What Are We Going To Do About Our Planet?

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We seem to be racing toward a very serious deadline with no plan in hand!

What are we going to do about:

•  Climate Change?

•  Ocean Acidification?

•  Species Extinction?

•  The Global Pandemic?

•  Covid & Vaccines?

•  Air & Water Pollution?

•  Pollinator Reductions?

•  Police Brutality?

•  Drug Companies?

•  Gov Dishonesty?

•  Fiat Money?

•  QAnon & White Supremacy?

•  Extreme Polarized Behavior?

Usually, these problems are not talked about because there is no conceivable answer — until now.

We live in a world of unimaginable beauty and order just beyond our nose. Nature is perfectly resplendent in its offerings and ability to manage itself without help from us. In fact, it seems we are the problem, and unless we come up with a solution and relatively quickly, our planet is going to smell like burnt toast!

And of course, as always, there are solutions. As soon as we start looking in the right place we will solve this next evolutionary step in our transition partnered with Innate Intelligence.

Solutions abound if but we would simply pay attention to our surroundings. We live in a very successful ecosphere. We simply need to plug into this same system and allow it to do its magic!

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