A Solutions Orientation
Like No Other!

model after: https://www.infinitecrystaljourney.com/


Imagine a tool, imagine a mechanism by which you become the driver in a success story that envelopes the whole planet; that brings healing to the whole planet. Imagine a mechanism by which we reach for the stars with a refined nervous system and become a mechanism by which Inate Intelligence is grounded into the world nad distortion becomes a thing of the past







Ever wondered how we create peace in the world, feed the starving, end inequality and otherwise, become stewards of our one and only home?

And do so before it becomes fashionable? After all, some have to be first!







As we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles;

As we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.

As we access Presence, there are no mud puddles.







All I ever wanted was a thing worth fighting for

— Jake Sully Avatar (2009)







A critical mass and resonance is how we overcome adversity on the planet. Not so different from the common experience of listening to an orchestra or dancing to an inspiring drumbeat, resonance is how we come together as one. And, it is a choice. As we become empowered we naturally blend as one – and become exponential in our contribution to making the world a better place.

When the orchestra plays, the audience has a shared harmonic experience that transcends their separateness and they are linked together in a subtle Unison that satisfies the soul. if you do they are bound together in a shared experience a vibration, sensation, and movement that can connect ten thousand into one resonant, cohesive body

–The Resonant Effect by Carolyn McMakin