Somehow we know that we are mystical creatures, that we spring from Source and that we are capable of being in-step with Universal Forces. Somehow we know that, in letting Universal Forces flow through our being, we find our way – the truth and the life we felt was our promise. But we seem to be in the way of our own progress. We constantly short-circuit ourselves; we constantly sabotage ourselves; and we miss the boat on a regular basis, though we grow from our mistakes. What is it about us that does not serve us in a manner to which we think we are entitled? Why so much work to become who and what we are deep inside of ourselves?

Maybe deep inside of us is the answer.  Maybe deep inside of us is found the tools of our transformation into something more.  Maybe in the unconscious holding of our beliefs – those that were taught to us, or beliefs that were genetically handed down to us as pain, suffering and confusion about our heritage – we became the recipients of those realities. Maybe our solution is to break the chain of the suffering, ignorance and doubt that has been a part of our makeup for so very long.

Is it possible that our nature is actually one of compassion, love and integrity and truth?   And, more importantly, it is possible that we are a conduit for the love that makes up the cosmos, and that our function is give up beliefs that don’t  serve us?  What makes this so difficult? Is it possible we carry the pain, sorrow and ignorance of a race-consciousness gone before us, and that all we need to do is allow and learn of unconditional love for our past and our present? Is it possible we were meant for more?