has been working 37 years “to get the mercury out of fish.” He participated in a $11.5billion liability settlement against Monsanto/ Bayer completed in June of 2020. In listening to this debate, I found Alan Dershowitz’s remarks to be more about him listening to himself “orate” and mostly taking a “what if” side of the fence. Because I found Dershowitz so distasteful, I created a version of the video editing out his remarks and giving us a stream of remarks from RFK Jr.

Kennedy makes a remark about healthy people who don’t take flu and other vaccinations don’t get covid!

Access the edited Kennedy Dershowitz Vaccine Debate here (edited video)

Access the Kennedy Dershowsitz Vaccine Debate here (original unedited video)

Access/download the edited Kennedy Dershowsitz Vaccine Debate here (audio for download)

You can decide for yourself if listening to Alan Dershowitz is worthy of you time. Alan Dershowitz is known for getting OJ Simpson off a murder charge and arranging a astoundingly controversial plea deal for Jeffery Epstein in 2008.